Author Chat with Colin Sokolowski (Author of The Accidental Adult)

A couple of weeks back I reviewed a book called The Accidental Adult.  The book which was a sometimes humorous look into growing up was one I was curious about knowing more about our author.  I contacted Colin and asked if he would be willing to share a little about his accidental adulthood with me as well as you my readers and after a round of rock, paper, scissors, he obliged.  (Just kidding!  😉 )

Please give a warm welcome to Colin Sokolowski.

Colin Sokolowski

Colin thanks for coming and chatting with me today.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous having you here… I mean…. you might spill something on my books or break a cup.  I try to keep a pretty neat and tidy blog here.

Colin:  Yeah, that whole “accidental” adult thing?  It’s not that I’m clumsy or reckless. I’m more accidental in the sense that I have unintentionally joined adulthood. But just to be safe, I’ll use a coaster.

*Whew!*  Thank you.  Colin, how do you take your coffee?

Colin:  Black and decaf. I know some adults don’t really consider that coffee at all, but caffeine does a number on me. TMI?

What made you decide to write a book about accidental adulthood?

Colin: I started writing a series of essays that were really personal and more like a memoir. After a while, I realized a theme was developing in every essay. I’m this reluctant grownup, an accidental adult, who still thinks adults are other people, and I’m simply occupying space in their world. As I’d share my essays with others, their reaction told me I was on to something. Now I’m convinced. Accidental adults may be in the minority, but there are more of us hiding underneath a professional, adult exterior than most people would realize. This book tells people it’s ok – it’s even encouraged – to embrace accidental adulthood, and I even give the reader some tips on how to navigate life’s most challenging adult situations without totally selling out.

That is funny how you say that you think adults are other people.  That’s the way I feel when I am at a family gathering and witting with my aunts and uncles.  I still feel like a kid sitting at the grown up table.  How does your wife Kelly like living with an accidental adult?

Colin: I think she appreciates that I don’t take myself too seriously. But I’d say there are many days when she’d like a glimpse at life with a handy man as a husband. Maybe she’d just settle for living with a guy who will always make sure she has a full tank of gas in her car. But in fairness (to me!), we dated for six years before getting married, so she really knew what she was getting into.

What has been a recent “accidental adult” moment?

Colin: I just recently learned the difference between having my shirts laundered and having them dry cleaned. That revelation came about 20 years later than it should have.

Do you have any favorite fictional characters you would love to be buddies with?

Colin: I’m more interested in authors than their characters, and I read a lot more nonfiction than fiction. On the fiction side, I’d love to hang out with Tom Perrotta. I really liked his book Joe College, and he was super cool to me by responding to an e-mail I sent him months ago – especially when he didn’t have to reply. My nonfiction bud would be Rob Sheffield whose latest book, Talking to Girls about Duran Duran, is really fun and funny. I love immersing myself in anything well done like that, especially if it features plenty of 1980s pop culture and musical references.

Colin what is next for you?

Colin: I continue to post blogs at and I also share news and skewed insights on Facebook at Maybe I’ll write a regular column from The Accidental Adult someday in either local or national media. But I also am spending more time with Kelly and our kids these days. I know that answer sounds really lame, but for me it’s true and it’s really important and rewarding.

It is tradition for me to ask each author I interview to share a little known fact about themselves.  As much as you share in the book, I would really be interested to hear what yours is.

Colin: So I’ve already shared in my book that I used to perm my hair in college, I came close to soiling myself while running a marathon and I once voted for a senate candidate simply because his wife is hot. And you really want me to share more? I might need some real caffeine coffee before I open up any more . . .

Thank you Colin for stopping by today and chatting with me.  Readers Colin has linked to his blog and Facebook above.  If you would like to know more about Colin or his book, these links would be the next stop for you.

21 thoughts on “Author Chat with Colin Sokolowski (Author of The Accidental Adult)

  1. Oh wow!!! I didn’t know there were other “adults” out there that felt like I do!!!! I’ve always felt I’m a kid, who has to “act” more grown up than I feel!

    I HAVE to read this book!

  2. Wow..This book is really interesting and the interview is fun. And I think Colin is a fun author. Well, I never think of to vote because the senate’s wife is hot!LOL

  3. Right, you probably don’t want to take voting advice from me. But I do offer some other more useful tips and tricks for living among the grownups. Hopefully it’s a fun read for you, and a life-altering read for your husbands/boyfriends. Saving one stunted guy at a time . . .

  4. Interesting interview. Obviously someone has been taking care of Colin for a good portion of his life. If not directly then as a sort of fairy godmother. He can’t be as clueless or incapable as he makes himself sound or his dear wife would have given up after 6 years of dating and not married him.
    I guess we all do feel that way at times. Your comment about not really feeling like one of the adults at family gatherings is so true. Unfortunately for some of us, We are edging into the realm of being the oldest generation at these gatherings. Actually on my father’s side, he is the last one of that generation and I am the oldest of the next. That is scary. I’m still 25 in my head.
    I think my son should read this book. He is an odd mix. He was mature at 4 and refuses to join the masses insisting on doing his own thing. I guess that is a bit different though.

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