The Postcard Killers by James Patterson (Audio Giveaway)

Thank you to Hachette Audio for offering me three copies of this audio to give away to lucky readers of Book Journey!

Paris is stunning in the summer

NYPD detective Jacob Kanon is on a tour of Europe’s most gorgeous cities. But the sights aren’t what draw him–he sees each museum, each cathedral, and each cafe through the eyes of his daughter’s killer.

The killing is simply marvelous

Kanon’s daughter, Kimmy, and her boyfriend were murdered while on vacation in Rome. Since then, young couples in Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Stockholm have been found dead. Little connects the murders, other than a postcard to the local newspaper that precedes each new victim.

Wish you were here

Now Kanon teams up with the Swedish reporter, Dessie Larsson, who has just received a postcard in Stockholm–and they think they know where the next victims will be.

I know many of you are not big audio fans but I have to tell you – if you were to try audio (and I a going to continue bugging you of course on this!  😉  )  Patterson is a sure win.

If you have read any of my past reviews on Patterson’s  I have raved about the quality.  In fact I have probably not read James Patterson in 5 years, but I have listened to just about everything he has put out on audio.

SO why not give audio a try and look here – I am offering a giveaway where you may be able to do just that!  If you love a good thriller mystery – come along and try Patterson!

How to enter

If you are a book person even if you have not read Patterson you must have seen that the man has a new book coming out at least once a month recently.  I read that he has a large conference table in his study that is covered with unfinished manuscripts.  Amazing!

So to enter this giveaway, I would like you to come up with a character for a Patterson book (and remember his genres are not only mystery so go with whatever) and a scenario:  such as,

Johnathon Winters:  Once second-hand store owner/ hitman now Priest and undercover FBI

😆  Or something like that

Bonus Entries

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This giveaway will end on September 17.  USA and Canada only please.

44 Comments on “The Postcard Killers by James Patterson (Audio Giveaway)

  1. Possible character for James P book –
    Joy Reeds – Librarian, psycho cat burglar….hehehe

  2. Marian Smith-Once CIA-now thief in the night.


  3. Ernestine Primco, retired school teacher turned roller derby champion.

  4. Sunny Disposition – lifeguard and FBI informant, married to a mob hitman who is named Stormy Disposition

  5. Mary Jayne…she once worked for the Rochester, NY, police department…she once was in love with her counter point in the FBI. Once, because she was the only survivor of a horrible auto accident that took his life and left her in a wheelchair. It’s 2010. She has a computer, an electric wheelchair, a fully revamped van, a gun, and the determination to find out who took his life and tried to take hers.

  6. Subscribe to Book Journey (upper right sidebar – third down) and let me know in a separate comment and receive two bonus chances
    did it

  7. Callie went missing over 15 years ago and now she has
    been spotted in Paris France ~
    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. I am a subscriber to your newsletter…
    Merci, Cindi

  9. Rebecca, now a writer that has dreams of a former life where she was killed.
    In her former life, she was a servant like Rebekah in Genesis of the Bible.
    I am a subscriber.

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  11. I agree with you about audio books, Sheila. If well read, they are sometimes better than reading the book. Patterson is the perfect case in point. the only one of his books of his I have read is JESTER, and I did not like it. It is the format – short chapters. I don’t know why, but reading it, it feels choppy. Not a problem when you are listening to it. I have listened to at least a dozen of his books, and except for THE SWIMSUIT, have enjoyed them all. That one just gave us the creeps. At some point, I am going to check it out again and try to make it past the 1st disc.

    My character: Man in his early 30’s. Makes his living doing blacksmithing and acting as a guide in the Adirondacks. Someone or something is attacking campers and hikers in the back country. He is hired by law enforcement to help figure out how the attacks are being carried out, where the culprit is hiding, and how to catch him/it before there is another victim.

  12. I am a happy Subscriber, who has been having trouble keeping up lately.

  13. Looks like a great week for you!! Your last book sounds and looks awesome !! Looking forward to its review for sure!

    Have a great week

    Happy Reading

  14. My Character:

    A Half bird half human mutant for Patterson’s series Maximum Ride! He has super hearing and killer fighting skills along with rasor sharp wings XD

  15. Sheila: You amaze me and I am in awe of you. You always have fantastic reading weeks, a busy week with all your other hobbies/commitments, and add to that daily living. May I ask what Vitamins you take lol? Where do you get all this energy? Can you give tips how you do it ALL?

    • LOL Cheryl – I drink A LOT of coffee. 😀

      Natural born over achiever I think…. I just love to be out there and do things. I don’t always do it all well, and occasionally crash from exhaustion, but for some reason I pick myself up again and fall right back into the same ol’ go go go.

      (I figure some day I wont be able to so i need to get it all in while I can – LOL)

  16. James Patterson character: a successful landscaper and gardner who is also an international thief who travels the world under the guise of environmental/global warming concerns.

    harvee44 at

  17. I am an e-mail Subscriber.


  18. Myron Hastings, IRS Fraud Investigator, approachin retirement age, very smart and still single.

    Carol Wong

  19. June Pearson former model policewoman turned into criminal.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Mama Hurshel – mild mannered book reviewer by day/mastermind of her gang of tough sons by night! They right the wrongs of the common man and woman in the big city!

    Shoot, I may write that myself! 🙂

  21. I have always been intrigued about counter intelligence. I think a novel about two people that fall in love romantically but later the woman finds out that man that she thought she knew very well turned out to be spy for CIA and was looking into arms sales that were being made to a third world country. These arm sales were being sold by the woman’s father’s firm. She now needs to make a decision to protect her father and end her relationship with the man that she loves or to keep quiet and ruin her father’s business. There is one underlying problem that also exists … when she was growing up her father had physically abused her, but more recently he had asked her for her forgiveness and she felt like she was beginning to know a father that she never knew before. I would title this book, “The Men I Never Knew.”

  22. Colin O’Connor…owner of an Irish pub, friends with Lacey Grant, a PI by night, housewife by day, on a mission to uncover a series of cheating husbands, in their neighborhood. She has several “snitches” who help her, Amelia, an old maid librarian, Flossie who waitresses in O’Conner’s Pub, Leticia, the Post lady, and grumpy old Ophelia Daymond, who spys on everybody.

  23. My new character would be Cindy Malone, retired school-teacher turned librarian/ undercover private investigator/ bank robber extraordinaire! Cool!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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