The Accidental Adult by Colin Sokolowski

Accidental Adult (n):  an individual whose age indicates maturity, but who’s approach to life suggests otherwise.

The carefree days of post college life has passed and now money is used for mortgage payments and dance recitals.  The mixed tapes that used to blast out of your two-door coupe went the same way as the car – traded in for a mini van.

If life is supposed to be a trip – author Colin Sokolowski thinks it should be a road trip.

So one may ask how I stumbled on to this book.   Colin Sokolowski (who just happens to be a Minnesota author!) emailed me this message:

Dear Sheila,
Your Gilmore Girls hero Lorelai is an accidental adult, and I’m betting you are too.

Well…. what was that about?  Certainly bike riding, rollerblading, paint ball tournaments, coveting a trip to the Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, and going to a late night showing of Eclipse couldn’t possibly put me in that category….

could it?

After reading up a bit on Colin Sokolowsi and his book I responded with this email:

Hmmm…. Colin you drink decaf so I just don’t know if I can commit….

But – curiosity got the best of me…. what could be in that book? I said yes, and Colin did send me a copy of his book Accidental Adult.

Collin writes a funny look on attempts at adulthood when really all you want to do is put on your foam finger, paint your face and be in the front row of your favorite sporting event.   Mainly from a guy’s perspective…. because ummm…. he is a guy –  Colin shares advice such as:

Spending quality time with your friends family endears you to the spouse.  Remember her?  She is the gatekeeper who determines if your buddy can meet you at Rib Fest again this summer.

And work related advice:

Never walk down a hallway without a bulging overstuffed folder under your arm.  Carrying papers with you at all times tells your colleagues “I’m on my way to an important meeting with my thoughtful analysis and comprehensive response to resolve the crisis.”…

of course, Colin continues this paragraph with “be careful not to bump into coworker coming around the corner.  Your scattered papers now reveal that your aimless walk around the office is actually football stats, draft pics and trade requests from your Fantasy Football League.”

page 37 The Accidental Adult

I found the book to  be humorous.  I enjoyed the “to do” and “not to do” lists that fell under the different headings of Parenting, Entertaining, Home Improvements…

Jury Duty Selection

Judge:  Do you watch television shows like CSI or Law and Order?

Colin’s inner monologue:  Nope, but I watch LOST where the castaways mete out their own warped brand if island justice.  Does that count?

The Accidental Adult is a look from a guy’s perspective of how to be an adult – without fully crossing over into adulthood.  Author Collin Sokolowski gives a humorous look into his own life (married with children) and how he makes it day-to-day in an adult world when he is reluctant to trade in his 80’s band t-shirts (or his KISS the cook apron featuring the group KISS) for a jacket and tie.

I found Colin’s approach to entertaining, parenting, home improvements, and more, quite funny.  This would be a great gift for the guy just out of college or starting his own trek into the world of reluctant adulthood.  I enjoyed this read that made me laugh.

My Amazon Rating

Book Journey has updated the 2010 map to include The Accidental Adult

When in Minnesota, in Colin’s stomping grounds, be sure to stop at Kopplin’s Coffee for your fresh brew and a look at the Minneapolis Tribune

223 pages

Cover Story:  I like it – it’s very “guy like” and I can see that it would be appealing.

** Note this book has some adult language (or maybe I should say, accidental adult language)

I received my copy of this book from author Colin Sokolowski

22 thoughts on “The Accidental Adult by Colin Sokolowski

  1. Hmm, intriguing title and excerpts.

    I wrote a book called An Accidental Life…but it has a different twist to it. lol

    Thanks for the fascinating review….it makes me want to read the book.

  2. Sheila: so glad you had a fun time reading this. And you’re not alone. Plenty of women have told me they dug the book.

    And to the Sheila fans: Accidental adulthood knows no gender, but I do think guys comprise the majority of its membership. But hey, we could use the company on this reluctant journey!

  3. The Accidental Adult sounds great. I feel as though I too may be an accidental adult, but haven’t been called out on it yet. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    1. Sami I already know I probably have a bit of this…. I like to really experience life and if there is a chance to get out there and do it – I am in 😀

  4. I think this might be a fun book to give my boyfriend. I found the anecdotes that you quoted in your review to be quite funny. This might be something fun for us to read together. Love it when I find books like this!

  5. I’m afraid I would probably enjoy this more than the men in my family. My husband doesn’t have enough of a sense of the ridiculous (although he should after being married to me for so long) and our son was old when he was 4. I think guys can get away with the accidental adult thing because there is still the “boys will be boys” acceptance out there. Somehow I have always had the feeling that the woman is expected to be the adult in most situations and relationships. When did you last hear “girls will be girls?”
    We may fight growing up tooth and nail, but for most of us it happens. I am still 25 in my mind (definitley not in body or age) and attempt to act that way, but in the end I am the adult I am expected to be.
    Funny when guys don’t act their age people tend to smile and shake their heads. When women don’t act appropriately for their age, people roll their eyes, wonder what is wrong with her, and say she should act her age. Not fair.

    1. Pat I totally agree – NOT FAIR! *pouting* I too tend to live like I am younger and that’s ok. I have fun, I dont hurt anyone – and I want to have a wide variety of memories to entertain me when i am older 😀

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