Morning Meanderings…

You know you are super tired when:

You actually forget to make a morning meanderings post.  GAH!

So here I am later that planned – but hey, I am here!  😀  Still in New York today – last day and I am ready to come home.  BEA has been wonderful and I am so glad to experience it but the running from 7 am to 11 pm has taken its toll and I look forward to being home again with my hubby in my own chair and in my own bed.

Yesterdays BBC (Book Blogger Convention) was wonderful and I took some good notes that I will apply once I get myself organized.  I have shipped 4 boxes of books back to my house.  (I know, right???)

Then last night we went out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant with 22 other bloggers and that was a wonderful wrap up to the end of the Blogger stuff.  I made some wonderful friends this week and I look forward to reading their blogs and hopefully seeing them again next year.

Today I had an early lunch with my roommates and we said good-bye to Carrie (Care) and Kim.  Now Esme (Chocolates and Croissants) and I are going to the King Tut Exhibit and later to Mama Mia.

Another full day, but again making the most of time here in New York.

Thanks everyone for your comments this week.  When I have had time to read them they have made me smile.  For those of you who were unable to attend BEA – stay tuned… I have a surprise I will be chatting more about when I get home.

Me and Sarah Pakkennen (author of Opposite of Me)

Have an awesome day!!!

34 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. You have certainly made the best use of your visit…I am full of book envy…please don’t tell me the books were all freebies…sob!!!

  2. Sheila, when I didn’t see my Morning Meanderings while I still had coffee, I figured you were doing the Night Life scene again! lol

    Here’s hoping to hear more about this in the next day or two. You’ll have lots of In My Mailbox books to share.

    Have a safe flight home!

    1. Laurel – I dont even know how I will do In My Mailbox next week…. I would think all the boxes will be at my house by then…. it will have to be video. 🙂

  3. Mama Mia! You’ll love it. So glad you’re getting the Broadway experience too! I’m so impressed with your planning/jamming!

  4. Hope you enjoy the King Tut Exhibit and Mama Mia, which is what I said when I read you sent 4 boxes of books home…”four boxes of books??? Mamma Mia!!”

  5. Hi Sheila,
    Hope you’re safely home now! It was wonderful meeting you and having dinner. I’m so happy to be connected to you and your fellow bloggers. Let me know if you’d like some of my books for a giveaway, or if you’d like an author chat or something to that effect. I’d love to discuss THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, which is my favorite book and one of the inspirations for THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.

    Take care!
    PS: Congratulations again for winning that contest!

    1. Thanks you Selene, it was wonderful meeting you too! I shipped all my books home and now I am am anxiously awaiting them! 😀

      I will be in touch with you when I have a chance to read your book. Thanks for everything – dinner was a blast!

  6. Shelia, have really enjoyed all your updates this week! Can’t wait to hear more about the tea and meeting Adriana and Sarah P!

  7. It was WONDERFUL to meet you in person on Friday at the Book Blogger Convention! Wasn’t it fabulous? I couldn’t make the dinner afterwards (train home, as I was just in NYC for the day).

    Looking forward to more of your recaps … I think I’ll be doing them for at least a week! 🙂

  8. Only four boxes of books? You showed such restraint. I think you can be forgiven for not keeping up with Morning Meanderings or any other blogging. I don’t know how you managed what you did. Hope the end of this day went well.

  9. Did you really check your blog at 3:38 am?!?!
    I made it home safe and bored my houseguests with book-talk. so fun.
    Glad Mama Mia was awesome!
    I have a bit of blogging time now before my guests wake up. Have a terrific trip home and a relaxing next couple of days!! I really enjoyed getting to know you.
    (wow – what a crazy comment. oh well)

    1. LOL Care! I did not check my blog at 3:38 although that is really funny and I may need to do that sometime! 😀 Mama Mia really did rock and we ate at a wonderful Thia (sp?) restaurant before the show!

      Thanks Care it was a blast getting to know you too! 😀

  10. You sure had a lot of fun:) How was the eating places in New York? I want to hear all about them, lol. How was Mama Mia? Memphis the Musical was really awesome. I want to take the girls back to see The Addams Family with Nathan Lane. It looks really good:)

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