Fall Catch Up Read-A-Thon

While catching up on some blog visits today I found Michelle over at The True Book Addict running a little fall clean up of reads.  As I looked around my home I have half read books everywhere.  I know…. I have BADD (Book Attention Deficit Disorder).  It’s not that they are bad books, it’s just that my mind goes from one read to the next…. first I want mystery and then oh look, now I want comedy, ooh but look over there a memoir….. oh but I must read that historical fiction….

you get the gist…

Michelle’s week-long clean up appeals to me because there are books I really want to get reading but also want to finish these other books I am reading as well… so I decided to sign up.  This week is a great week to sit down evenings and pick up these books and get back to the joy of reading.

It’s not too late to join in.  Pop in over at Michelle’s and she will welcome you to the group.  😀

27 thoughts on “Fall Catch Up Read-A-Thon

  1. I definitely suffer from BADD!!! It’s not my fault though!! I am having such a hard time making time for reading since school started again. I’ve read a total of 162 pages since August 3. It’s HORRIBLE!! I’m reading a beautiful book called The Gathering Storm by the Thoene’s. I love the story but only get 20 minutes each Monday to read (mandated reading time at our school). I wish I had more time to read because there are so many great books out there right now to read! Maybe during my Fall Break (first week of Oct.) I can read a couple of books!

    Sorry for the rant…just needing to vent about my lack of reading time! 🙂

  2. I am afraid I have BADD as well and it’s probably incurable (lol)!! Thanks for sharing as it sounds like fun. And I’m sure my husband will appreciate having the furniture free of half-read books for a good week or so until I pile on the next ones.


  3. Where do I sign up? My case of BADD is incurable! And now that I’ve discovered audiobooks, my MP3 player is getting clogged! HELLLLP!! After what I’ve just been through, I don’t even want to see the word, “challenge.” Just kidding. I’m gonna check it out.

  4. I wish I had the time for this. Usually I do my own kind of read-a-thons when my husband travels for business. 🙂 I’m like you though – I have many books sitting around half-read right now.

    1. Alyce, I should just start at one end of my house and finish them as I go…. the one in the front room by the couch, the one on the kitchen counter with the page saved by junk mail, the two in the reading room next to my chair, one downstairs by the recliner, the one on the night stand, the one between the front seats of my car….

      Oh!…. seeing it in print… I really do have a problem! 😛

  5. Right now I would just like to read one good book. I have the one non-fiction I’d really like to finish and some great books I’d like to start. Then I look at all the “I just want to read them so I can get them out of my house” books and want to sit and plow through those.
    My catch-up-athon needs to be in sorting, so I can justify reading time..

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