Morning Meanderings…

Hey all!   I am so tired.  And having so much fun.

And tired.

But fun.

But oh so tired.

I am only putting up one picture today for the honest truth that I have had such busy days that I have had no time.  Today we were up at 5:30 am and to the Javits Center by 8:30 am.   I sat in on a panel and afterward, Regan, Maltaise, and I went to a YA gathering of authors.  It was a lot of fun and not a lot of people were around this morning so we really had a chance to chat with these wonderful women.

In the afternoon, Reagan and I walked to Central Park and sat in the park and read.  It was fantastic!  A beautifully warm day and a great way to unwind.  I finished reading Opposite Of Me in Central Park.  I loved the book – but more on that later.  🙂

When we got back to our room we had time to change and then we walked the 30+ blocks to the YA discussion tonight and book signing.  That was really fun and we met a lot of fellow bloggers.  Afterward 12 of us went to dinner together and it was a blast.  It was really fun to hang out and meet some fun people.

Back to our room after 10 pm and that explains my tiredness.

This morning Reagan and I are heading to the Javits Center at 5 am(ish) to get in line for author ticket signing.  I know…. a bit crazy (as I am thinking how tired I am) but well.. when in New York 🙂

Later today I have the tea with Adriana Trigiani and that will be exciting!  Then I get back to the Javits center around 4:30 and we will go back to the hotel and get ready for the Blogger Get together at 7 pm.  I think I may need to nap in there somewhere.  🙂

So that’s what is happening here in New York.  Again, I have many more pictures and I will do a recap when I get back with lots detail….

Me, Reagan, Maltaise

Have a great day everyone!

38 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Stop my heart just for a moment! Tea with Adriana Trigiani, I would have been so nervous my tea cup would have shaken like a small volcano. I’ve read her whole Stone Gap series except for the last book. I love the one about the department store, Lucia, Lucia. Loved it. I haven’t read Very Valentine. I’ve got to catch up. Wow! You had quite the day including reading quietly in the park. If only I were there. Enjoy.

    • Tea she was so nice and down to earth! I willw rite a post about it next week. 🙂

      I havent read the Stone Gap series but I plan to!

  2. Oh I am SO jealous! You look like you’re having the time of your life: books, authors, fellow book bloggers, reading in Central Park, what’s not to love?

    Have a great time today, Sheila, look forward to hearing more of your adventures soon 🙂

    Boof x

  3. I’m tired just from reading everything you did! 🙂 I just started reading The Opposite of Me. Seems like it’s going to be a good one.

  4. Have a wonderful time with Adriana Trigiani. I think I’ve read all her books – she’s one of my favorite authors.

  5. Reading in Central Park! Now that has to go up there with all those very special moments in life…along with the moments like having tea with Adriana Trigiani! Woo-hoo!!

    Tell her she has a HUGE blogger fan base!

    I can’t wait for your next installment…

  6. I am glad you are having such a wonderful time! Take full advantage of it! And sleep?? You can sleep when you get home! I am sure you are running on pure adrenaline in NY…..

    • Julie I am trying to stay active…. but when I hit the hotel room in the evening I am shot. I am not turning on my computer any where near as much as I thought I would!

  7. You’re going to sleep for three days when you get home! Hope Reagan is starting to relax in the big city!

    • HI Lisa 🙂 Reagan went back home Thursday morning – she had a wedding over the weekend.

  8. Meeting authors, central park, book signings, wow!!!!! Can it get any better than that? Lucky dogs !

    • Natalie it is so great but I can not imagine living this lifestyle. So much to see and do and always so busy….. I am ready to go back to the slowness of my home town 🙂

  9. Well it is a good thing that you are used to a busy schedule! I can tell that you are having an amazing time!

  10. Now I just cannot wait for you to return and give a detailed description of your adventures in New York. Hopefully by that time my exams will be over and done with……and then I can look up ‘Knightley Academy’. I too read in the park most of the time during holidays and it is really relaxing. Maybe when you take some time out to relax ( I DOUBT ) do pray that my exams go well. Enjoy………take care !

  11. It looks like you are having a completely fabulous time! That’s so awesome that you get to go to a tea with Adriana Trigiani

  12. I’m so excited for you!!

    Hope it justs keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait to see more pics.

  13. Wow, what lovely ladies:) I am so glad you are having so much fun and what early activities, lol. I always think it should be a sin to have to be up before 7 AM lol. Thank god for coffee. I sure hope you will tell us about all the wonderful coffee you had. Did you stop by any unique shops to get coffee? So excited to hear everything!

    • Bobbie – its funny I was so on the go I didnt really have any coffee stories. I mainly drank the hotel coffee…LOL

  14. With a schedule like that, you are going to crash when you get home. I am amazed you are even getting time to read. I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.

    • Pat my reading is not impressive – hopefully on the plane home I will be able to make a dent 🙂

  15. I’ve so enjoyed all of your BEA posts. Your photos were awesome as well; thanks so much and welcome home.

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