What Does Is Mean To Be Present by Rana Diorio

A wonderful look into a young childs book on being happy where you are at, being present in life – not living in the past or waiting for the next thing…. seizing those little moments!


Being present means... listening carefully when others are speaking.

Today is a gift - that's why we call it the present!

Beautifully illustrated this book was a joy to flip through the pages.  I keep saying I want to review more children’s books, and this is a great example of why.

What Does It Mean To Be Present is a wonderful way to remind the children in our lives that every moment has something to offer, whether it is sunny or rainy, hanging out with your best friends, or your family… there is always – ALWAYS something to take away in that moment.

A positive outlook in a book that I found to be wonderful in a time when it seems people are always looking for the next best thing,  there are lessons in this book that even as adults we can apply.

I am also excited to announce that Little Pickle Press is having a giveaway where kids can win posters and books!  All they need to do is answer the question, “What does it mean to be present?”   Click the picture below to go to the contest site.

If you are looking to purchase books from Little Pickle Press, you can get two books and a poster for $29.95 if you use the coupon link and put in the word:  JOURNEY

I received my copy of this book for review from Little Pickle Press

16 thoughts on “What Does Is Mean To Be Present by Rana Diorio

  1. I have always loved beautifully illustrated children’s books. In college, I took a course in Children’s Literature, and it was fabulous! Ever since, I’ve been drawn to the really unique and special books; this book sounds like one of those.

  2. I so enjoyed ordering and reading children’s books when I was at the library. So many of them have good messages for adults. they remind me a bit of the Muppet programs and movies. There are layers of meanings and the older you are, the more layers you get. Many had good messages that adults needed to hear. I miss having little ones around. My grandchildren are too old for these books. I am going to give the information to the library and hope they order some of these books.

  3. I’m looking for books to fill my soon-to-be little one’s room and this looks perfect. Love the message.

    1. It would be a great book for that Stacy! I have several books like this that I keep on the top shelf on display(which goes around the top of my reading room about 24 inches from the ceiling).

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