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Another week, another mailbox.  This is where I record the books that came into my home this week.  They are books that came for review, from the library, and purchased.  Thanks to Kristi at Story Siren for hosting this weekly meme.

I had a light mailbox this week.

For review I received:

Yes I received this book for review last week and then this week two more came.  This means – GIVEAWAY!!!

A new one for review!

Library Loot

I have already completed this one.  So interesting to read about why people think books should be banned.  Review will be up later this week.

Last week I received Tom’s new book, The Secret Speech.  I wanted to read this one first as it was recommended by a friend last year.


If you follow this blog on a regular basis you are probably aware that this time of year I participate n quite a few bike tours.  This morning I participated in a very cold one for MS in Maplewood Minnesota…. my treat to myself on the drive home was a stop at my Mother Ship – Barnes and Noble.

I haven’t read Mary Jane Clark in years.  Today I seen this lovely book an B & N for 6.99.

This was also at B & N on the bargain tables.  A beautiful journal that I am going to use for my book club notes.  I just love to write!  😀

Thats my mailbox!  What did you get in yours this week?

40 thoughts on “In My Mailbox

  1. Loved hearing about your cooooold bike ride this morning…it’s supposed to snow in Cleveland tonight too! Did you do the 30 or more? That’s pretty late in May for snow, but I brought in my hanging plants and the tomato plants waiting to be planted.

    In response to your question, “What did you get in your mailbox today?”: I received two freebie books from Random House this week–South of Broad (Pat Conroy) and Sacred Hearts (Sarah Dunant). I bought Tinkers by Paul Harding (new Pulitzer fiction winner) and picked up Kitchen House (Kathleen Grissom) and Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (Helen Simonson) from the library. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can possibly chew! 🙂

    1. Linda – the team decided on the 30. I wish we would have done more but it was so cold and we were not sure if it was going to start pouring rain (or snow). 🙂

      Sounds like you have some good reads! I have Sacret Hearts too and need to read it yet!

      Enjoy the books 🙂

    1. I made that decision about half way home Laughingstars… didnt seem right to drive through St Cloud without a stop. Its practically tradition 🙂

  2. I just recently received the same journal for my birthday last month!!! I love, love, love it!!! 🙂

    I’m curious to hear what you think about Forbidden Fruit!!

    1. I dont think my coffee drinking is as bad as I make it seem…. but then trying to answer your question…. maybe it is. 🙂

      Probably about 5 cups throughout the morning. I dont drink coffee in the afternoon unless it is super cold out…. I am more of a water drinker, but at night I usually have a cup or two again.

  3. How was the ride-I rode 28 miles today and thought of you-my ride was with the ocean in sight and about 72 degrees-but I was thinking of you-I like the journal.

    1. LOL Esme – take it easy on me…. I try (try) to eat right and have no intention of putting on 10 pounds while in New York! 😀

      I like good food and would like to try some new restaurants if there is time… schedule is filling up fast already!

  4. A very pretty journal, I couldn’t bring myself to write in it.
    Looking forward to your review of Forbidden. As you say its interesting to discuss just why books are banned.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Sheila. And congrats for doing the bike ride in the awful weather. In northeast PA we have snow this morning and high winds – it’s generally icky – in May! Don’t feel bad about the coffee; I drink as much coffee as you do. 🙂

  6. That’s an interesting combination of books out there! Looking forward to your reviews! Have fun, and oh, Happy Mothers’ day!

  7. Hi Sheila ! Yeah , ‘ Forbidden Fruit ‘ seriously looks interesting including ‘ Child 44 ‘ – the covers are eye catchers for sure. Last week I picked up a cool Michael Cox book ‘ The Meaning Of Night ‘ and I’m gorging on it tonight along with History notes( thanks to the exams ). I think we better trade our weathers ’cause here ….its 44c !!! Hey Sheila …. I’ve written two books… before I send it to the Christian Publishing house, can I please send them to you to review ? I need a ‘wise’ opinion desperately.
    By the way – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ! You must be one really good mum… your sons must be really proud huh …………have a great day.

    1. HI Fiza – can you email me information on the books and any links you may have to them? I have so many reviews to do I am being really careful what I say yes to 😀

      Happy Mothers Day to you as well!

  8. happy mother’s day! books look wonderful! how are you liking the kite runner on audio? i think that would difficult for me to absorb in that format. have a lovely sunday!

    1. Plumbean – in the car for 2 1/5 hours one way it was really good… I really got into it and it passed the time. It is also read by the author which doesn’t always mean that’s a good thing – but this time it does. 😀

  9. Great mailbox this week! Forbidden Fruit looks interesting, as I’ve never understood why people want to ban books. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Child 44, so will be curious to hear what you think about it. And I love the journal! I can’t resist pretty journals, and have so many now that I doubt I’d be able to fill them!

    Happy Mother’s Day Sheila!

    1. Alexia – one of my husbands friends swore I had to read it so we will see…. he reads a lot of great books but also some deep espionage ones that I would pass on.

      Happy Mothers Day to you too 😀

  10. Forbidden Fruit looks awesome. I teach a course on censorship and use both Anne Frank’s diary and Billie Holliday’s song “Forbidden Fruit” in this course. Looks like I need to have a copy of this resource! Thanks.

  11. I would love to read Forbidden Fruit. The Mary Jane Clark book looks good also. I will have to check it out. I love journals also. I have 2 big storage boxes that are nothing but my journals from Middle School on. I tell everyone that when I die they are to be burned, lol. But it is so cleansing to sit down and write about your day or your feelings. It really gives you a chance to reflect:) Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. The Clark book did look good Bobbie and was on the bargain shelf! Bonus! 😀

      I have all my journals (as well as cheesy poetry) in a trunk at the foot of my bed. 🙂

  12. FORBIDDEN FRUIT is of special interest. I’ll have to look for it. You have been missing some good Mary Higgins Clark books. When you finish this one, try TWO LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE – in your spare time : )

    This past week I received in the mail:
    THE QUEEN’S PAWN by Christy English
    THE IMPOSTER by Kip Kreiling

    I bought:
    HER COLORADO MAN by Cheryl St. John
    THE REAL WILD WEST by Michael Wallis

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