Morning Meanderings…

Good morning everyone 😀  I am back from my group power class this morning.  It was what I hope to be a strategic plan – get the class that I normally take on Wednesdays at 4:15 (after work)  in the afternoon and instead do the 5:45 am (pre-work) class.  The plan being that now the afternoon is freed up and I can rollerblade with my friend Wendy this afternoon.  These gorgeous days in Minnesota you just don’t want to be stuck in a building on.

Now back from class I have a few moments to type out this post over my morning oatmeal and of course COFFEE.  Feel free to grab a cup and join me.  I will wait.  🙂


Ok!  Now that we are properly caffeinated lets see whats got me going today.  BEA – yes…. heading to Minneapolis Saturday evening to catch my early Sunday plane.  A little anxious, but a lot excited.  😀

Biggest Loser.  Do you watch this?  I am so addicted to this show and I am so Team Daris.  (he is the one left from the orange team.  Watching what this group goes through…. wow.  And daris had me from the first time he stepped on that scale in episode one.

Makeover week was a couple weeks back and it is one of my favorites!

Ok obviously I am rambling this morning and pushing my luck on getting to work on time.  GAH!  Have a super fab day and check in later for the review of Forbidden Fruit – Banned Books.

22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Oh, I haven’t gotten into that show…I think I watch too many shows already!! I do like Allison Sweeney, though, and watch her on one of my soaps (Days of Our Lives). I’m sure you don’t follow the soaps! (lol) But I got addicted a few years ago, and then with the advent of the VCR, and later the DVR, I was able to keep up. I do a series of posts dishing the soaps on Moonbeams & Rainbows.

    Sounds like you have a busy day ahead, but then again, when aren’t you crazy-busy? lol

    1. I only watch three shows (not counting Gilmore Girls as they are off the air):

      Biggest Loser
      Amazing Race

      … and after next week they will all be off the air for the summer! 🙂

      I like busy Laurel – LOL

  2. Have fun rollerblading later on! If it’s as nice where you are as here in the Netherlands, you really don’t want to stay inside.

    I’ll be walking 10km/7miles with my kids and their classmates later on. It’s Walking Week (4 days!) here, so they’re walking that distance every evening Tue-Fri. I’m volunteering just the one evening, but it should be fun.

    1. leeswammes – walking week? I love that! Enjoy the walk – it is beautiful here and while I am in my office… my nose keeps pressing up against the window….. count down to freedom!

  3. Okay so you’re to class at 5:45 in the mornig and I’ve seen tweets from you until late at night. Do you ever sleep woman?!

    1. I do….. 😉

      I am on auto tweet…. LOL I just don’t go to bed when I should is my thing…. I stay up too late reading and then suddenly realize I have to get up in a few hours!

  4. You amaze me! I can barely roll out of bed at 6 am to exercise in my own house! lol
    I don’t watch Biggest Loser but a few of my friends do and it does sound like it could be addicting. Have fun at BEA…I wish I could have gone also but it’s going to have to wait til next year.

    1. Jo-Jo, I wish I could consistently get up and do the early morning work outs, it frees up my afternoons so much. Plus if it is nice out I want to be outside – not in a gym 🙂

      I hope you do go next year Jo-Jo. I am really excited!

  5. Oh Sheila! I am so impressed…up early and rollerblading too !! Go girl go! I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 8 days ago and wow….it is so hard! I just bumped up to level 2 yesterday WOW! big jump!!
    Anyway! I LOVE Biggest Loser!!! We want Daris to win as well and voted as many times as we could last night online for him. I am sooo worried about him as he sabotaged himself while at home….I am scared he has the mental thing still going on….. plus, could you believe how many past contestants showed up and were big again….like Sione? omg! I work out to a biggest loser video with sione and tara and he is the one who was going to be an personal trainer but he has gained so much weight back??!!! sooo sad! I pray Daris doesn’t do this! HE is from OK and so are we so of course we are voting for him but he is just toooo sweet! ok now that I have gone on and on LOL

    Have a blessed day

    1. Loren I want to get that Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – is that DVD?

      I have to finish my votes for Daris as well but totally agree with you and the sabotage. Daris had me from the first episode when he got on the scale and cried. I tried to find a video of that this morning but had no luck.

      And yes – it was sad to see how many of the contestants are putting on weight again. It is a lifetime commitment and so easy to fall back into old habits!

      LOL – I can go on and on too 🙂

  6. I love Biggest Loser, and I usually end up crying when I watch it. It’s so inspiring too…I almost always go to the gym the next day because of that show. lol Makeover week is my absolute favorite. They go through such transformations, don’t they? It’s the best. Have fun rollerblading Sheila. You crack me up. I used to be the best roller skater (grew up at the beach in California), but now I feel like I would KILL myself if I got on some little wheels or a skinny blade. Uh-uh, no siree.

    1. Lynne, I am usually crying by the first ten minutes! 🙂 The show just touches my heart. I love makeover week because it is so fun to see them putting on clothes they could only have dreamed of wearing before. Besides – who wouldn’t love a full makeover – hair, make up, clothes – woo hoo !!!

      I used to love to rollerskate too Lynne – at the roller rink (oh man – did I just age myself?) every Friday night! I think you should try the rollerblades – you may surprise yourself! 🙂

  7. I am not a reality TV person except for The Amazing Race. I have not followed the Biggest Loser. Of course the adds and the interviews with those voted off are hard to miss. It is always so great to see the difference it makes not only in the way they look, but in the ay they feel about themselves. I guess if I watched it would make me feel guilty I’m not dieting and exercising more (at all). I have enough guilt now.

    1. Pat I just love to see the transformation. As the contestants lose weight their self esteem sky rockets…. you just see them become the people they always knew they were.

  8. I love The Biggest Loser. I’ve watched every episode since the very first one(love my DVR). For me, it’s a toss up between Daris, Michael and Ashley.

  9. I don’t watch to much TV. I guess I get so busy that I never have time, lol. Sometimes I do try to catch some of my old favorites on Demand. I have been keeping up with The Apprentice this season even though I always watch the latest episode a few days later on Demand. You are always so active it blows my mind:)

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