Morning Meanderings… Mock -“YEAH!” Ing – “YEAH!”

Good morning.  A cloudy gloomy day here in central Minnesota.  Perfect reading weather that is for sure!  We are leaving this afternoon for the cabin for the weekend with friends.  It will be a nice break after this week and before the hectic week I will coming back to with work and training and my assistants last day.

Yup.  This calls for a cabin getaway.

I am hopeful the weather is a little more promising up north for the weekend.  The friends we are going with have two daughters ages 12 and 9 so they will want to get out and explore.  I don’t really care how much activity I am involved in – but I will be taking The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with me as that is our September book club read.

I had mentioned that when I read Mockingjay I was following it up with to Kill A Mockingbird.  Mission accomplished.   So later today will be the review of To Kill A Mockingbird, and I am hoping to stop at the video store today and see if they have the movie To Kill A  Mockingbird as I have never seen it and now is the time.

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend.  Posts will come up throughout the weekend as well as on Sunday the Monday, What Are You Reading post will go up as always.  Meanwhile,  I will leave you with this little mockingbird experience.  😀

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Mock -“YEAH!” Ing – “YEAH!”

  1. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend away and are able to relax a little! Enjoy the beautiful weather we are in store for. I don’t know about out your way but here the clouds from this morning broke to reveal a beautiful, windy, dare I say it, fall like afternoon. Plenty of coffee and porch sitting for me!

  2. I’ve seen To Kill A Mockingbird but never read the book. I too decided to get it when I saw the 50th Anniversary edition was coming out. Still haven’t read it though, it’s one I want to read for a challenge so I have until the end of the year.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my, I forgot how crazy that movie was. How did you remember that scene? 🙂 Have a great weekend Sheila. You’ve had a busy and difficult week. You deserve a little r&r. I think I might go to B&N tomorrow and pick up To Kill A Mockingbird. I read it in high school, but of course, that was years ago. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. LOL Jill, I didnt remember it – my friend Wendy said since I was doing a Mocking week that I should use this click – I had forgotten all about this. 😛

      I am so looking forward to teh R and R part!

  4. Sorry, but I have never been a Jim Carey fan (I really can’t stand him).

    I was so proud of myself, I had almost caught up with your posts and am now playing catch up again.
    I do hope your weekend trip to the cabin went well. Cabin, lake, woods what an exciting place for young girls to explore. We had a nice cool weekend here, in the 70’s Will be back in the 80’s this week.

    1. LOL Pat! I hated this show – but the scene fit what i was getting at. 🙂 I do like Jim Carey though…..

      Glad to see you caught up! The cabin weekend slowed me down which is probably a good thing – the break was nice.

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