Morning Meanderings… Handing In My Crown

Morning.  😀  I had a fantastic Monday and hope you did too.  Group Power in the morning, worked, and roller bladed.  My aunt was in town from Alaska.  I went out to dinner last night with her and another aunt and uncle of mine.  We do not get together often so it was a nice time catching up.  Busy full day….

And tonight is our annual Bookies Book Club Queen event.  Time to pass the crown on to whoever takes the vote tonight.  It should be fun, potluck and hanging out at one of our members homes.  Tomorrow I should have pictures for you as well as book recommendations from the Bookies.  We do not read a book for July, this is our free month to read whatever you like and then we get together during the Queen Event and discuss the books we chose.

I cant wait to see everyone all dressed up!

Here are links to the past two years of events:  2009 Queen Event and 2008 Queen Event

2009 Queen Event (rained out so was held at my home)

So that’s the big day coming up!  I work today and then have a few things to prep for tonight.  I will wear the crown tonight for the last time – until I pass it on to our Bookies Queen of 2010-2011.  😀

Hope you have a wonderful day – I cant wait to relax tonight and sink into a good book!  I am finishing up a pretty good one that should be reviewing in the next couple of days.

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Handing In My Crown

  1. Hi D,

    I was contacted by David Morris last week and he suggested that I send you a copy of my book, ‘ Another Day in Paradise’. I would be happy to let you have a copy and maybe give three away. If that is of interest to you, please let me know your details and I will post them out to you.

    Kind regards,

    Mark Reece

    Another Day in Paradise

    + 44 1626 33 5000

  2. What a wonderful group. Sounds like fun. I was starting a book club at the library before I was let go. I’ll have to check with my home library to see if they have a list of local book clubs. I miss having friends to discuss books with.

    (I need to keep up with your posts better. I’m working my way in order today rather than work backwards.)

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