Morning Meanderings… Driving Without Brakes

Morning! I thought I would use this morning to share a little with you about the highlights of last weekends cabin trip with two of my friends Amy and Sara.

First off we left my house about 4 pm and headed North.  We made it to Duluth a little after 6 pm and of course there was the dreaded dirty words “road construction”.  We turned into the detour lane and then promptly into the parking lot of a Burger King for a much  needed rest room break.  Back on the road and we travel up into Duluth (Duluth is hilly – really hilly) and wind our way through the detour signs that make no sense.  45 minutes later we are lost and frustrated.  Normally Duluth is a straight shot through.  We are coming back down the hill to see where we goofed the detour when I start pumping my brakes and I have …. uh…… nothing.


As we are rolling I keep pumping and fill a slight grab to the brakes but nothing great so I get up against the curb until I can stop.  At that point black smoke pours out of the front of my car.  We are still an hour from our destination.   I am thinking that maybe the car has overheated due to all the hills, I have seen that happen before.  I wait a while – the smoke goes away (although it leaves this nasty burnt smell) and then I slowly put it into drive to see if I can brake.  I am still on a hill after all – going down – into a stop light, and beyond that – Lake Superior.

The brakes do grip and I ease my way down the hill to a gas station to find that the 16-year-old boy working there knows nothing about cars.  he sends me down the road to a car wash/ body shop.  The 19-year-old girl working there also knows nothing about cars, the body shop is closed – it is Friday evening after all, and she just moved here and doesn’t drive so can not help us. 🙄

Anyway – to wrap this up, the car felt good to me – it had cooled down – my brakes were working and we found that our correct detour did not go up the hill at all – but where we turned to go into Burger King, we needed to keep going on that road.  A flat road.  So we cautiously moved forward and the vehicle worked great the rest of the weekend.  (And yes, upon my return home – the Durango is now in the shop and they are saying it was a faulty part when the new breaks were put in two months ago).

The Cabin book shelf.... (you knew there had to be one) 😀

The rest of the weekend went wonderful – we ate out Friday night, Saturday hit the library sale (you will see these books this afternoon here), went on the Alpine Slide at Lutsen Resort, watched a movie at the cabin, went to a street dance and on Sunday after a wonderful brunch we made our way (safely!) home.

Today the sun is out again!  We have had some dark days here and I for one am tired of the funky weather!  I work and then I work out with my friend Wendy and tonight I have a meeting where we are planning a food bagging event for Haiti.  I hope to finish The Game On book tonight for tomorrows review and put some final touches on reviews I need to get posted.

Oh and you may have noticed I have been going a bit emoticon crazy as of late (I do love those little guys!)  Here are the codes I found for wordpress:

con text text full text icon full text
smile 🙂 🙂 🙂 lol 😆
biggrin 😀 😀 😀 redface 😳
sad 😦 😦 😦 cry 😥
surprised 😮 😮 😮 evil 👿
eek 😯 😯 😯 twisted 😈
confused 😕 😕 😕 rolleyes 🙄
cool 8) 😎 😎 exclaim
mad 😡 😡 😡 question
razz 😛 😛 😛 idea 💡
neutral 😐 😐 😐 arrow
wink 😉 😉 😉 mrgreen :mrgreen:

Ok… LOL…. It didn’t show the codes, because the codes in the post turned to emoticons.  So – here is the link instead.  Smiley Codes.

Have a lovely day!

43 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Driving Without Brakes

  1. Wow, scary! Glad the brakes started working again and you’re all safe.

    I had noticed you were using a few new smileys in the last day or so … 8)

    • LOL – you actually started it Hannah 🙂 I couldn’t figure out how you got the smiley with the red tongue so I started looking on Google to find out how to do that one…. I found a whole new world of them! hee hee

  2. Thanks for the smileys…that’s funny about how they turned into the emoticons.

    Wow, brake problems are not a laughing matter. And isn’t that typical that nobody working in those stations knew anything about cars? Most stations seem to depend on “self-service” customers, and they don’t do anything except service the odds and ends people buy.

    Glad it worked out, but that sounds scary.

    Love the bookshelf, though. It looks perfect for a cabin, with the moose (or elk) on the top shelf. See, I don’t really know those animals…lol.

    I am yearning to go to the beach. I’m thinking of doing that. Last weekend, my daughter and her family went and now I’m dying to go. The beach is a couple hours away. The forest is one to two hours away, depending on where or how deep into the woods you want to go.

