Morning Meanderings….

Most of you are probably familiar with the Monday, What Are You reading meme that I host each Monday.  I love to see the bloggers and book lovers checking out different blogs and picking up great titles as well as maybe seeing blogs that they would enjoy following.  I really LOVE the community of blogging.

I too like to take time on Mondays to go and see what is happening out in the blogesphere….. what are people reading, what bookish news are they chatting about….. I love it all!

This past Monday I found a couple books that I cant get out of my head.  The first one I seen over at Second Childhood Reviews:

I think this looks so interesting – what a cover!

Then…. Julie at My Book Retreat has this book review up:

This one is about Conjoined Twins and Julie’s review is so good!

Today I will be posting my review of Seven Year Switch and also my author chat with Claire Cook.  I am so excited to share these both with you!  😀

How about you, see any good books around the blogesphere?

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. Hi D, I got in touch with Mark Reece and asked him to contact you with regard to him sending you a copy of his book, ‘Another Day in Paradise’. Did he manage to find you ? He was saying that he could give 3 away to your readers. Sounded good to me. Kind regards, David

  2. Anxious to check back later for the Claire Cook chat! I have enjoyed all of her books.
    Saw a review of Heart of the Matter, the new Emily Giffin this week. It looks really good.

  3. The Girls is a FANTASTIC book – Lori Lansens is a very talented author and I can promise you that you’ll enjoy this book! 🙂

    1. Careful LindyLouMac of pulling the book out if it is in the middle… it could all come crashing down on you – literally 🙂 (At least I know mine could take me out any time…..

  4. I’ve seen The Girls around and thought about picking it up…it did draw me. But I’m trying HARD not to buy more books than I can handle, considering the TBRs I have!

    Looking forward to your review, though, which might tip the balance.

    Can’t wait for the Claire Cook chat (and the Seven Year Switch review). I do have that book on my stacks, too.

  5. Yes…another blogger was talking about The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry…but I can’t find it anywhere…and another blogger mentioned Lily King and her book…Father Of The Rain…this looks really really really good…

    1. Melissa I have to capture the titles as I see them or they are gone forever 🙂 As I look at blogs I keep open a link to my Library reserve page so I can check out the ones I like.

  6. Can’t believe I got this far behind. Was getting ready for our trip to Nashville (which was supposed to be my RWA trip, but they are all in Florida). and then when we got here, their WIFI wasn’t working. Had planned to use the time to get caught up on my emails (which are now over 600) and my visits to sites I like. Now I am futher behind thatn ever. Thank goodness the WIFI is working today.

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