Morning Meanderings…. oh yeah, it’s SSSQQQUUUEEE Worthy!

Hello and good morning!  COFFEE is on!!!  SO what is so SSSQQQUUUUEEEE worthy that I am dancing around my home at such an early hour – in some cases rousing you out of your email boxes?  WELL… I thought you would never ask!

Last week Wordshakers went live with its first 2010 Online group review of Summer At Tiffany.  Around the blogosphere and even throughout some homes, 26 people signed up to read and review this book.  While most were bloggers who posted reviews on their blogs, a handful were book lovers – blog free, who just sent me emails of how much they enjoyed the book.

The fun of this review went beyond the review.  Marjorie Hart, the wonderful author of Summer At Tiffany has been in communication with me over the last month chatting about her book and the memories and that all went into the author chat we had last week as well as her gift of a signed copy of her book to one of my Book Journey readers.

All of this has left me with warm fuzzies of what Wordshakers can be…. and so I allowed myself to dream…

I wanted Wordshakers online book discussions to be not only a group of us booklovers all gathering our noses around the same book, but I really wanted our book choices to involve author interaction as well.  I wanted to move us to the next level and I felt all I could do was try.

SO….  (I know I am rambling a bit – blame the coffee) I asked last months participants for ideas for our next read and some lovely ideas came out of that.  Then I took two of the books mentioned that I thought would make for wonderful discussions and I contacted the publishers about the idea behind Wordshakers hoping one would be able to respond with a yes, this will work.

Both publishers and book authors responded favorably, not only wishing to be a part of making this a successful reading experience, but offered the author chat as well as a giveaway post.


I will announce later today the Wordshaker book for now – October 6.  I think it will generate excitement.  I know it has for me.  After this book is reviewed by whoever wishes to participate, I will then announce the next book that will go from the second week of October to the third week of November (before Thanksgiving).

Anyhoo – I am beyond excited.  😀

Stay tune for the book and the plan …..

35 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. oh yeah, it’s SSSQQQUUUEEE Worthy!

  1. Oh Sheila this is SO exciting! Congratulations on seeing your vision come into fruition! Getting an author’s perspective on a book is such a rewarding experience and I really think that you come to appreciate the novels in a different way. Once again I am raising my cup of coffee to you, cheers to your success! From your post you sound super excited, with the coffee added to this excitement someone may need to pull you off the ceiling this am!! Enjoy the moment!! 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! That is very cool news, Sheila. Now I can’t wait to see which book it’ll be.

    {headed to kitchen to brew stronger coffee}

  3. Yes, I’m almost feeling the current coming through my screen, so your coffee is like a viral experience…it’s generating something beyond what my coffee is giving me.

    Is that surreal, or what???

    Fun happenings….

  4. What wonderful news to wake up to this morning! I raise my coffee cup to you and look forward to finding out what your next Wordshaker book is!

  5. Great news!!

    I can’t wait to see what we’ll be reading next. I absolutely loved “Summer At Tiffany”!!

  6. I thought you were dancing because your coffee was so good (mine was this morning….Dunkin donuts-black ) lol
    I too loved Summer at Tiffany and can’t wait for the announcement of the next book today. So…. what is it? Announce it now! Hurry up! (I’m excited too)

    • Oooh Dunkin Donuts – you trumped me there Debbie – I only had Hazelnut Folgers…. dance worthy yes, but not Dunkin Donut good. 🙂

      Announcement will be up in a little while….

  7. This is extremely cool and I’m so excited for you!! Let’s click coffee cups!! 😀

  8. Oh boy oh boy oh boy…I am so curious at to what it will be and whether I will want to read it…I really want to read it but I am so fussy about books…

  9. I can feel your excitement jumping out of my computer screen! Loved Summer at Tiffanys! 🙂

  10. I’ll have to consider this. I need to get into a book club type setting and read some different books.

  11. Pat that is the beauty of a book club, it stretches you into books you may not have considered and may just find out that you LOVE them!

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