    I’m almost out of coffee here! Off to make more.

    • The smiley thing is funny Laurel – I thought I could copy and paste the codes into the post and then when they converted it was like “of course they would convert – duh!” LOL

      OOH the beach – havent been there in years. Now that the kids are gone I just never seem to have a reason to go. I wish I just knew someone who had beach property so I could go hang out…. 😀

      Oh – and the thing on the bookcase – is a MOOSE!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend despite the brakes issue! Thank you for the emoticons text info; my students are going to love it!

  4. OMG! I go to Duluth quite often as that is the shopping hub for my area and I can’t imagine being without breaks in that city. I often think as I am sitting at one of those stoplights…jeez i would be in big troubles if my breaks went out! Sounds like you did good and kept your cool so kudos to you! You should look me up if you ever get over to the Ashland/Bayfield area in northern Wisconsin! And it looks like you have lots of room on the shelf at the cabin!

    • I will look you up Jo JO if I get that way 😀

      My cabin motto is that every time I go to the cabin I need to add a book to the shelf. I try to keep the books Minnesota based, facts or authors…. something fun for visitors.

  5. I love emoticons but I’m too lazy to use the full codes, so I still just use the keyboard. : – ) It’s not as cool but it works.

    And it is very scary when the brakes go out!

    • Trisha – I love them too….. I like the different ones and had fun trying them on the blog yesterday. 😆

  6. I’ve been on those hills many times and couldn’t imagine how I would feel if the brakes weren’t working right. Glad the situation worked out all right and that you ended up safe and sound.,

    • Thanks Ryan. I took my vehicle into the shop and they said a part malfunctioned that only left me with brakes on the one side. So odd because the vehicle drove fine the rest of the trip. I put on another 300 miles before I parked it.

  7. Hills + breaks not working = scary stuff!

    Well done for staying calm. I’m glad the car behaved, apart from that..

  8. Glad to hear that despite some mechanical malfunctions, you are now home safe. Sorry to hear about the dreadful detours – I always hate those; they make it way too easy to get lost! Also, loving the emoticons, thanks for sharing the link.

  9. You are lucky you didn’t wreck. Had that happen many years ago. We were pulling a popup camper behind our Buick Century, going down the hill to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a long, steep hill with a 90 degree turn at the bottom and the bay straight ahead. My husband didn’t say anything until he turned the corner and pulled off the road. He pretty much didn’t have any brakes at the bottom. He then gave me a lecture on down shifting to a lower gear and using the hand brake to slow down and stop. He did down shift, but the hill was so steep and with the extra weight of the camper pushing the car it didn’t help much. I’m glad I didn’t realize there was a problem.
    As for the weather, we can stop the 90+ humid days any time. Our heat pump is not pulling the moisture out of the house andsome of my old books are getting book mold. We are replacing the unit, it is 19+ years old, but that won’t happen for a few months. It is just too hot to do much.

    The problem with having a cabin like that, is it needs to be far enough to be a real break, but then it is far enough to be a hassle when you need to just run up for a day or so.

    • Pat you are right. 3 1/3 hours makes it difficult to get to – but is actually in a perfect area for a getaway.

  10. I can’t even imagine how paranoid I would be the rest of the weekend driving in a car with brakes that might give out! I”m glad you guys were safe!

    • Alyce I didnt follow anyone too closely that s for sure and would occasionally tap the breaks. I had the neighbor guy check everything once we got to the cabin and he could not see anything wrong.

  11. Wow, how scary! I am so happy to hear that it turned out OK and you had a good weekend.

    • Amy – thanks – I kept thinking “Seriously – am I ever going to get to go to the cabin? Ever?” 😀

  12. What a scary ride you and your friends took. I’m glad you are safe. Where’s Goober when you need him? :roll

    • LOL Jill – yeah I felt bad for my poor friends – I know my vehicle so after it cooled I felt safe and knew that cars can overheat from all the hill climbing…..

  13. Ok…the eye rolling icon didn’t appear…..I’ll stick with my standby 🙂

  14. That must have been SO scary! You handled it very well though. I can see myself…I probably would have been freaking out! Glad you had a fun time at the cabin anyway. Someday, I’ll have a cabin *daydream bubble appears over head*. LOL!

    • Michelle my life is so goofy sometimes I have kind of learned to just roll with the punches. 🙂

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