Social Justice Challenge March 2010: Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

I should have had this post up closer to the beginning of the month, but here I am, over half way through March (can you believe that?)  and I am just now getting to it.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are subjects that tear me to my very core.  I have been a Kinship Partner for 7 years now.  The Kinship program is a lot like a big brother, big sister program.  You become a mentor to a child and spend time with them weekly doing whatever – watching a movie, going to the park, working on a project, whatever….. you are just to bring the child into your life.  If you follow this blog,, you have probably heard me talk about Chance.  Chance has been our families Kinship Partner since he was 7 years old.  At the end of May he will be 15.

I mention Kinship Partners not because it has to do with the Social Topic for March, but because as a Kinship Partner you are a Mandatory Reporter.  Basically that means that if I see or hear anything unusual – I have to report it to the proper authorities here in my county.  Learning to do this, and learning what it is about, has really opened my eyes to things I do see not only in my own community, but so much of it in Honduras when we are working with kids there.

I find this to be such an important topic that I went a bit wild with the books that were listed at The Social Justice Challenge Website and checked out several that I hope to be able to read and review yet this month:

I hadn’t Meant To Tell You This by Jacqueline Woodson (this one I have read and reviewed)

Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes Courter

Ghost Girl by Torey Hayden

Another Place At The Table by Kathy Harrison

I Am Missing Or Dead by Janine Latus

I am ending this post with a link I found to 10 Signs of Child Abuse.

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  1. This is a very very VERY important subject!
    Domestic violence and child abuse are NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances! I applaud you for being active in the Kinship program, what you do in Honduras, and for posts like this.

  2. Have you seen the new book out, I am Nujood: Age 10 and Divorced?

    I just picked it up at my library and it sure is a little book that I think is going to pack a big punch.

  3. Well, you know I’m all for this, after more than three decades as a social worker.

    Mentoring is an important role to play, and I congratulate you on the experience. As you know, you receive as much as you give when you do this kind of thing.

    • Laurel I would have never dreamed 7 years ago that this kid would become such a part of our lives. We all adore him…He refers to Brad and Justin as his big brothers. I hope to be a part of his life forever – graduation, marines, marriage, etc…

  4. So there was a bit of a learning curve for the mandatory reporter thing?

    • Hannah, I think the importance, no maybe I mean to say the requirement, of reporting is really a bit scary. Here in the states I am held up to this responsibility and making the call between what is and what isn’t a report worthy incident can be nerve racking. I have learned to error on the side of reporting as I would feel awful if I didn’t report something and then something happened.

      In a third world country, sadly, it is a whole different story.

  5. Sheila, what a neat thing you do. My son, who is 16 now, has had a Big Brother through the Big Brothers program since he was 7. Brian is now part of our family. He’s gone to every soccer, baseball, and basketball game (he was at two of my son’s basketball games last night!). We went to his wedding this past year and can’t wait ’til he has his own kids! So I know how important mentoring is…from Chance’s family’s point of view anyway 🙂

    I’m in awe of people like you and Brian. It’s a huge commitment, but so worth it for everyone involved 🙂

    Oh, and I have to add ALL of these books to my TBR now. Thanks. A lot. LOL

    • Lynne, from the mentors standpoint, we get as much back out of the relationship as we put in, I look at that kid and I think sometimes he has given me more. 🙂

      LOL about adding the books! I would love to read your reviews on these 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for promoting this program. As a single mom and survivor of domestic violence, I believe it is vitally important to teach our children about this subject. I hope someday you will read my book about my personal journey. (Still editing…) Thanks!

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