Morning Meanderings… Crowning a Book Club Queen

Good morning!  I love my book club!

Yesterdays Queen Event for our book club went wonderfully.  We had a nice evening – not too warm out and not too cool.  We were at Sharon’s home which is a lovely spot on the lake, ate wonderful food, talked books, and chose a new Queen for the year.

Every July we dress up, have a potluck, pick our August read, and our October Classic.  We read one classic a year as a group and choose it in July so people have time to secure a copy and read it (because seriously, some classics do not read through quickly).

After many wonderful selections brought up for our August read – we chose Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger.  Our Classic for October will be The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

I have more to share about the event – but I am saving that for my post later today.  I will have more pictures up as well as what everyone read and recommended in July.

Crowning the new Queen - Lori N! Runner up is Brenda W

Its dark and gloomy here this morning.  In fact it is so dark it looks like it is about midnight.  We are in for a big storm and I am just now starting to hear the rain pound the glass of the windows.  Too bad I have to get to work – this is ideal weather for a good mystery…

The Bookies Queen Event July 2010

22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Crowning a Book Club Queen

  1. Yes, rainy days are perfect for mysteries…the gloomier the better!

    The Bell Jar was fabulous! I haven’t read it since college, so I am now intrigued at the idea of reading it again.

    However, if I reread everything that I’m reminded of these days, I would never have time for anything else!

  2. That looked like so much fun! How amazing to have wonderful women to get together with and discuss books. I love the look on her face as you are crowning her. She looks like she never believed she would win:)
    I love reading mysteries during dark and depressing weather. However, I learned my lesson about what to read though, lol. We had a huge blizzard here in 93 and I read Stephen Kings The Shining. I didn’t sleep for 3 days, lol. Another time we had a bad thunder storm while I was reading Stephen King’s Salem Lot, that didn’t go so well either. I learned to read King when is was nice and sunny out and never at night, LOL!
    Have a great week Sheila!

    1. Bobbi e- yeah Lori is going to have my head if she finds out I posted that picture …LOL 😀

      That is so funny about reading the Shining during a blizzard! Have you seen the friends episode where Joey hides the book The Shining in the freezer because it scares him? 🙂

  3. Well it looks like you gals had a great time together! I love the fact that you get all dressed up…that just sounds like fun, I mean how often to we get to do that stuff? Well if that storm is just hitting you this morning I’m sure it will be here just in time for our afternoon sidewalk sales…darn!

    1. Jo-Jo it his this morning – and then it just hit again at 3:15 pm – trees down, firetrucks are out, raining so hard you couldn’t see to drive. I got stuck at work for awhile.

      We do love to dress up because seriously – when else can you? 😀

  4. Maybe it’s good you had good weather last night instead of this morning, though? I totally hear you on wanting to stay in and read (a mystery’s definitely a good choice) on a dark and dreary day.

    1. RIght Hannah, we were a bit concerned – last years event was a storm too and we all came to my house instead of the park we had planned on. If I would have had the day off….. oh I would have to have found the perfect book! 😀

    1. We really do have fun Jill and I am always trying to think of new ways to keep it fun and interesting – when the group gets larger like ours there are pros (different opinions, different book suggestions, big events are fun to plan….) and cons (harder to find places to meet, harder to keep everyone on the same topic….) 😀

      I do love it though!

    1. I loved that Hannah – we call the two with the most votes up and then crown the Queen. The runner up, Brenda in this case, is the one who takes over if Lori can not be there due to other Queenly events or sick from eating too many tarts 🙂

  5. The look on Lori N’s face while she received her crown is priceless!! It looks like a fun time was had by all. 🙂

  6. I want a reading group like yours! What fun. I’m trying not to jump ahead to look at the pictures. If I remember correctly, you had some pretty nasty weather the past couple of days. We were in St. Paul several years ago. Got caught in the worst rain storm. The roads flooded, we had to try quite a few before we finally found a way to get back to our hotel. There were three tornados that night. One was just 8 miles or so south of town.
    We really liked the area. Hope to get back one of these days for more than just overnight.

    1. Hi Pat, yes we were in between storms that night. Last year it did storm on our Queen night and we had to change our park plans and instead meet at my house. It actually turned out well for last minute changes all all the girls attended but one, and that was because her basement had flooded!

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