Morning Meanderings… Camp fires, diets, and REALLY BIG BOOKS

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Initially my plan was to do the “Hit List” this morning which is about all the great finds I discover while reading the Monday What Are You Reading participant blogs.  HOWEVER… that’s just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

We arrived home yesterday afternoon from the cabin and when I finally sat down to answer emails and read the memes I realized there was no way I was going to finish them in one sitting.  SO, that will be continued later today and instead today I have a couple other “morning chat worthy” topics.

Camping for the weekend with friends was wonderful.  We watched a few movies, ate way too much food, played board games, searched for agates by Lake Superior, had a campfire and laughed a lot.  I even got in a little reading time so The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I are moving along quite nicely.

Al and I at the campfire.  I know - a rare sightling of my hubby but there he is. :D
Al and I at the campfire. I know - a rare sightling of my hubby but there he is. 😀

Inside the cabin playing a game called STARE. there are three of our guests: Amy, Morgan, and Chad

Upon arriving home and starting to unpack guess where I found my dog Elmo?

On another note, The Game On Diet is game on again!  I played in August and started out strong and then about the third week tapered off…. life got busy and yeah…..  however, a group of us wanted to continue and as I have not reached my goals yet I am on again and we start today.  I will get back to updating the journal (right side bar) as well.

You may remember my goal was to fit into these pants again.

AND finally – there were two book challenges I really want to be a part of and I have become behind on both but plan on catching up.  One was from Trish over at Hey Lady!  Watcha Readin’? She started a nicely paced challenge with The Handmaid’s Tale and I want to participate as this is a book I have meant to read like FOREVER!  I have to catch up but I will.  😀

AND Amanda from The  Zen Leaf has a challenge going for Charles Dicken’s Bleak House.  Uhhh…. yeah.  MONSTER read.  914 pages.  In fact I may need to drink Monster to get through this…. and I hate energy drinks.  😛   This is another one being read slowly so I want to give it a try.

So that’s what is currently happening over here.  Hope you all had a wonderful Labor day Weekend.  Cant wait to catch up with all of you!

41 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Camp fires, diets, and REALLY BIG BOOKS

  1. Glad you had a nice weekend, Sheila. We did absolutely nothing, which was really nice. Reading-wise, I finished a book called “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” and am getting ready to start “The Wife’s Tale.”

    Hi Al! *big wave*

  2. Many, many years ago, I read a MONSTER book, with over a thousand pages…twice! That book was Gone with the Wind. Wonder if I’d like it these days….

    In your photos, I was reminded of the shelves I want….you know, the ones that go along the top of the other shelves. That’s the only place I could fit in more shelves!

    1. LOL – yeah it really isn’t Kathy. Its actually a 2001 double wide trailer that we put on our land in Finland. My hubby insists that we call it the “cabin” ….


  3. I have missed so many challenges whilst I was away. Love the camping pics – my favourite style of vacation. I like thesound of Game on Diet. I am desperate to lose a few pounds after two weeks away with food and drink all inclusive.

  4. Glad you had fun at your cabin… me too at mine. Hooray for get-a-ways!
    I can’t do a challenge… I let myself down every time. An ‘on-line’ book club sounds so much nicer to me. :~)
    I always love your pictures.

    1. Hi Debbie – are you doing the online read with us then? (If you are forgive me for not remembering…. ) If you are not – check out the Wordshaker widget. We would love to have you 😀

  5. I’ve recently realized that monster books are not for me – I just get too antsy reading them, knowing there are so many other (shorter) books out there to read.

    Good luck with the Game On Diet! Maybe Bleak House can double as an exercise weight?

  6. I am loving the Handmaid’s Tale! I can tell you that when I am done with The Passage that will be my last chunkster for quite some time. It looks like you had a great time at the cabin!

  7. So I’m guessing you don’t want to join in my 970-page Musashi Readalong, huh? HAHA!

    You’ll like Handmaid’s Tale. I read it ages ago and thought it was great.

  8. *grins* I like the pic of you with the big book. That’s cute and funny! Some of Michelle Sagara’s books makes my eyes bug out like that, but oh sooo worth the read! XD

    thanks for visiting my blog! You’re welcome to keep the quote if ya want! *smiles*


  9. Hi Shelia

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following 🙂

    Good luck on finishing Bleak House…I am currently listening to the audio version of Great Expectations and the narrator is very entertaining…of course, every once in a while I nod off while listening before bed!

    1. Isnt that funny Kathleen? He had went with us to the cabin. I think I was in his spot. I opened my suitcase on the couch and then apparently did not move it out of his was soon enough. 🙂

  10. Labor Day weekend was a work weekend as usual. We started putting in a split rail fence down by the road. We planted old style roses and crepe myrtle in the V’s of the fence. The weather has cooled a little and we are actually getting rain, so they are taking well. I dug in our house and my husband and son went down the road to help sheetrock the ceilings in our daughter’s house. Our other daughter and her husband came over the mountains and we grilled burgers and hot dogs for everyone on Sunday and took a short break.

    Our breaks will be during the month. The only way to take a break is to get out of town.

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