Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (Audio)

Book Journey traveled to:  New York

Best Coffee in New York:  gimme! coffee

Audio CDs:  6

Cover:  Eye catching…. makes you fully aware you are stepping into a suspenseful mystery

Described by Patterson himself, as a “speeding freight train” I would have to toot my horn in agreement.  Worst Case is the third book involving Detective Michael Bennett and his family.  The first book being Step On A Crack where Michael Bennett, father of 10 kids (yes 10) sadly loses his wife and falls head first into a crime that will start your heart pumping.  The second book Run For Your Life ,(and this is where I came in) Michael juggles home life, sick kids, and a killer who calls himself the teacher. The audio was incredible and the killer – just the right level of creepy.

Which brings us to Worst Case.  Michael Bennett finds himself partnered up with the FBI and Emily Parker is who works with him on this case.  Not only is she smoking hot, she is incredibly smart, and they pair up nicely for this new crime wave.

What’s the crime?  Seems New York’s wealthiest families are having their kids snatched and held hostage.  The kidnapper isn’t after ransom, which would be the first thought…. no, he instead quizzes the kids on their pampered lifestyles and their knowledge of those less fortunate than themselves.   The thing that drive this “one french fry short of a happy meal” kidnapper over the edge is that these rich kids and their families go about their lives living high and noses raised above the reality of the worlds poverty issues.

What Patterson and Ledwidge have done here is create another can’t put down, or in my case, can’t stop listening to, suspense story that left me at times sitting in my car in the garage long after I had returned home just to hear what was going to happen next.

I have really enjoyed the story line of the Bennett family.  Having a main character Detective not be your typical bachelor type is refreshing.  The fact that he juggles a full family life, as well as a hard full time career is something that I find to be a great combination.

Comparing this book to a freight train?  Yes James.  Absolutely.

I received my review copy from Hachette audio

14 thoughts on “Worst Case by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (Audio)

  1. I recently read Run For Your Life and enjoyed meeting the lead character. I have Worst Case on my stacks, and I’m looking forward to it.

    I like how the authors combine the mystery and detective work with the home life of the lead character.

    1. You and I both need to get to Step On A Crack then Laurel as that is the first introduction of Michael Bennett. I need to pick that one up soon before the books continue…. and the way this one ends…. they will continue 😉

      1. You’re right, Sheila. And I came back to see your new format, since I was bleary-eyed the first time I read this.

        I like it!

        Very clever, setting the reader right into where it all takes place, even to the part about smelling the coffee.

    1. Patty I would start with the first one, Step On A Crack. I listened to Run For Your Life and did not know it was second in a series. It wasn’t a big deal but I liked the characters so much, I wanted to know about them from the beginning 🙂

  2. This would be a new series for me..sounds interesting!! I love Alex Cross so if it’s fast and furious like that then count me in!

  3. Have seen several reviews of this one. I like listening to Patterson’s books but the few I have read I didn’t like. It is his style of short (1 & 2 page) chapters. When you read, it gives a choppy feel. Listening to it, it doesn’t seem so. May be because we are used to quick scene changes on TV and in movies.
    I have not done this character’s series yet. Sounds like I’ll have to. I have like most of what I have read of his, except the last one, SWIMSUIT. My husband and I took the audio on a trip and it creeped us out. We listened to the first CD and stopped. It really bothered me. Much too real. I never did finish it.

    1. Swimsuit was harsh Pat – I was shocked but did finish the audio as I was so curious about what was going on and what the turnout would be.

      I can honestly tell you that the Michael Bennett books are nothing like Swimsuit and are more family friendly reads.

  4. I always enjoy a James Patterson novel, especially the Michael Bennett series, when I need a quick, keep-me-engrossed read. Fast-paced, edge-of-the-seat, but he is warm-hearted human being too. Just finished Worst Case this week and I do like the short chapters!

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