Morning Meanderings….

Good morning fellow book lovers!  Come on in and pull up a chair.  Coffee is on and caramel rolls are fresh from the oven.  Cant you just smell them?

I am dancing a bit on the clouds this week because this past weekend I went and made a purchase that I am thrilled about.  I am now the proud owner of an IPOD Touch.  Now I don’t want it for music… I have a little nano for that and I take that one to the gym….  I wanted the IPOD to listen to audio books while I am bike riding.

I know, I know…. my name is Sheila and I am a bookaholic.

Come spring, I start doing long bike rides.  The first one is coming up April 25th and it is called the Ironman.  It will take place in Lakeville Minnesota.  It is a 35, 65, or 100 mile ride.  I am hoping to do the 65, depending on the weather.  On these long rides that can take many hours, I get tired of listening to music and think a book would hold my interest more.  Plus – as I start spending more and more time outside as the weather gets nicer, it helps me keep up on my reading while still being active.  🙂

Now researching audio books for downloading I discovered something.  They are expensive.  An audio download can be $25 – 39 dollars easy.  Too much money I thought.  So I took this dilemma to Twitter.  Thanks to the help I found from my fellow book lovers on Twitter…  I learned about  On audible I was able to sign up for a 14 day trial and choose an audio for free for trying them out.  After the 2 week trial if I choose to stay with them, I pay $7.49 per month to get one free credit.  The credit is good for almost any audio book – and they have them all I checked.  They have other packages as well, and you can make individual purchases.  What I like is that you are not under contract and you can quit anytime.

So – wonder what my first downloaded audio is?

Do you listen to audio – either at home, in your car or while working out?

47 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings….

  1. My uncle is participating in the Ironman as well. Best of luck! I just ordered Caught. I have never read this author before but the synopsis was intriguing.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Good morning gilesmarie,

      I really enjoy Harlan Coben and have read most of his books. He reminds me of Dean Koontz but without as much intensity and usually a bit of humor.

      I hope you enjoy this one! 😀

  2. I listen to audiobooks, but have not for a while.

    A few thoughts:
    I did not even think about listening to a book while biking,now I am thinking about.

    Second, I am just starting to get into serious biking. How do you prepare yourself for the long bike rides? What are your cycling goals? I am curious, been trying to read stuff on biking.

    Lastly, I have been using for the last year. I have found this site to be very user friendly, and cost effective.

    I wish you well with your up coming long bike ride.

    1. ibeeeg,

      There is a great magazine out there called Cycling. It has wonderful tips in it.

      I usually listen to music or if I have a friend biking with me we chat – but sometimes we bike at different speeds and that leaves me with just me. This biking with a book will be new and I am taking it out for a try later this afternoon but I am excited to do it.

      As far as preparing myself…. I am getting better at that but their have been years that I hopped on my bike for the first time for the year the day of an event. Not smart and more misery than I needed – LOL.

      Now I prep by doing rides on our state trail. Today I hope to go to Merrifield and back – that is 18 miles. If I go to Nisswa and back that is 36. I try to bike fast and slow – I heard that is a better work out than just trying to go fast all the time.

      I got a new bike last year and I put 400 miles on in from June to September. This year I hope to double that. I sign up for most of the bike rides in the area – look on line and you should find some for your area too.

      My goals are:

      Ironman – 65 Miles

      May 8 MS ride – 65 miles

      June 5 Tour Of Lakes Ride – 60 miles

      June 11/12 MS 150: 150 miles

      July 11 Tour of Saints – 50 miles

      Aug 7/8 Rhino Run – 150

      Thats the plan anyway…. 🙂

      Chat any time about biking – I love it! And best wishes to you on your riding – wish we lived closer, I am always looking for people to bike with 😀

  3. Sheila, you are an inspiration. I joined audible a little while back as a treat to myself and also incentive for walking on the treadmill or with my husband as he plays a few holes of golf in the evenings. I also listen to a book on CD in my car. I find that I also get tired of music all the time and a book is lots of fun.

    Good luck with your biking!

    1. I do books on cd I the car too Kay. Its interesting because I now have three stories going – the book, the cd book, and the audio.

