Morning Meanderings…. Oh yes I did pinky swear!

Good morning.  Yesterday was a long hard tough day.  I don’t really want to go into details and don’t want to be sad so I am taking a deep breath and moving on and hope that you will all move on with me to this happier space…

Right here.

Monday was the weekly What Are You Reading Post and as of the last couple weeks I  have had a lot of fun sharing with you the lovely bookish finds I come across while visiting the participating blogs as well as a few rabbit trails off to visit other blogs as well.

I have come to refer to this sharing of my finds as:

Over at The Books I Read Blog I found this gorgeous looking (and sounding book). You Don’t Look Like Anyone I know is a memoir that gives new meaning to insight, hindsight, and forgiveness.  Pop over there and read the review!

At The Perpetual Page Turner I found another memoir (what is with me and memoirs lately?).  This one is about an Iraqi girl and is written in blog posts during the Iraq war. I am interested in knowing more about this.

And while I didn’t add a lot to my TBR this week, I did find Alita over at alita.reads struggling over choices of what to read next.  One of her choices was The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society which I encouraged her to read that one as I had it on my shelf as well unread.  In fact – I told her we should both pinky swear to read this book in September.

She said I was on and that discussion led to this:

That is me and Alita in our own corners of the world – pinky swearing to read this book!  😀

That was a lot of fun and thanks Alita for going along with this!

Here is a link to Alita’s post – so funny!

😀  Anyone else need to pinky swear to read  TGLAPPPS read in September?

Any fun finds for you while you have skipped and hopped around the blogosphere this week?

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  1. Just remember that we are all here praying for you and your family.

    I hope today is better and that you guys don’t break that pinky swear.

  2. My condolences to you and your family.

    On a more happy note, you guys are too cute! I love, love the pinky swear idea!

  3. The book TGLAPPPS was one of my top three the year it came out. Enjoy!

    • OOh I like that Gram – I have really been thinking a lot about top reads lately and have a couple that really have impressed me – I would love to add to that list. 😀

  4. I don’t need to pinky swear to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society because I read it already! I’m glad you did, though; I think you’ll really like it.

  5. I saw the promise over at Alita’s webpage and I giggled. I giggled again when i saw it on your blog! You two are hilarious!!! I loved this book, I promise you will too 🙂

  6. Oh, you will LOVE Geurnsey!

    I actually pinky sweared to someone yesterday that I would read Thirteen Reasons Why! Are we somehow inspired by the start of school that we feel we need to buckle down and read all those books that we’ve been “meaning” to read??

    • Alison that is a good – no GREAT, book! I am so glad you are committed to reading it! 😀

      And yes, I have been picking up on book challenges to read the books I have always “meant to” and because of that I am experiencing some wonderful books.

  7. I am reading guernsey in september for my book club – one of the ladies said it was a great listen as well!

  8. I shoudl get in on that pinky swear. That one is sitting on my bookcase waiting to be read.

    My Fall reading challenge is posted…and I used your “chunky” suggestion for one of the prompts 🙂

  9. Sheila-best of luck with what was making you sad yesterday-I home that today is a better day.

  10. My thoughts go out to you in your loss…

    And on your happier note, I LOVE the pinky swear idea (and photo!). Very creative.

    The Guernsey book is fabulous! I can never SAY the title without pausing to reflect, though…lol.


    • Thanks Laurel – that’s the way my head works. 😀

      I think it is because I read a lot of fiction, I am very visual…… LOL

      and thank you for the thoughts too, I appreciate it.

  11. I love the pinky promise!

  12. lol….you guys are funny! Guernsey is one of the best books EVER–so I know you’ll enjoy it.

  13. This has made me so excited to read Guernsey that I’m tempted to drop the book I’m reading now and get started – and I’m even reading Harry Potter right now!

    I’m glad we could make so many other people giggle with our silliness.

  14. cute pic 😀 I’ve already read it and I just know that both of you will love it!!!

  15. I love the pinky swear between the two of you! Guernsey has been sitting on my shelves unread for months now. I can’t wait to see what you two think of it. Hope the day becomes better for you. 🙂

  16. I’m sorry about the sad time that you are going through!

    Love the photos of the pinky swear! I’ll be looking up that book about the Iraqi girl – it sounds good.

  17. I’m so sorry for your loss Sheila. I still think of my grandmother every day and she’s been gone for 22 years. The memories still make me smile.
    About that book….what a mouthful that title is, The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society…can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

  18. Sheila…I am so sorry that your heart is in pain…I am sort of reading between the comments and all I can say is that my thoughts are with you…

  19. The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society is a fun and quick read. I loved it.

  20. Boy are you in for a treat! It is a terrific book that I have a feeling you will fly through very quickly. Just an all around good read. Your pinky swear picture brought a smile to my face. You have been in my prayers all day, I pray that you will be comforted in your time of need.

  21. I hope things are better in your corner of the world today. The Iraqi girl memoir looks like a winner to me. I love the pinky swear photos!!

  22. Ahhhhh!! I had my comment all typed out and one of our dogs stepped on the power strip switch and shut everything down. Lets see if I can remember any of what I said : )

    The TGLAPPS was to be our next read in the book club at the library, but I don’t think they met after I left. We were still in the forming stage. Come to think of it, I never brought my copy home. I’ll have to see if it is still there next time I go back. Heard lots of good things about it.
    This week I bought MY HEART’S IN THE LOWLANDS: TEN DAYS IN BONNY SCOTLAND by Liz Curtis Higgs. She is a Christian author and writes historical fiction among other things. I think this one is about one of her “research” trips to Scotland. Maybe I can get some hints for the trip we hope to take in the near future.

    I did get a package of 6 mostly historical romances I won on a site. Most are books I have really wanted to read. THE BRIDE COLLECTOR on audio came yesterday (thank you).

  23. I’m so pleased you and Alita are finally reading Guernsey. I listened to it on audio last year and absolutely adored it! Loved the pinky promise, I’m off to check out Alita’s post 🙂

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