Morning Meanderings… Never Say Good Bye

Morning!  Ok let’s try that again.

Good morning!  😛

Sunday morning here and Banned Books Week is officially over.  Wow.  I kind of miss it.  I had a week of reading books that I have wanted to read for quite some time as well as experiencing a couple new to me titles.  Over all, I did not read one book that I could say I found offensive and agreed that this book should perhaps have limited access to certain ages.  In fact, most of them really surprised me that they were banned and some I had to look up to see exactly what people found so offensive.

Of course, as I mentioned yesterday morning, I still have banned books checked out from the library and if I can squeeze a couple more in as I return to my regular reading habits I sure will.

I do not have a lot of time this morning as I am getting ready for church and as usual am pushing the time envelope but I want to leave you with what I would like to refer to as a great theme song for Banned Books:

And… well honestly…. if you are an 80’s fan…. just a great song – period.  😀

Have an awesome Sunday everyone!  Tonight we are going out to dinner with Navy son.  It’s hard to believe he leaves tomorrow, but he is going to be in Florida for a while and with a little luck – back for Christmas.  😀

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Never Say Good Bye

    1. Do you remember the spiral hair cut Laurel? That was me…for years I wore my hair long and I had the spiral perm…. now I wouldn’t touch a perm with a ten foot pole. 😛

  1. Wow! That hair is a fire hazard! 🙂 Great song indeed. Thanks for a great week of reviews Sheila. Enjoy your dinner with your son.

  2. Unfortunately all good things must end..hopefully you will be able to find time to squeeze more of these banned books in sometime!!

    Enjoy your evening with your son 😀

  3. I was gone from Wed. to Sunday night and didn’t have any internet access. Missed touching base with your blog. At least I had time to read and was able to get most of the way through TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Wonderful book.

    Am glad you had such a great visit with you son. Florida isn’t a bad assignment and there should be a good chance he’ll be able to get home for the Holidays.

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