23 thoughts on “Wanted: Mini Challenge Hosts for Read-A-Thon Oct 9, 2010

  1. I think I would like to do this since I can not really do a 24 hr read-a-thon. With it being my son’s 2 nd birthday , as well as Thanksgiving weekend (Canada), I just don’t think I would have more than a couple of hours available! So, maybe I could host a mini challenge. The only thing is, I am not feeling creative enough to think up a mini challenge!! If I think of one soon, I will fill out the form!

    1. Thank you Lu – if you can Offer a giveaway for this as well that would be wonderful. We really need challenge hosts this year to offer their own giveaway. You can designate what areas you are willing to send too.

  2. I already thought of that. My budget is pretty limited right now, but I would be willing to mail out some bookmarks if that is sufficient?
    Any suggestions for a mini challenge. I tried going into the archives of the readathon blog, but am finding it a bit tedious!

  3. Lu,

    a few mini challenge ideas are :

    1. having people create a post on what they are snacking on during the readathon (you would set up a link for them to connect their posts)

    2. Have people post a picture on their blogs of the books they plan to read or a picture of their reading spot for the day

    3. Have people do a post on the best book they have read this year and why.

    4. Have people respond to a question on your blog (such as what they like most about the read-a-thon, or the book they are looking forward to most and why…… they can participate by just leaving a comment.

    Use random.org to choose a winner.

    Gift cards make good gifts and if you use Amazon you do not have to pay shipping…. you could do a $5 gift even or a $10… whatever you want.

    1. Pam read above, I gave a few ideas to Lu, also you can go on the read-a-thon site and pick up ideas from the April read-a-thon by scrolling back to the mini challenge posts from then.

      Mainly we want it to be fun, not too hard, and for there to be a prize. The form to sign up in linked in this post to the read-a-thon site. 🙂

  4. I hope you get lots of new challenge hosts! They ARE fun and have always been the biggest stats hit ever for my blog. I won’t be able to commit this year but have some ideas if you need some. I just don’t know WHERE I will be this weekend and am afraid I must be a reader and when-I-can cheerleader. I won’t know until that Friday, unfortunately.

  5. The wonderful care from Care’s On line book Club offered up these mini challenge ideas: (she rocks!)

    I do like the QUICKEST mini-challenges because they do create more excitement if people assume it is quick and EASY…

    AND on that note, I DO have some ideas for mini-challenges in my brainstorming head if you want to hand out like candy – well, if they are any good. Here goes:

    1.GO RUN AROUND OUTSIDE THE HOUSE/bldg to give a physical break. Report on if anyone sees you, stops you, if scare up any skunks, etc

    2. Comment the name of the protagonist of current read. Give a prize to who ever has the longest name or silliest name or whatever. DO a tally of male to female or any repeats…

    3. Give SETTING to the story of current book – find out on google how FAR in distance this place might be (if actually on planet – might have to consider all those fantasy worlds as a different issue) and give prize to the farthest away or shortest.

    4. Take your blog name and current title of the book and RE-ARRANGE the letters to form a new saying. I bet there is a website that will create funny things out of phrases but I don’t know where to look. But would be fun? like silent and listen have the same letters….

    5. If current read suggests certain foods or mentions food, find a recipe and link or comment or something.

    6. Look up on Fyrefly’s book blog search the title of your current book, choose the third link listed and then read (hopefully a review) and then choose the third person to comment on that blog and visit THAT blog and report on something interesting. Find out if they are doing read-a-thon and give them a cheer. Could be anything… Meet somebody new or find a favorite – never know what happens!

    7. Of all books selected to read for read-a-thon, which AUTHOR have you read the most books by? and if all are new to you, which would you assume is the most famous or has the most books you might want to read more of someday?

    8. Look up in google images the NUMBER of the page you are currently reading in your book. see what interesting thing pops up. (I just tested this and put in 48 because I’m on pg 48 of Lady’s Maid, which is captivating bytheway and got a GUN as the first image!??! another was an elephant on a bridge – huh? so then I put in the WORDS ‘forty eight’ and got a motor cycle! odd, huh?

    OK, I”m brainstormed out.
    have fun!

  6. Ok I am in too. The prize is the only issue. I would love to do a gift card, but I don’t think I can do that without a credit card. So, if I can do bookmarks or something like that. ( I have some really cute one I just had made by a friend as well as some I have made, and 2 different ones signed by my favourite author! I could probably do a small package if kept to Canada and US, or do say a pkg of 5-10 bookmarks if international. Is that ok for a prize?

    Filling out the form now. Look forward to hearing back about it!

  7. OH!!! I just thought of another possibility. I am going to submit the form again with my new idea, in the hopes that one of them is chosen!!

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