Caught by Harlan Coben (Audio)

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Cover Story:  I like it.  I am not sure why but it looks like you are about to enter something…..

Haley McWaid is a good girl.  She doesn’t cause her parents any trouble, gets good grades, is involved in sports, and has surrounded herself with good quality friendships.  So when one day she just disappears from her home it makes no sense.  Her parents can not believe she would run away…

Wendy Tynes, a local “big time” reporter is on the case of trying to capture pedophiles… this brings Dan Mercer into the picture who answers an online add that Wendy has set up under a false name, and the book is off and running – in some cases, faster than I can keep up.

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For the record – I have always enjoyed Harlan Coben’s books.  He is a lighter version of Dean Koontz, with the same quick wit that I enjoy in my reading.  When this book came out I was beyond thrilled to get my hands on it and for time restraint purposes I chose this in an audio format so I could take it with me as I drive, worked out, and worked around my home.

The unfortunates of this audio was I did not enjoy the reader.  Audio reader Carrington MacDuffie was fine for the female parts, but the male parts (and there are quite a few in this book) I felt sounded forced and almost silly.  Another thing I did not enjoy was all the characters.  I like books more centered around a small group of good well-developed characters, yet in Caught, between police officers, suspects, wives, criminals, Wendy, her son, her father in law, the …… well, you get the point.

Bottom line… I enjoy Harlan Coben.  The story line itself once I sorted through all the characters as good, and the ending it what I had grown to expect out of a Coben read.  I think I would have had better feel for this particular read if I had went with the book instead of the audio.  That way I could back track (as I tend to do) to sort through the characters and the who said what’s…

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13 thoughts on “Caught by Harlan Coben (Audio)

    1. Nikki Ann that is so true! I have been doing more audio this past year with as much as I am in a car or traveling and I really believe the reader can make or break a book.

  1. I am not a big fan of audio books. The biggest reason being I can’t keep my attention from wandering. It is different with books because I can stay focused but when someone is reading to me my mind focuses on other things. My mom said it was like that when I was little to, lol. I think I may try this one in book form. It sounds like a good plot and something I would enjoy.

    1. I have heard that from a few people Bobbie that they just can not focus on audio. I can when I am in a car. I have tried it while posting and reading blogs and that doesnt work so I had to stop that 🙂

    1. Kelly I have always enjoyed Coben reads. he has a good sense of humor and a wit that makes me smile as I read his novels. Tell No One is a fav I would recommend.

  2. Not a fan of audio books at all, I much prefer to read the paper version. Having read some of this authors works I think you sum him up wonderfully and I totally agree with you about his quick wit.

    1. There is good and bad to audio books Petty Witter, I am learning that fast. When we read, we are able to put our own “voice” to the characters.

      Some audios I am just overjoyed with how well they are done (IE. The Harry Potter audio books are AWESOME as well as James Patterson’s books)

  3. I agree with you on audios. If it is a good one, even reading the book may not be any better. A bad read, however, can kill the story. Like you, I’ll go back and reread if I get a bit confused. This is not always easy to do with an audio. Sadly, there have been books I’ve had to stop and make out character flow charts because the story line and relationships were so confusing. Hard to do with an audio.

    1. Pat, too many story lines or characters I usually give up. I like to know the characters and when they multiply I feel like i really dont get to know any of them.

      I may have to do a pro con audio book post Pat 🙂 You bring up some good points here!

  4. I love Coben! I read this one and thought it was one of his better ones. Too bad the audio didn’t work for you 😦

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