We Interupt This Blog For Fall Programming….

I have seen quite a few posts about Fall lately…. shoot, I have posted a few myself.  It’s not like I want to give up on summer but for central Minnesota, we can feel it in the air.  Fall doesn’t mean there will be no more beautiful sweltering days…. no, I still think we will be getting those over the next 6 weeks, in fact I look forward to them.  No matter what you think of Fall – pro, con, undecided – there is one thing we as book lovers must agree on….

There are some GGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDD books coming our way over the next couple months.

ROOM.  Oh I have waited to read this book and it is on my reading list for next week.  CAN NOT WAIT.

I am not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks (although he has had some pretty good releases as of late) however – look at this cover.  I mean LOOK at this cover.  I could frame it.  I might frame it.  This book becomes available on September 14th.

Dennis Lehane.  Need I say more?  I mean we are talking Mystic River and Shutter Island.  Both books that while I can’t say much for either of the movies, the books blew me away.  November 2 is the release day.

I know there are more lovely books coming out soon…. and I am sure I have missed many that wold be on my list as well.  This is where you come in.  What books are you looking forward to being released yet this year?

29 thoughts on “We Interupt This Blog For Fall Programming….

  1. Oh me oh my…I have preordered so many books…but I am sort of waiting for a new one by Lisa McMann…she wrote Wake and Fade and Gone…and I am waiting for the new Lauren Kate book…and tons of others but there is so much to read in between the waiting!!!

  2. We’ve had a couple very small hints that fall will be on its way in a couple months here. Like twice, we got slightly below 70 degrees at night. And the other day, the high was only 85!! It felt absolutely gorgeous compared to the relentless high 90s to low 100s that have been all through August.

    I love fall and hope it comes on soon!

    1. Amanda friday the high was 52. Yup, 52. I really am not a fan of cold weather so was not too pleased. The weekend it went back to the 70’s so…

      anyway – I know its coming…. and books will get me through 🙂

  3. I am anxiously awaiting Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado, he is a christian inspirational author who is fantastic! I have pr-eordered the book and look forward to it’s release. Safe Haven has been pre-ordered as well. There are just so many terrific looking books coming out in the next few months that just simply looking at the covers has been practically salivating with excitement. It is going to be a good winter for reading!

    I anxiously await your thoughts on Room. I actually just gave my copy to a girlfriend and told her that she needed to read it so that I could finally discuss it with someone. It will stick with you, that is for sure.

      1. After I read your comment I ran to my reading nook and low and behold Fearless is sitting on my shelf but has not been touched yet, as are so many other terrific books. I think that I will pick that up next. I am in need of something uplifting right about now. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  4. Room and Moonlight Mile are coming from the public library for me. I’m not a Sparks reader either but I agree with you about that cover. And I really like that Falls Book Finds button.
    I’m looking forward to Ape House by Sarah Gruen (Water For Elephants) Sept – about bonobos, Great House by Nicole Krauss (The History of Love) Sept, and Sunset Park by Paul Auster (Invisible, Man In the Dark, etc) Nov, among others. I look forward to your thoughts on your choices.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks about the button – I actaullay made it fast as I didnt have a lot of time.

      Is Ape House a new release? I have heard a bit about that one and LOVED Water For Elephants.

  5. Oh, I just ordered a bonanza of new books (all because I had one gift certificate, Sheila! lol), so I’m thinking that I’ll just have to wait until these come to the library, the bargain table, or I win them in a contest.


    Love the post title today!

  6. I want to read Room too, but I’m afraid it’s going to have to wait for me as I’ve already got so many to read. I’m trying not to buy any more at the moment, but I already have a couple of books on pre-order and now Robbie Williams is releasing a book to celebrate his 20 years in the music industry so I’ve just got to get that too!

    1. Stephanie you have probably heard of the recent movie Shutter Island. My advice – skip the movie, save the popcorn money, and read the book instead – SO WONDERFUL – and so LeHane.

  7. Still pretty summer-like here, though we finally got a couple of days here where it was cool enough to stand being outside – hurray! I hear it will hit 90 again this week, though.

    I love fall and can’t wait for the cool weather to stay!

    Believe it or not, I have never read a Nicholas Sparks book (saw a couple of movie adaptations, though). I did enjoy Shutter Island, though. Looks like some good books coming up!


    1. Sue I used to say that Sparks books were all the same – in the first few pages you meet (a) boy and (b) girl. The book is just how they wind up together…. and Sparks book – same formula… a bit too sugary sweet for my tastes…
      HOWEVER… seems there is always an exception to the rule and some of his more recent reads have impressed me.

  8. I just love the fall. School starts and reading becomes the perfect release at the end of the day. And I’m really looking forward to hearing about all the fabulous fall releases. Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I am usually not a big fan of fall as I want all the summer I can get. This year however feels different for me. Summer has been so busy that Fall means that things will slow down a bit…. come on fall 😀

  9. I love Fall. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. The cool, crisp air, colors and fall produce are worth the anticipation.

    These are all books I am really interested in. Only one is fiction. The last one especially should be interesting. Much of what we think about these two people is not accurate.



    FALL OF GIANTS by Ken Follett due out Sept. 28.

    ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA by Adrian Goldsworthy.

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