      This morning it was nice to get ready listening to the IPOD book. Normally I have a book propped open with a bottle of lotion and I read while I blow dry my hair. 😀

  4. I hope you’ll blog about your listening experiences, narrators, books, etc. I’m pretty new to listening – won an audiobook in a giveaway and borrowed one (loaded it to my iPhone) from the library. I’m hooked!

    1. Mary – that is a good idea. I have reviewed audios before but I really should put more info about the readers and the audio quality. Good idea! 🙂

      I have already learned in my short time listening to audio that the reader can make or break an audio experience.

  5. I am so impressed with your biking. There is at least one bike club that rides past our house every day. It is safe to ride in a pack like that, but the people around here do not like bike riders (either type) and have a tendency to run them off the road. We had a friend chased into a field on his motorcycle, and our son was forced off the road many times before we made him stop riding his bike. Who would do that to a 10 year old? There are some good trails in the area, but they all entail driving 20 miles or more to get to.

    I love audio books. We always have one going in the car. Now that I am not working, I’ve lost the commute time listening and since I’m not at the library every day, I’m not picking up new books as often. When I hike or do other outdoor activities, I like to enjoy the peace and listen to nature. However, a 60+ mile bike ride might be another story.
    One other comment on audio books. My daughter and her son are dyslexic. We did have audio books when she was younger, but I’ve been bringing them home for Gideon, my grandson. He is too intimidated by thick books and is reading way below grade level. He has loved the books I’ve brought home. I just wish they weren’t so expensive. If you are doing a series, like Fablehaven which he LOVED, the library might not have all the books. I’m hoping we can figure something out. I’ll have to check out Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to download a audiobook onto. No Ipod, sad to say, I’m not even to that point technologically. I hadn’t thought of it for books.

    1. Pat it took me a long time (and a lot of help from teenage sons and fellow bloggers) to get to where I am even a little techno savy….. very little 🙂

      You can download the audios to your computer on I tunes – and actually listen to them from there Pat. What I found out is that I can listen to it on the IPOD, and if I switch it to my computer, ITunes will know where I left off and continue from that point of the book. That just baffles me…. I feel like a monkey scratching my head…LOL 🙂

  6. I’ve never been a fan of audio books, but maybe during exercise…like bike riding, or perhaps during a work-out (of course the work-outs don’t last as long as a bike ride).

    We used to listen to audio books during long road trips (my granddaughter and I).

    1. I keep forgetting to check my library Eva! Thanks for the advice. Are they easy to download? I need them to magically go to Itunes as I have no skill on downloads 😀

  7. Sheila, I’m laughing because you wrote “I am not the owner of an iPod touch.” So I thought, “okay, well what did you buy then?” lol

    The audio book “Say You’re One of Them” that I won from you was the first audio I’ve tried and I like audio except I sometimes feel that when I’m driving I can’t concentrate on both very well.

    So watch out if you’re on your bike in St. Louis while I’m listening to another audiobook!

    1. Oh that is funny Lynne – I am in denial….LOL I will fix that! 😀

      I listened to Say You Are One Of Them in the car and that was a hard one to concentrate on with the accents and changing of stories. I had the book that I borrowed from a friend and I used that too so I made sure I was catching everything.

      Thanks for the St Louis advice – I would hope that if I was in St Louis biking we would be going together and chatting books instead of listening to audio!

      Have a great day Lynne!

      1. Don’t worry about it Sheila; I’m sure most people didn’t even notice. But that’s what happens when you’ve been a secretary for 25 years – you notice the typos. It’s just habit for me. My eyes are trained to spot them!

        And yes, we would be chatting books and such instead of listtening to audio. By the way, I found the accents a bit hard to concentrate on as well. I should try another audiobook.

  8. Wow $35 I would be broke so quickly. I never thought of listening to books on the bike-I like my distraction to be quick.

  9. I listen to audio in the car. Currently listening to The Hunger Games. I pulled out my MP3 player the other day so I could download an audio book from the library. Darn thing doesn’t work! I had planned to start walking at the park a few days a week while the boys are at school. Darn again! Now I have to buy a new MP3 player or use my cd player…not as convenient. If you don’t mind my asking, how much does an IPOD Touch run? I bet it’s high. Wait…I have an MP3 on my cell phone. Wonder if I could download to it? I must investigate this! Sorry for rambling. Have a great day!

    1. LOL Michelle – I bought mine at Wal-Mart and it was $195. I think that is pricey but if I can get years of use out of it I will be thrilled.

