Hearts On A String by Kris Radish

Holly’s life has not always been the easiest.  Yet through it all she has clung to a story her grandmother had told her a long time ago when she was a little girl,

She tells of the precious string that connects all women.  She tells her great grand-daughter that the string is so pure and light that most women cannot see it.

“The string is a powerful force my sweet girl.  It allows women to lean into one another and find a sister when they need one.  The string can never be broken.  You can use it to pull yourself up, to pull yourself forward, or to steady the place where you must remain.”

Page 4, Hearts On A String

When a storm hits that strands Holly in an airport with four other women all from very different walks of life, they agree to share one of the women’s (Nan’s)  luxury hotel suite.  As the story unfolds the women meet some interesting characters along the way.  What starts out as an inconvenience becomes a life changing experience for each of the women as they share stories, admit their fears, and start to see the strings that bind friendships.

I do enjoy books on women’s friendships and that was the draw for me to this book.  Reading the synopsis and knowing how important my friendships are to me, I really wanted to sink into this book.  Plus…. of course, total cover love.  It looks like bubble gum or cotton candy…  🙂

And how do you bring together a motley crew of women such as Nan who is in Banking Investments(and owner of the cell phone and toilet scene that brings the women all together (oops…. did I say too much?  ;)), Cathy the sexy blond, Patty the Lounge Singer, Margo the mom, and of course Holly, who is a hairdresser together?  That is the story that is about to unfold…

It took awhile for this book to really get started.  In the beginning you learn quite a bit of each of the women and the conversations during this part of the book didn’t flow for me and somehow felt choppy.

That being said, once you get through this bumpy section, the book picks up a pleasant pace that left me overall satisfied with this read.  I appreciated the ending of the book and felt it wrapped up nicely and made me consider those bonds, or strings if you will, of friendships that I am thankful to have in my life. Hearts On A String is the perfect title for a book about opening your heart up to others and letting in the possibilities.

My Amazon Rating

Book Journey has updated the 2010 reading map to include Hearts on A String

When in Tampa Florida, be sure to stop in for a great cup of coffee at Sacred Grounds

318 pages

Cover story:  As I said in my review – the cover stopped me in my tracks and made me want to know more about this book… and that – is what you really want in a cover.  Fun and lively – it fit my mood.

I received this book for review as part of the TLC Tour

23 thoughts on “Hearts On A String by Kris Radish

  1. Sheila, I think our reactions were much the same. The first part was tough for me. The last third was gripping. I do like women’s friendship books and I was glad the characters finally bonded.

  2. I would have to say that I’ve read about a 50/50 love/dislike reviews on this one. Still not sure if I’ll read it or not but I have enjoyed reading each blogger’s opinion 😀

  3. Oh…I need to get this one…I need to stop saying that…I really have no room in my house for more books…I need to take some of the harlequins I’ve finished to goodwill.

    I just bought the cupcake book yesterday at Target…Target is almost as bad as B & N and Books A Million for me these days.

  4. I think Andrea is my long lost sister……I have the same problem.
    Thanks for the review Sheila. I’m on the fence with this one. With so many good books to read, I often find myself not having the patience if they don’t hook me from the start. However, the cover does hook me.

    1. LOL Jill… I hear you and I totally agree. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was reviewing this for a book tour I may have given up on it. On the flip – then I would have missed out on the ending. GAH! 😀

    1. I believe this is the newest book by Kris Radish, but she does have several others out Misha. A couple months ago I read and reviewed her book, Annie freeman’s fabulous traveling funeral. The idea behind that one was fantastic!

  5. Is it my imagination or are you doing more books on women’s friendships lately? This sounds like another good one. I will have to say I do not usually read this type of book. Those you have been reviewing have sounded pretty interesting. I’ll have to try a few of them.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Pat that could be true – summery type reads. This one was for a book tour. I am ready to read something different – oh that’s right I am – I am reading Stop Laughing At Me. A true story.

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