Author Chat: Kay Cassidy (Author of The Cinderella Society)

Lets see… before we get started today let me take you back to late last fall.  I am not sure if you remember all the squeals of excitement over here that was related to my reading of The Cinderella Society, but there were squeals… trust me…. it was very girly here.  And a little pink.

So now, here we are about 6 months after I have read the book and I am about to introduce you to the amazing author of this book, Kay Cassidy.  Why now?  Because Kay’s book just went on the retail shelves this past week!  Now that her book is available to the public, I wanted to bring her over to Book Journey and see what all that excitement tastes like.

So please with no further ramblings by me, please welcome Kay Cassidy.

This morning I am sipping  on a steaming hot cup of mocha latte with no whip. and Kay what will you be having?

Kay:  I’m a big tea drinker, actually, so I’m having my usual mandarin orange decaf green tea with honey.  I do love the smell of your coffee though.  (Kay inhales deeply and sighs.)  If only coffee tasted as good as it smelled.

Things have been pretty crazy lately as you have prepared for the release of the book.  How would you describe the last month?

Kay:  Oh wow, it really has.  The last month has been a roller coaster.  Huge ups, crazy downs… I’m so grateful for my family who reminds me what is truly important in life.  And for my friends who make me laugh when I need it most.  🙂  Now that the book has officially been out in the world for the week, what I’m feeling is pure and simple gratitude.  The chaotic part is mostly over and I can finally take a moment to go, “Hey, I wrote a book!” 🙂

What was the idea behind Cinderella Society?

Kay:  The idea was to create a secret society of good populars dedicated to defeating the mean girls of the world.  I’m always puzzled by how often the popular kids are depicted as being horrible in fiction.  This wasn’t true in my high school.  Sure, there are always kids who will use their popularity for personal gain, but most of the popular kids I knew (and know now) are popular because people genuinely like them.

I always wanted to take that fight global by introducing them to the world’s most powerful women.  Which I think would’ve been seriously cool when I was in high school.  And now too.  😉

I love that, and loved that concept when I read the book as well.  What do you hope that readers will get out of this book?

Kay:  I hope readers realize that the most important things you can learn early on in life are to be comfortable in your own skin and to be true to who you are.  It’s when we harbor bad feelings about how we look or veer off the path we believe we should take (because someone else thinks another path would be better for us) that life can get needlessly complicated.  Easy is good – follow your heart!  🙂

Love the message!  Can you give a few hints on the second book… I seriously won’t tell anyone. 😉

Kay:  Right now I’m working on the sequel to The Cinderella Society, titled Cindy on a Mission.  It follows the further adventures of Jess and the Sisters as the Wickeds launch an offensive that threatens everything the Cindys hold dear. Cindy on a Mission will be on shelves in Spring 2011.

OOH!  That is exciting!  I am marking my calendar now!  What I really want to know…. what was release day like?

Kay:  I followed the advice of my friends and did something fun on release day.  I had lunch with a friend (with cupcakes to celebrate!) and just enjoyed the gorgeous sunny day we had.  She convinced me we should go to a local Books-a-Million to see if the book was on the shelf yet.  It was and it was completely amazing seeing it there on the shelf amidst my favorite books.  We took pictures of each other with it and the gal working was so lovely about having me sign them.  And then Team Cindy planned a Twitter launch party, so I tweeted it up with friends old and new for seven solid hours!  I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, but in the best possible way.

I like to ask each author I interview to share one little known thing about themselves (it could be a little known talent, a trip you went on, a funny happening…)

Kay:  I am a ridiculously bad cook.  You know how some people joke that they could burn water?  I’m pretty sure I could burn air.  Even though I’m very organized and detailed-oriented in other areas of my life, I dissolve into a puddle of incompetence in the kitchen.  I’m terrible at timing dishes to come out at the same time, so me putting together a special dinner is cause for celebration.  Me putting together a special dinner that a) is not burned, b) does not have any food that is cold or congealed by serving time, and c) does not irreversibly damage anyone’s tastebuds is a miracle of biblical proportions.  And cause for me to reward myself with something nice like more awesome YA books.  Or a pony.

Kay, this has been a blast having you here today!  Thank you for stopping in and chatting!   Readers, feel free to leave Kay questions here – and be sure to check out The Cinderella Society as well as Kay’s super cool home on the web!

13 thoughts on “Author Chat: Kay Cassidy (Author of The Cinderella Society)

  1. It is very nice to meet you Kay:) First of all I must say I am so disappointed I missed all the excitement last year and especially all the pink:( Great interview and this is definitely one book I will check out. Thanks for doing the interview!

  2. This was an awesome interview and I cannot believe I didn’t already know about The Cinderella Society! I think you were squealing when I was hiding, overwhelmed and avoiding the book blog world. But now that I’m back, I think I need to check out The Cinderella Society. Thank you Sheila!

  3. There are so many great YA books on the market right now. It is nice to see a new on that isn’t paranormal. Not that I don’t like the paranormals, but because there are teens that don’t read them and it was getting hard to find more books for them. This will touch a lot of people and make them think.
    Good luck with the release!

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