In My Mailbox

Thank you as always to the wonderful Kristi at Story Siren who hosts this weekly meme that I just adore!  Kristi inspires me so much!  🙂

Yesterday my hubby and I went to Best Buy to pick up a computer for our front office.  The store was extremely short-handed on help and while we knew what we wanted it took over an hour to get help with it.  While we waited I was looking around at the Flip Video cameras.  A couple friends of mine have them and I think they are super cool and I really wanted to have one before BEA this year.

Well…..  I guess I spent too much time looking at the Flip Video Cam because today I went back in their and purchased their package deal which was the camcorder, tripod, a carrying case and a cord that I have no idea what it does yet.  🙂

AND I am telling you all of this because what I am offering up for my mailbox post tonight, my debut video on the flip video cam.  It’s pretty amateur as I do not know how to use my I Tunes music for background music choices so had to use what came with the cam.  (I had  a much better song in mind….).  Hopefully as time goes by I will become better at this – but for now I present to you, My Mailbox:

Ok…..LOL..  It is pretty cheesy but I decided to leave it so when I improve (ha ha) I will be able to look at this original one and laugh until pop comes out my nose.  Seriously.  🙂

Here is what you seen in the above video:

From Ye Ol’ Library

I have really learned to appreciate my library these past few months!

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson Purely blog love…. I seen it on a blog, I plugged it into my library wish list

Life Sentences by Laura Lippman I seen this book reviewed at Hannah’s blog, Word Lily and knew I wanted to read it.

Sent for Reviews

It is amazing to see all the different directions that review books come from…

God Never Blinks by Regina Brett with 3 to copies to giveaway!  YES!  That’s right – enter here for a chance to win! (Thank you to Hachette books for this one!)

Hush by Kate White was sent my way by HarperCollins

Read, Remember, Recommend, A Reading Journal For Book Lovers and Read, Remember, Recommend, For Teens are two exciting journals I can not wait to look more closely at!  I love to journal!  (Go figure, right?)  🙂  Thank you to author Rachelle Knight and Sourcebooks for this opportunity!

The Wins:

Don’t you just love winning books?  I sure do!

Wake by Lisa McMann I won from Marce at Tea Time With Marce

Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant I won from Michelle at A Reader’s Respite

There you have it.  My funky mailbox.  I am really excited to know what came this week in yours!

37 thoughts on “In My Mailbox

    1. You say that now Lisa….. after you watch my silly little videos you will say enough already….LOL 🙂

      I will try to control myself…. although I already have an idea for a morning meandering if only I could figure out how to put my own music in the background…

  1. What a great video. I have had my flip for about a year but I never thought of using it for a vlog. I just ordered the Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens because that looks like fun. Happy reading and movie making!

    1. Thaks Kathy – you are really too kind 🙂

      Oh cool about the journal for teens, I think they are just super cool! I love that and will probably have them both reviewed in no time at all 🙂

  2. I’ve drooled over the Flip cameras many a time as well. Haven’t succumbed yet, though. I’m sure you’ll learn your way around it (and editing) pretty quickly.

    Hope you enjoy Life Sentences!

  3. I read Lippman’s Life Sentences awhile ago and truly enjoyed it. God Never Blinks is a more recent review of mine and I found it to be an uplifting book.

    Congratulations on your wins. I have not won anything in quite some time.

    1. Jennifer, I had a few months where I won nothing. In my early blogging days seems like I won something all the time…. now I am winning a few here and there and that is kind of fun 🙂

      I am excited to read Life Sentences!

  4. I noticed this earlier, but had to postpone until I could really spend a few moments. Very enjoyable!

    Hey, I recognize that Reading Room! LOL

    And I think I saw a few of your “iconic” things, like mugs. Did I see a butter churn? We used to have one of those.

    But I digress…back to the books! I loved Life Sentences. Very compelling. I have the Kate White book heading my way. Suite Scarlett looks good, too.

    Oh, my…it would be great to have such a roomy Reading Room. My books are stacked here and there in my office, when they’ve graduated from the BIG TBR STACKS in my bedroom!

    But I think I know where they all are. LOL

    1. LOL Laurel…. now I have to watch the video again to see the churn 🙂 I love the old Red Wing crocks, a little thing I picked up from my moms love on antiques and I have several of the crocks in all sizes…. in my bedroom I use two large 20 gallon ones as nightstands with a round piece of glass over the tops…. but now I digress too…LOL

      I am impressed as well that you remember I call it the Reading Room. 🙂

  5. Bought a box of books at Goodwill last week. A nice mix of historical fiction, children’s books, romances, and non-fiction.

  6. I recognize a piece of furniture or two in that vlog. It was great to see the rest of the room and all those books, glorious books. Personally, I think you did a wonderful job!

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