Once Upon A Reading Mini Challenge

This challenge is closed.  The winner is callista83!!!

please send me your email and I will send you your prize Sunday morning.  🙂

As book lovers we do enjoy a good story!  Here is what this challenge will consist of:

Write a short story using Book Titles to make your story.  Your story should be three or four paragraphs long and have at least 10 book titles within it.  (*Bold the book titles to make them more obvious)

Feel free to post this to your blog (for two entries) and then leave me the link here in the comment area -or if you would rather, place your story in the comment area here for one entry.

An example would be like:

Rebecca, The Pastor’s Wife, quietly moved into the Guest House.  She felt Caught up in the Deception and needed time to be Alone…. I think you get it 🙂

This challenge will go on for three hours.  After that time a winner will be chosen using Random.org  and the winner will be emailed a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Good luck and have fun!

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  1. This is going to be a little tricky but I need a break so I’ll try it out!


  2. In a Story Book

    At night when sunshine goes away,
    And it’s too dark for me to play,
    I like to come inside, and look
    For new friends in a story book.

  3. Just got in from the Tartan Day festivities and the Celtic band and Symphony concert. Didn’t get any chance to read at all. This sounds like fun, but I don’t have the right mindset for it right now.

  4. Mine’s not much of a story but I used 26 titles!

    My Entry

  5. Thanks so much for the break. I probably could have gone on and on… =)

    My Story.

  6. That was totally fun! Thanks so much for the mental workout. http://www.iheartmonster.com/2010/04/read-thon-is-on.html

  7. That was fun…I don’t know if it’s coherent, but it was fun! http://bibliofreakblog.com/memes/readathon-post-4/

  8. That Weekend in Paris, it had to be Swann’s Way or no way. Life was Les Miserables for Madeline. Then she became determined to Serve It Forth. “Good Morning, Midnight!” she screamed as she began her trek From the Fifteenth District that would be known as The Moveable Feast. Time Was Soft There; Tender is the Night.

    I became a follower, also! Thank you for this fun challenge!

  9. Great job on the challenge! I am here to cheer you on in these tiring hours!

  10. Hi!
    Mine is posted at my place. Not very inspiring but it’s there. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  11. Sounds interesting…I, on the other hand, am just unofficially reading! LOL

  12. Here is the link to my entry using my upcoming review books!

    That was fun. Thanks.

  13. Great challenge. It’s a shame I’m so uncreative.

    Enjoy the read-a-thon!

  14. When the Lights Went Out on The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, that Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch went to her window and set up The Amber Spyglass. When her neighbor, who calls himself the Desert Queen caught her spying on him, he pointed at her and shouted, “I See Rude People!”

    Knowing the Desert Queen‘s reputation as “The Subtle Knife“, and not wanting to disappear into the island’s Many Waters, the woman checked into A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies and was never seen on The Colony again.

  15. Don’t let those eyes droop
    head out on the stoop
    get some fresh air
    before heading back to that chair
    pick up your book
    take another look
    read, read, read

  16. Oh no, I have missed this post now because I was in bed (UK time). Sob! Just incase my previous entry still counts here is mine: http://boofsbookshelf.com/

    Boof x

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