Morning Meanderings… (tweek tweek tweeking)

Bear (bare?) with me….. I am tweaking again.  Tweak, tweak, tweak…. I should have never taken yesterday off from work because that gave me time to chill…. and blog, and visit… and think.  Thinking…can be dangerous.  So I came up with a couple of ideas (tweak, tweak)… ways to perk up the reviews (tweak), ways to do vamp up my author chats (tweak), and ways to announce the books I would love to read (TWEAK TWEAK TWEAK) It’s like a geiger counter.  😀

So one those notes (or tweaks) please hang in there with me the next few days.  I have a lot of posts I am working on implementing and  I am trying to pace them so my lovely (and appreciated –did I mention you are all appreciated?) readers do not go on blog overdose – leaving me here holding the smoking keyboard…..

Monday was awesome – I took the day off of work – unplugged my business mind but fully engaged (see tweak conversation above) my creative bloggy side.  E gads!  I got my hair cut, roller bladed, relaxed on my deck with lap top, then book, then lap top, then book, and a diet root beer.

I hope to post over the next few days: reviews (always), author chat (at least one this week but hoping to increase the amount of these I do – tweak tweak), BBAW post (must have up today – tomorrow at the latest!), WordShakers Book Club Reactivated (goal for this week peeps – bare (bear?) with me. )

Ok – I must go to work….   Thanks everyone for taking time to chat with this occasionally crazy (tweak tweak) Minnesota girl!  😀

Oh and P.S…. just kidding about the bears 😉

25 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… (tweek tweek tweeking)

  1. Oh, I am so all for tweaking…endlessly tweaking, that’s me. I don’t know if you noticed, but all of my Blogger blogs got “remakes” via the new template designer. Then I had to create a new header for a couple of them, because, of course, the old ones bored me. (Check Rainy Days…I really like this one!).

    But that’s not the kind of tweaking you’re planning…I know. And I do that kind of tweaking, too, but not so much lately.

    Bloggiesta was a good venue for tweaking.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Laurel – I did see the changes on your blogs. 🙂 I am doing more – prepping of my posts – giving them a bit of a fun facelift… jazzing things up a bit…. making sure all the links are working and that this front page is current. 🙂

  2. And I thought i was doing good by changing my header and background. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes you are going to make. Have a good day!

    1. Ryan – if I do it right… they wont be seen 🙂 Actually I am just funning (my word) up my posts…. breathing a little life into my reviews… something I had thought of awhile ago and then kind of reverted back to old ways….

  3. Sounds like you had a very relaxing day-we had a cloudy cool drizzling day-no sunbathing at the beach for us So. Cal.

    1. Me too Vicki – I have some final touches yet to do and I am trying to group all of you who have had interest in the past so I don’t leave anyone out who may want to be a part of it. Details details….. 😀

  4. Now you have got me interested. New ideas are always good (especially for a reader….an appreciated). Keep up the great ideas and pour some good reviews on me and I’m a happy little feverish coughing bookworm…….with lots of coffee.

    Take care ! Have a fun-filled day !!

    1. Fiza – we are starting with an author chat is a little bit here that I am pretty excited about. With a little luck – I have a great review coming up tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Having time to think can be dangerous. All those wonderful ideas come to you, then you have to find a way to fit them in with everything else you do. Know you will manage just fine.

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