Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

I was thinking I had not read Kristin Hannah before this read but then recalled that yes I had.  I had read Firefly Lane in early 2009 while I was in Honduras.  I was curious if her characters could speak to me like the ones in my first read of hers did.


30 something Meghann Dontness is a divorce lawyer in Seattle and doing quite well for herself.  Clare Cavenaugh, Meghann’s younger half-sister, is a single mom to a five-year old daughter in a small town in the Pacific Northwest who helps her father run a small resort.

The girls, coming from a disrupted childhood of a mother who chose Hollywood to raising her children.  Meghann who pretty much single-handedly raised Clare still keeps an eye on her from afar but finds some of Clare’s choices to be annoying (like falling for the country singer and planning to marry him), but the differences between the girls are all pushed aside when Clare is diagnosed with a brain tumor and Meghan may have the connections needed to make amends in more ways than one…

This was a smooth read of two sisters who lives had become far from each others.  Hardened Meghann had grown up too fast and drover herself too hard to be the best she could be.  Opposite to this is Clare who lives life in the slow lane enjoying each moment.  It takes a tragedy to bring these two together to work out things of the past.

It’s no secret that I enjoy books on friendships and this book is no exception.  Written in a way that seems consistent with what little I have read of Kristen Hannah, I found the characters to be well-developed with life breathed into them.

My only complaint is that the plot occasionally felt a bit stretched, a little too much of several things coming into play that made it feel unreal and took away from the read for me, but was not a deal breaker.

A good breezy summer read.  In the end I closed the final page feeling satisfied and will admit that this was a three kleenex book for me – so do not say you were not warned. 🙂

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Book Journey has updated the 2010 Reading Map to include Between Sisters

If you are in Seattle looking for a good lawyer like Meghann – or for that matter a good cup of coffee, your stop would be Bauhas Books and Coffee.

Cover story:  I do like my cover, but actually prefer the one I seen online – it is lighter and more summery looking which appeals to me.

I purchased my copy of this book from our local Library sale.

27 thoughts on “Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

    1. Firefly Lane is pretty good Jill – I remember it took a long time to get to a certain plot and then it seemed to be rushed at the end. I wished they would have brought some of the plot earlier into the book.

      (Do you like my cryptic talk so I dont give anything away?) 😀

  1. I have been wanting to try Kristin Hannah’s books. This sounds really good. Kind of reminds me a little bit of The Opposite of Me, which I just finished today (and loved).

  2. I like that, “a three-kleenex book.” 🙂

    I, too, like the cover you used at the end of your review better than the one you used at the top. I don’t think I’ve read any of her books.

  3. Library sales, what would we do without them? Our local libraries stopped theirs because the state said they would have to charge sales tax. A shame because people are still donating and there are lots of good books.

    Sounds like a good book about dealing with relationships and trying to mend the past. Will keep an eye open for it.
    Both covers are good, but I prefer the one with the two of them on the beach.

    1. Pat that is awful! I love our sales and so far no tax but I know that wouldnt stop me. It is still a wonderful deal and it brings the book lovers out to the same place at the same time.

      1. Until last year sales tax wasn’t a problem. It falls under the heading “If you can’t stand the answer, don’t ask the question.” Some library book sale patron or library employee contacted the state revenue office and asked if libraries were supposed to charge sales tax at their book sales. Some one in that office saw more money for the state, so things were shut down for almost a year while they decided what to do. First it was two sales a year allowed with no tax charged. Then it was apply for a waiver. Since I was no longer working by then I’m not sure what happened. I don’t think our library applied because they told me they had to charge tax and still hadn’t reopened their sale. there are a lot of unhappy patrons.

  4. That really is too bad Pat. All the funds raised go to support our library and I gladly hand over my $20 – $45 (ok, only one time did I buy that many books – really!) 😀

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