Choose The Book I Read Next And Win It For Yourself!

Definition of addiction:

  • being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming
  • an abnormally strong craving

Uhhhhh……  yes.  My name is Sheila and I have a book addiction.

In mid March we had our Spring Library sale.  I went.  I waited in line.  I saw.  I purchased.

At 50 cents a book – seriously how could I resist?  The opportunity for me however lies in reading the books.  The ones I bought last fall, sadly so far go unread.

This is where I need your help.  As I posted in March, and now again, I would love it if you would leave a comment here letting me know which book from the ones pictured here you would like to own.  On Friday May 7th, I will use and pick one of the comments.  The winners book of choice will be read as soon as possible and then I will pass the book to them.

This worked wonderfully in March when Ryan of Wordsmithonia won with his request for Titanic 2012.  I reviewed that earlier today and on Monday I will be sending the book to him.

If you commented the last time I did this – please do so again.  I will be choosing from this list next Friday.  This is a win win, it makes me get to the books I bought and you may win a great book!  😀

Oh and remember Titanic 2012 is already gone.  🙂

91 thoughts on “Choose The Book I Read Next And Win It For Yourself!

  1. I’m probably having a senior moment, but, what list? Where is the list of books to choose from, please? It sounds like fun to help choose the book you’ll read next.

  2. I would love to read Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty – I read Bel Canto and fell in love with her writing. (<- comment from March!)

  3. I’d love to read Club Dumas. It looks like a great book lover’s mystery.
    (I found the list under the related post, “Oh Snap”)

  4. My comment from March still holds true: Wow, this is a fun giveaway! I would very much like to win The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte. I have not read this book, huge plus for wanting to win it. I am a bibliophile, I adore mysteries and the works of Dumas.
    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  5. Um, if Kathy is having a senior moment then I am too! I can’t see the list – am I being particularly dense?

  6. I am definitely eying the Ted Dekker book.. he is such an amazing writer IMO. Bone man’s Daughter has been on my wish list for awhile =)

  7. THE ROBBER BRIDE by Margaret Atwood was my first thought, then I noticed CLUB DUMAS by Perez-Reverte. Now I’m stuck.

    Since CLUB DUMAS deals with book loves and many of us share that addiction, that one gets my vote.

    Your pile is the reason I have stopped going to book sales, sort of. Last time I went to my sister’s library sale I came home with 4 boxes of books. When am I supposed to read them all? Who cares, they are good books. My name is Pat and I have an addiction……..

  8. Hi Sheila,

    I would love to read/own Titanic 2012. Commented on Titanic, earlier today).

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  9. I pick BONEMAN’S DAUGHTERS by Dekker. I haven’t read any of his books yet, but they are certainly popular.

    I would pick the Three Sisters Trilogy, but I already own it and am listening to the first one on audio right now. I love that trilogy!!

  10. Does it make it any easier to know that you’re not alone in your addiction? I’m a total book addict too, and while there’s no way I’ll be able to read all the books I already own, I keep buying more….*L*

    After studying both pictures, think I would pick either Outtakes From A Marriage or The Best of Friends.

    I like this idea, as it forces you to read something from your TBR piles! Have fun with this!

  11. Wow, that’s like turning a kid loose in a candy store and saying pick one! LOL

    But given the circumstances…I’d choose Outtakes from a Marriage.

    (I loved Robber Bride, but I already have that one!)

  12. This one was difficult and I’m going to kick myself because I would love to read Life’s a Beach by Clair Cook, I really loved her book “Must Love Dogs”. However, I would recommend Please Stop Laughing At Me. I only feel comfortable recommending a book I have read and that one is very moving and powerful. It was a groundbreaking book on the movement to stop bullying.

  13. I think you ought to read The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani. I have never read anything by her and want to know what you think of that book.

  14. With May being the month of Mother’s Day, since there isn’t a book there with the word Mother in the title, I think you should read Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah next. (just because a lot of Mothers are sisters too….lol). I have heard great things about her books from friends, but have never read any.

    lovemykidsandbooks AT gmail DOT com

  15. I think Garrison Keillor’s WOBEGON BOY would be a good read…I listen to him on public radio and am always riveted to his stories. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  16. Oh how I can relate. I just went to a sale today (twice!) and came home with stacks of more books to read!!! 🙂

    I vote for The Robber Bride by Atwood.

  17. What a fabulous addiction to have though 🙂 I think you should read Boneman’s Daughters by Ted Dekker, I would love to read that.

    I can’t see what Mary Higgins Clark you had, she is my favourite author, you definitely should read that one soon.

  18. You’ve got a lot of interesting books in your TBR pile. I think you should read The Thief next. I’ve heard really good things about that series.

  19. Thanks for the email! I would go for Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire. I love fairytale re-tellings and really enjoyed Wicked by the same author.

  20. I am a “wanne-be” be readers. I mean, “back in the day< I would read and read and read. THEN, I had kids. Now I buy awesome books with good intentions and they sit dormant on my shelf. I can pick away at them (read while I'm on the treadmill, waiting rooms, etc) but I long for the time/day I can just sit and relish a book completetely. I love that pictire of you in your header (on your deck , in the sun, with laptop and surrounded by books). That gives me something to shoot for 🙂 -becky

  21. What a great group of books – I can see why you have a difficult time choosing which one to read.

    My vote would be for Dekker’s The Boneman’s Daughter.

    Mstermind1 at gmail dot com

  22. I’ve been meaning to read something by Kristan Hanah, so I’ll choose “Between Sisters” if my name is drawn.

  23. I have such a hard time passing up a book sale! It drives my husband crazy because I still have books unread from other “must have” purchases! 🙂 Oh Well!

    I would love to read Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire. I’ve read some of his other books and love his quirky takes on fairy tales!

  24. I would pick Adriana Trigiani’s The Queen of the Big Time! Everything I hear about her is gooooood and I still haven’t managed to read one of her books *sigh*

  25. Year of Wonders! I love that book! I don’t own it though so it’s perfect. You read it, love it, and pass it on to me! lol.

  26. I would love to read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. The People of the Book was a wonderful read and I’ve heard good things about this one too. Thank you for entering me.

  27. Phew! What a list…

    I narrowed it down to about 10 in my head, lol. I think after your review of The Bride Collector that The Boneman’s Daughter would be a good pick 🙂

    Good luck deciding!

  28. I pick the book Boneman’s Daughters by Ted Dekker. Been wanting to read this book since it came out, and I think it would be a good one.

  29. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by Adriana Trigiani. Also by Claire Cook. You can’t go wrong with those authors, love their sense of humor that works so well in their novels! Year of Wonders is good too but I prefer the first two authors.

    1. do you mean my postbookjunkiemom or to purchase? Amazon has it to but new from other sellers. You are right though, as I look around it is hard to find.

  30. i’d love to read Boneman’s Daughters….

    happy reading! 🙂

    Not sure if you’re still playing this lol

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