Morning Meanderings… I am on the lam!

The Cabin coffee Mug

Good morning!   Coffee Cup and I are lying low, I am working on growing a mustache and going by the name of “Vinnie”.  I have really gone and done it this time…..

I have over due library books.

I received the letter last Friday and I have never received a letter before.  Usually it is an email.  In fact the book they mentioned I had forgotten I had checked out and had to do a search and rescue off the shelf to return.  SO – I did actually go to the library (the scene of the crime) before I left town on Friday – and I had good intentions to return the several (GULP!) late items I had – but….. here’s my story.

1.  I am in my car on my way to the library and there is a train.  SO while I wait, I pull open one of the books sitting beside me.  I chose Not Without Hope by Nick Schuyler.  I had started this one but did not get it finished.  A true story that actually happened in early 2009, when 4 friends went out on a fishing trip and only one came back.   I started flipping through the pages while I waited for the train.  I hooked myself into the book and knew I could not return it yet.  While I went into the Library, Not Without Hope stayed in the car with me.

2.  Also over due are the CD audio for Happy Potter and The Deathly Hollows.  This one  I have been listening to all along, but it is 17 CD’s.  I haven’t had a large road trip as of late to get this one in and have listened to it as I puttered around town but that has got me to CD #14 by the time of the overdue notice.  CD #14 out of 17.  I can’t stop now….. I have to finish……. so that one has not been returned either.

Today however – both will be going back.  I finished up Not Without Hope over the weekend and that review will be up today.   I am on CD 17 of The Deathly Hollows and I will finish it even if I have to sit in my car to do it.

I had a wonderful weekend with my friends on the North Shore.  I posted a picture yesterday with the Monday What Are You Reading post.  We visited the shops around Silver and Beaver Bay, spent Saturday afternoon at Lutsen riding the sleds down the Alpine Slide, enjoying yummy salads and that evening we attended a street dance.

It is good to be home and it looks like I am going to go back this next weekend just Friday and part of Saturday to do some cleaning that I just couldn’t get to with company.  I have to be back Saturday because Sunday morning we are driving my son and his belongings back to Mankato to his new apartment.

My friends Amy and Sara on the lift ahead of me

Tonight said son and I are going to the movie Inception.  He says I have to see it!  Busy week!  How about you anything happening this week – bookish or otherwise?

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  1. Oh good, I’m glad you got to finish Not Without Hope. Can’t wait to see what you thought of it.

    My plans: Basketball and more basketball. Driving to Kansas City tomorrow with my son for a 3-day tournament. Bringing books with me, of course!

    P.S. I’ve never been friends with a criminal before. lol

  2. I have this hilarious picture in my mind of you with a big mustache, a hat pulled low, and a bandana around your neck to be pulled up over your face if necessary and you’re carrying a bag of purloined books! Actually I think there are worse crimes, Vinnie.

    1. Barbara I looked for a picture this morning but could not find one that would hit the image you just described… 😆

      Oh well – supporting my library!

  3. Eh, don’t stress, Sheila. As a former library staff member, just consider it a well deserved donation to your local library. No doubt they can use it. I know mine can. Times are tough for libraries!

  4. diana mack

    i once got the overdue postcard on a book i just knew i had returned…called the library…got a response of “please look under your bed” which i thought was stupid
    except i looked under the bed and it was there…..
    left a message for the librarian that why yes, it was under the bed…she thought it was so funny she called me back and erased the fine!

    1. That’s awesome Diane! I was a little freaked out about the one they asked for but I quickly found it. I usually keep my library books in the same area so I can find them.

  5. Dawn

    Gee…every single time I go to the library, I owe them fine money! Either it’s because I have kept a book to finish, or my two teens have forgotten the books they have checked out… I just figure it’s my philanthropic project! ha ha
    Finishing up “Eggs” by Jerry Spinelli and moving on to “School of Possibilities”.

    1. Dawn I have never had a fine before. Not sure what will happen today but I will do the “time for my crime”. 😀

      You read a book called Eggs? I am so curious……

  6. I was thinking they would probably take out a “library warrant,” so I’m glad to hear that soon you’ll be off their radar!

    I haven’t gone to the library a lot lately, for that very reason. I have so many other books to read that I sometimes forget the library books.

    Which is why (lately) I’ve been leaving them in plain sight on the dining room table. An eyesore and a nuisance, therefore, not likely to overlook!

