Morning Meanderings…

This morning I am on a plane from Brainerd to Minneapolis.  There I will meet up with Justin (College Son) and together we will fly to Pensacola Florida to spend the weekend with Brad (Navy Son).

No worries…. Laptop and Coffee Cup will be traveling along so I can chat away with you and continue to post reviews that I have to get caught up on from this past weeks reading and the readathon.

You may have noticed I changed the header to this blog.  That’s not the only change…. I also have followed through on my trimming of the blog name, “One Persons Journey Through A World Of Books”.   Thanks to the advice I received from many of you when I posted the possibility of change (see post here) I trimmed up the name.  No worries – I made this completely user-friendly.  There are no link changes and – thanks to your advice, I kept the original as a subtitle…. in fact added a little fun to it by adding “and coffee”.

The Monday Meme will remain under the original blog name so new buttons do not have to be formed.

The new name is simply Book Journey and works for me as that is my blog address and my Twitter name.  I also use that when commenting on blogs so I believe I still have name recognition.

Anyway – I have a plane to catch!  I will be on later today with an exciting review and probably twittering tonight from Florida!  (Twitter name:  Bookjourney)

50 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. OMG Sheila! I didn’t know you are a blogger! Mee too (becky Flansburg). That makes me REALLY happy to know there are more of our there! Great blog too. Can’t wait to snoop around more. Pop by mine when you have a chance 🙂

  2. Have a great trip! You do travel a lot, don’t you? Looking forward to meeting you next month. 🙂
    oh, and I like the shortened blog name – I think you won’t suffer any loss of name rec. double smiles: 🙂 🙂

  3. Have a great trip! And, I like the name change; it is simple, to the point, sounds good and isn’t vastly different from what it was before. Good choice!

  4. Oh, I totally love it!!! Good choice. With the Book Journey part as the main heading, and a sub-heading that’s very similar to the old name. Of course coffee cup would want name recognition! He/She is a big part of your persona. LOL

    Love the new coffee cup image, too.

    Have a great trip and enjoy your time with the boys.

  5. Have a wonderful time with your sons! I keep forgetting you are from Brainerd. My husband and I were both born and raised in different suburbs of the Twin Cities and did our undergrad studies in MN. It has been a long time since I visited Brainerd, even though most of both our families are scattered throughout Minnesota. I got side-tracked, sorry. Have a brilliant time, I know I will miss my boys when they are off in college (which is coming too fast!).

    1. HI Jennifer – thats right, I forgot about your Minnesota connections!

      We are currently in Minneapolis airport (Justin and I). Looks like a full flight, no seats available in waiting so we are sitting on the floor so I could plug in and recharge Laptop! 🙂

  6. I love the new look and I’ve always linked to you as Book Journey so I don’t have to change that.

    We’ve been having perfect weather here in Florida and I hope it continues through your stay here. I hope you enjoy every moment with you boys!!

  7. Like the changes. I was a bit concerned. Several other blogs have changed lately and two of them are much harder to follow.

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