      Ramble away any time 😀

  10. My dad is a huge Audio Book Reader! He loves listening to books and some libraries (it is worth a check) have started carrying the down-loadable books for check-out. He has an audible account and loves it. Half-price books is a good place to find them on CD that you can rip to MP3, if you want them for a lower price too 🙂

  11. I’m hit or miss on audio books. I just can’t seem to pay attention, but I do love having them on runs. You might want to see if your library offers free downloads. It’s a trend I’ve started to notice. Mine users a database called OverDrive and they’ve started offering ipod compatible books. You just check it out like a library book!

  12. That sounds like a challenge for sure with the wonder you picked up this iTouch…it can hold so much more!!! I really enjoy listening to books while in the car and most especially while I’m walking!!

  13. Oh, I love bike riding. Sadly, I haven’t used my bike since I had the kids because I don’t have a bike trailer. *sob* I check the classifieds every day because I’m not willing to pay $300 for one. How fun to know that about you!

  14. Ah, what perfect timing this post is, Sheila. My husband has just given me his iPOD Touch as he has an iPhone now. I was looking at the Audible website only this morning too – how funny!

    I started listening to audio books only last year when I had to do alot of miles for work (all over the UK for meetings in my car) so I bought an audio CD (funnily enough it was a Harlan Coben one too!). I always used to think that they were cheating and not really reading a proper book, but I soon became hooked! I have listened to so many now but my favourites are mystery / thriller cd’s as they keep my attention.

    Can’t wait to hear what you think to Caught – I might get that myself actually.#

    Good luck with the cycling too – 65 miles is crazy! :o)

    1. I started with audio last year too Book Whisperer! Harlan is an excellent choice! Its like when we first bought a DVD player – I remember the first two movies I purchased to watch on it – Castaway (Tom Hanks) and Family Man (Nicholas Cage).

  15. My local library belongs to a province-wide online download center – with your library card you can download up to 5 audiobooks at a time, most of which are iPod-compatible. It’s fantastic! They don’t have every audiobook available as of yet, but a very large number are at this point.

    I use audiobooks a lot lately because of my migraines, which make it hard for me to read. The problem I have is with some of the narrators – if the voice gets on my nerves, I have no chance with the book!

  16. Oh you are going to love that on your bike rides. Just don’t get so wrapped up in the book that you forget to watch where you’re going!

  17. I’m curious why you couldn’t just listen to audio books on your Nano? I have one loaded on my Nano, It works fine, but it turns out I’m not really an audio book person.

    I had all these wonderful dreams of loading up a book and then being able to listen it WHATEVER I was doing… in the car, at work, doing the laundry. But it turns out I tune out the story after a couple of sentences and then I realize I just missed a few paragraphs and have to try to rewind. After getting through the equivalent of about 3 pages in an hour I finally gave up.

    Good luck with the ride Ironwoman!

    1. I have that little nano Jodi – not even sure if it is a nano…. its little the size of a chicklet…..LOL ok maybe a little bigger. I tried to put an audio on it last fall when I was mowing the lawn and thought audio would be a brilliant time passer but it did not work.

      Oh no about the tune outs! I actually really get into it in the car for road trips. Havent taken it on a bike ride yet so we shall see…… might be sweet on the plane in a couple weeks too.

      1. Jody – LOL….. shuffle… There you go. Its so small I have named it Podette.

        The new ones name is Milton Podrikker. It just seems sophisticated 😉

  18. I love my iPod Touch, but use it for music and it is also great for checking email when sitting outside reading a book.

    I am having a hard time getting into audiobooks so far just listening to them on the home stereo and have yet to figure out how to convert the CD audiobooks that I have to MP3 format for the iPod. My issue with audio is that I tune the audio out and tend to wander in and out of the room too much. I can see where they would be great if you spend time in the car, but I don’t drive much.

    I haven’t given up on audio yet, but am not ready to pay the piper and join a program like audible. There are just so many books out there that I can get without paying. (Yes, I am cheap)

    1. Gwen – cant you upload your audio cds to ITunes and then put on Ipod from there? I havent tried it yet but heard that you could.

      I’m on trial with audible… not sure where that will go yet….. depends on if I think I will get enough use out of it to make it worth while.

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