Morning Meanderings…

Ok…. this is what my mornings are really like….

LOL… If you seen my Saturday post you would have read that I picked up the Flip Video Recorder.  Now you poor readers are subject to not only my sad attempts at video blog (VLOG) but also my odd sense of humor….

Today I am at work all afternoon and then tonight is “tantalizing Tuesday”.  My hubby and I decided to give different days themes and Tuesdays are his one day a week that he gets to choose whats for dinner.  I always pick the meals.  This is kind of fun except me chose Tatar tot hot dish…. ok, that’s not hard….. when he added a spinach salad with a raspberry glaze and chocolate mousse with banana slices for dessert.

Good grief….LOL

He says he has been thinking about it for two days so I guess that is cool and he works hard so I am going to create this.  Just wait until bike ride Saturday which means we bike ride for as long as I choose 🙂

For now – off to the gym before work (have to squeeze that in when I can!)

It’s Tuesday – whats on your agenda?

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…

  1. Hmmmm, thanks to you I’m beginning to understand the meaning of “vlog.” Is a vlog a personal video of some sort? Visual rather than written like a blog?? Well, I enjoyed the landscape a lot. Then, I went for the tractor and lumber. I didn’t hear anyone talking. So, I moved that video along. Just for a minute, I wanted to feel like a farmer or lumberman’s wife. Oh, I liked the music in the background with the landscape.

    Well, my Tuesday is going to be purposely different from my Monday. Yesterday I had a regular doctor’s appt. Nothing exciting until I tried to cut thick cloth with a pair of scissors. The scissors slipped. Pain??? Wow! I thought a stitch or two would have to be given to me. I’ve never had stitches before accept after child birth.

    Well, to make this long story short. Today I’ve got to get some moisture free bandages so I can do my watery work. Then, I have to avoid scissors all day. I’m obviously accident prone.

    Sorry it took so long to say so little. Enjoyed your vlog show.

    1. Ow! Stitches Tea! Yes, a VLOG is like a video blog. Not sure what you are talking about with the lumber and tractor…. is that something after the video on YouTube? I will have to peak at that…. none of that is my doing 🙂

      Feel better today 🙂

  2. Hm, in my house if my husband decides what’s for dinner that usually means he’s cooking it. :p

    But your video says it’s “not available” when I clicked on it. 😦

    1. Oh bummer Hannah! I don’t know why that is! 😦

      I guess I have things to learn yet on this thing…. I dont know what the videos are after either but they are not mine… I should put a disclaimer on this I think. 😉

  3. What fun you’re having with that camera! I loved the dogs, who are so good that I’m thinking they should star in a movie sometime soon!

    It’s fun to peek into your morning world, behind the meandering…Nice big and full coffee pot there! Very cozy kitchen. Makes me want to knock on your door!

    1. LOL Laurel – glad to hear the video worked for you, it is not working for everyone.

      It was kind of fun to do, just wish there was a way to put it on my blog without the extra videos that pop up. I think I will ask Kristi at Story Siren how she does hers. 🙂

  4. How fun to watch. Looks like my mornings…letting my two dogs out to potty, with the one stopping to think about whether or not she really wants to get her paws cold and wet 🙂 What kind are yours? Shih-tzu and ? Your black and white one looks like my Cockapoo.

    Today I am thinking about how I’m going to come to your house for tantalizing Tuesday’s dessert!!

  5. Hi Lynne, yes they are Shih-tzus. The black one, Elmo, is 13 and yeah… hesitates. Bailey (white and apricot) is 9 and just loves to go outside.

    And LOL about the dessert…. Al is so funny. He never cares what’s for dinner, and now given this authority he is obsessing over it. He says next week he wants lobster bisque….I told him in my “spare time” I am going to have to take a cooking class!

  6. Loved the vlog, I didn’t see anything about landscape or tractors.

    My son and husband are always asking for certain things for supper so I rarely have to decide. If I did, we’d be having pizza a lot more than we do LOL!

    1. Oh good Vicki – I was afraid what people may be seeing and think it is my video …LOL

      I wish Al would give an opinion more so this is new and exciting for me. I usually wing it for dinner.

  7. Love the video! Your dogs are too cute! I’m with Wordlily on this one – if my hubby wants something in particular for dinner, then he’s cooking it! *L*

    Al sounds like he has good taste though, so enjoy!

    1. LOL Alexia! 🙂 I haven’t made tater tot hot dish in years! It was kind of a staple in the house when the kids were young…. easy to put together and cheap 🙂

      Of course now that I am home I see I am missing a very important ingredient – the cream of mushroom soup! DOH! Back up town I go…..

  8. I am trying to straighten a house that has been neglected way too long. I unpacked a couple more boxes of my resource books from work and got more kids’ books on the shelf. Straightened the sewing room and got stuff into the attic. Did some mending and ironing. Some laundry and am trying to get through all the emails i’m behind. Missed 2 days. Went to the DC area with my oldest daughter for the funeral of a friend and former neighbor. 7 to 8 hour drive
    each way and 2 hours at church. At least I talked her into going on Saturday and spending the night. I can’t do the round trip any more.

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