    Oh, I love seeing the pictures of your cabin and surrounding areas. It reminds me of Big Bear, when my son had a cabin there (near LA), and how we had so much fun in the little village nearby.

    My Snow Impressions blog has a header of my two granddaughters, snapped outside the cabin.

    1. I do love my library Laurel and when I can pick up some of the books I see others reading and enjoying – it is a wonderful resource.

      I will have a few more pics as the week goes on….. even one of my cabin bookshelf 😉

      1. Yay! It will be like peeking into your reading room. BTW, on my Potpourri blog, where I did the Reading Room spot awhile back, I have a clickable image (of you) in the sidebar, to enter the room.

  7. Kjovus

    first off, i love your mug! Where did you get it?
    second, I feel your library pain. I returned 5 books unread last night because there were better ones waiting for me there. I figure I will have to check them out again.

    Have a great monday!

    1. Hi Kjovus! The Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais Minnesota has a restaurant/store half way up the trail appropriately names Trail Center. It is tradition that whenever I go up the trail (we have friends who run a camp up there) I pick up a mug. I have them in all colors and they are the cabin coffee mugs 😀

  8. What are you doing blogging?!?!? You should be sitting in the car, finishing that last CD, on the way to the library to return your overdue items! 😛

  9. I actually got a call from my library last week telling me I had overdue books! It was actually a DVD that I had forgotten to return before I left on vacation. But I had never had the library call me. It was embarrassing, and needless to say i rushed over when I got home to return the DVD. 🙂

  10. Ooohhh the dreaded call/letter from the library! We have all been there! Hopefully the charges weren’t too bad! LOL

  11. I hate to think the amount of times that I wake up in the middle of the night, believing that my books are over due. I try so hard to take them back on time.

  12. The North Shore is so beautiful! I have been up there just a couple of times and really enjoyed it. One time when the kids were little we stayed at Lutsen for a week in the summer and then another time we were camping on a lovely river. Gooseberry Falls is just awesome and I hope I can get there this fall. My hubby and I went to Inception last weekend and really liked it…hope you do too!

    1. Hi Jo-Jo. I love Gooseberry Falls and took some beautiful pictures there last Summer.

      I did enjoy Inception and will chat a bit about it in tomorrows Meanderings 😀

  13. Tsk, Tsk 🙂 Next time you have books late, call and see if you can renew them, that way your fine doesn’t keep adding up. That is if your library allows that, ours in Wichita do.

    I’m glad you had a good time on the North Shore, I’m homesick every time you mention it.

  14. Jill

    Oh no, I hope they don’t post your picture in the library. 🙂 I’m glad you kept Not Without Hope….awesome review.

  15. In my 20 some years working in a library I’ve heard worse reasons for overdue books, but at least you paid your debt to society and returned the books and paid your fine. Consider it a donation to help keep your library going and open, when so many are closing all over the country.

  16. When my books are overdue (not that they’re ever returned late, oh no, not me!) I just go online and renew them. Usually works, and I don’t get fines that way. Love the image of you skulking around in disguise! *L*

  17. Kathleen

    I had to laugh at your library book story. I do that all the time but justify it by figuring that my fine will help the library buy more books!

  18. I’ve so done the same thing w/ library books!

    How did you like “Inception?” My parents went and came out thinking they would need to rent it to understand what they’d just seen. But both of my boys loved it.

    1. I liked it Lisa but it does take a bit to follow. My son has seen it three times and eh says he is still picking up on things. I definitely plan to own it so i can dissect it. 🙂

  19. librarypat

    I always consider library fines a donation to a good cause. When I worked at the library, it wasn’t a problem, but now, I rarely get out and I know things would be and have been overdue. There are patrons it rarely happens to and it is hard to get upset with them. There are others who are always late and give you a hard time and refuse to pay fines.

    Love the book sculpture. Need one like that at my house.

    Am glad we are done moving family members around. We moved ourselves several times, one daughter about 5 times and the other 3. Our son has an apartment at home, so he was easy. We have gone to New York and Florida to move relatives. Have spent the last yeqar moving friend’s things around. We are getting too old for it.

    1. No Kaydi, just my first time experiencing them on audio – SO GOOD! 😀 I couldnt shut it off – and when I did return it to the library I told the librarian that with 17 CDs – I had to finish – she agreed 😀

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