Guest House by Barbara Richardson

One night, Melba Burns is driving home and witnesses a horrible accident.  The accident so completely affects her, that Melba changes her life style in that second of life and death.  The quits her job, removes herself from the rat race, and even gives up driving.  She retreats to her Farmhouse, which to her means comfort and security, Melba over her doors to a roommate who is a trouble magnet. And as Melba adjusts to her new life, of guests who are real and flawed, she becomes someone different, stronger, and richer.

I have to admit, this book is total cover love…  I mean look at.  Go ahead.  I will wait.


As this book opened with Melba peering into the windows of the for sale by owner farmhouse, a line in the book catches my breath:

Is it lunatic to believe a property actually needs you?

That one line hit home for me… but that… is a different story.

Melba’s story moves along in a steady pace with a rapid introduction of characters that left me backtracking to keep track of who is who.  Yet, with a witty sense of humor and colorful well-developed characters, the book started to take on a life of its own and I soon felt like a guest in Melba’s farmhouse.

Thanks to the writing talent of Barbara Richardson, a book that could have been considered heavy is not.  Instead I found myself taken for a pleasant reading experience that as I turned the pages of the book, I became deeper and deeper into the read.

My Amazon Rating

Book Journeys map has been updated to include Guest House

When in Portland Oregon (besides checking out the old stomping grounds of my friends Brett and Kate Richmond)…  rumor has it Elephants Delicatessen has a cup of coffee to die for and deli foods as well!

218 pages

Cover Story:  Seriously fabulous.  I want to print it out on photo paper and frame it.

I received this book for review from The Book Report Network

26 thoughts on “Guest House by Barbara Richardson

  1. I think this book sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of the Deli but I don’t get up to Portland too much. Odd since I live so close. Next time I’ll have to check it out.

  2. I grew up in Portland, OR and currently live just across the river in Vancouver, WA now. Next time you are out this way you will have to look me up!

  3. I’m so looking forward to reading this book…it’s been on my wish list ever since I first saw that COVER and read the synopsis.

    It reminds me of the time I lived in the foothills, with a main house and a guest house, and I had an assortment of people living under my roof or in the guest house.

  4. Hi Sheila !

    I thought so too that this book may be heavy, but since you said that the author has done a good job I will give it a try. Thats one thing I hate about a book is when there are too many characters introduced all at once and you have to keep checking who is who.I’m waiting to read your take on Justin Cronin’s ‘The Passage’.

  5. Love the cover also! I often purchase books because of the cover. I’m off to Books A Million today, maybe I’ll look for Guest House. Thanks Sheila!

  6. Sounds good. I’ll have to look for this one.
    I know about that opening line. It is ours. When I stepped over the threshold of the house, I was home. I put an offer on the house before I even called my husband to tell him I’d finally found something. (He was in DC and I in TN.) It is an 1898 Victorian farm house that needed serious help. 18 years later we are still working on her. The house needed us and welcomed us. The first night we spent here, I woke in the wee hours of morning and felt a presence watching. It was a “Yes, you are the right ones. ” kind of feeling. There are ghosts here, we heard about those from others who have lived here and have had a few sightings ourselves. Our house needed us and we love her.

  7. cover art can totally make or break a book!!
    i find it interesting in the differences between the uk and us covers.
    great review!

  8. My brother owned the farm with an old farmhouse that was in my family since 1930. Sadly to say when he died his children sold the farmhouse and land. Now the land and farmhouse has been replaced with a subdivision. At least, I have pictures of the farmhouse and my family back then. Sometimes, progress hurts.

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