Morning Meanderings from the North Shore

Good morning.  I am meandering this morning in Finland Minnesota.  Elmo, my trusty sidekick and loyal shih-tzu and I traveled to the cabin yesterday.  Between the traffic and the road work, the usual 3 hour trip took close to over 4 hours.  There was a time in Two Harbors where we just sat in single lane traffic in park for about 25 minutes.

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate audio?  😀

The cabin area itself is still internet free.  This morning I decided I would prep the meandering from the cabin and then drive into town and find a nice little coffee shop where I will complete this post as well as my afternoon post – my review of The Color Purple by Alice Walker.  Up to this reading, I have never read or seen the movie The Color Purple – now I can see if I can find the movie.

Blogging from the cabin kitchen...

My goal for my short stint to the cabin was to get some cleaning done and some reading.  Last night I completes washing the sheets and towels, and cleaning the two guest rooms.  I also completed two books and I am thrilled that I have made such progress.

Today I will clean out the cupboards, wash all the dishes (don’t panic – there is not that many!),  dust, wipe down counters, sweep, mop, and vac.  I should have drought my cd player so I could listen to audio while I did most of this but that will be a note to do this in the future.

I am heading back home early afternoon to have dinner with my hubby, maybe a movie, and then tomorrow we move my son to Mankato in prep for college.  Life…. is never dull.

(turns out – I am posting this from a cafe in Silver Bay Minnesota – Northwoods cafe. )

31 Comments on “Morning Meanderings from the North Shore

  1. You’re a busy lady! Enjoy your reading when the housework’s done – I think you’ll have earned it.

    • It was great to get through two books in a night Laura. I refused to turn the tv on and just went with the reading. With nothing else on the agenda it was wonderful 😀

  2. If you are going to be stuck in traffic, Two Harbors is the place to be 🙂

    • Good point Ryan – they have great little shops but I didn’t want to lose my place in the traffic line 😀

    • Me too Vicki – I am planning on heading back about 1:30…. if all goes well I should be in Brainerd at 4:30

  3. Sounds good…a cute little cafe is what I’m picturing…and I’m sure it’s nice and cool and smells “piney.”

    • Laurel – its very – small town. I am the only one there with a lap top and by the way I am getting looks – this is an unusual move….LOL 😀

  4. Wow, two books in one night! I get sleepy reading at night, even if the book is a page turner. Have a nice dinner with your husband. Drive safe. 🙂

    • Jill I set out with a goal to clean and read and I was so disappointed that I got to the cabin so late on Friday. I made it a point to not turn on the tv but to just enjoy the books I brought- and I did! 😀

  5. I remember when we had our “house in the boondocks”. It seemed I did housework there every trip. It was really too big to be a camp, but we loved it.
    It was in the mountains in an old mining town. Not many people or houses. It had been the doctor’s house – 2+ car garage, 3 bedrooms and bath upstairs, large livingroom, kitchen and laundryroom downstairs. It would have been a great house to live in if it hadn’t been so far out. We bought it at an auction. I wish we still owned it. Unfortunately we ,moved from NY to Colorado and couldn’t keep it.

    I am so glad you have your cabin to get away to.

    • Pat we usually just clean as we leave. When we go with friends we wash all the bedding before we leave on our final day there – clean showers, sweep, vac, mop, etc…. but this time we had not been there since October so I wanted to give it a little additional love 😀

  6. Sounds like you had some great alone time (well, you & Elmo anyway) and managed to get a lot done as well! Good for you…..

    • It was nice Julie – I always wanted to do that and never have went up alone before. I would like to do it again for a longer time…. it went so fast! 😀

  7. Hopefully you are home safe and sound by now. Thanks for the conversation on Wednesday-it was great talking to you.

    xoxoxo E.

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely break from reality–even if it did involve cleaning!

  9. Glad your trip went well and you got a few things done while you were there.

  10. Thanks Ladytink – its not so bad, and now next time when we go it will probably be labor day weekend with friends and everything will be beautiful 😀

  11. I honestly could not live without my audio anymore! It’s a life saver in that traffic!

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