It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Another Monday!  They just keep coming don’t they?  🙂  I would say I had a pretty fair week…. I am back to working out and making time for reading as well.  All is well once again with my world.

I am ready for this week and hope you are too!  Thank you as always to those of you who went out to visit other Monday What Are You Reading posts last week and left comments.  My wish is always that not only do you pick up on some great books, but also some great bloggers!   Last weeks winner (out of those of you who told me in the comments how many blogs you commented on – 1 entry for ever 10) using is:


Congratulations!  You get to choose an item out of the Prize Box !  Let me know your pick here as well as email me at journeythroughbooks (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address!

Here is a brief update of this last week for me:

Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter by Kathy Cano-Murillo (book review)

The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski (book review – and book club review)

Three New books for giveaways (check them out!)

Cold Streak by Lewis Aleman (book review)

Oh Snap!  Guess What I Got? (My Library Sale post and an opportunity for you to grab one of these books for yourself!)

This Week’s Plan…

Have you heard of this book?  It starts with chapter 12 and works backwards through the story.  I don’t know how to describe it well but I am flying through this read!

I am so beyond pumped about this book!  It has been on my shelf too long and this week I am going to enjoy sinking into the pages of this high adventure!

Another book I am extremely excited about.  This book is the true story of the difference one family made by making the decision to live with half of what they had.  Even typing about it now makes me want to start on this book right away.  I have a feeling it will remind me a little of the Kingdom Project ( a huge pay it forward book) that spoke volumes to me about 6 years ago.

So that’s mine – can’t wait to read about yours!  Be sure to link to the McLinky here – he has been very user-friendly.  Also – if you are out visiting fellow Monday memer’s be sure to stop back this way and let me know how many so I can count you in for the drawing for next week.  One entry per every ten and you have all week to do this.

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Have a wonderful week everyone!  May your reading choices be everything you had hoped for!

98 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. The 13th Hour sounds intriguing. I’m interested in finding out what you think. I like the cover to the Fiddler’s Gun. Don’t know anything about the book thought. I might have to check it out.

  2. You are so, so lucky to have Fiddler’s Gun! haha. I haven’t yet convinced myself to spend the money for it, but it won’t be too much longer that I can hold out. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. I read about it on another blog Angie and grabbed it from the library. I had actually forgot that I reserved it and thought it was a mistake when I went to pick it up 🙂

  3. Hey! That’s me! I won! I won! That’s weird to see my name in bright lights like that. I kinda feel like a Hollywood movie star. Haha 🙂

    I would love to pick Saving Sammy out of the prize box, if I may. I really wanted the chocolate, but…

    Thanks so much, Sheila. I’ll email you my address.

  4. Oh, Those are definitely some goodies to add to my list, and some I’ve already got on it! I just got a book to review that doesn’t come out until July, but I couldn’t wait so I’m reading it tonight!

  5. Congratulations to Lynne. I too read and reviewed Waking Up In the Land of Glitter. I do not think I liked as much as others id. I will check out your review. I think I have entered all your fabulous contests. I recall hearing about the 13th Hour but I have not read it.

  6. Holy cow! I just read this and your previous three entries and my head is spinning. I need some sleep before I can even reply to all this. lol I sure look forward to your thoughts on those you read though. My link is up, thank you so much.

  7. I finished A VALENTINE’S ANTHOLOGY by C. L. Kraemer, Genene Valleau, and Christine Young. A nice sweet trio of valentine stories – one a fantasy, one historical, and one contemporary. Sunday I finished AUDREY AND THE MAVERICK by Elaine Levine. An historical western romance it had a relationship with tension, action, and a back story that unfolded a little at a time. This is the second book in a trilogy, but works as a stand alone. I will be getting the first book to read and an looking forward to book 3.
    Am trying to decide what is next. I’m in a Western mood, so I’ll probably grab another one I just got.

  8. I have The Power of Half also and hope to get to it soon. I love the haul you featured in your previous post. Holy Moly that is a lot of books!

  9. I’m so happy to hear that you like The Fiddler’s Gun. I absolutely loved it! Been trying to spread the word about that book over at my blog since I read it. I know that those who chose to publish independently don’t have the same kind of budget to get the word out about their books as the big publishers do. And I do think that The Fiddler’s Gun has the potential to be a classic if people just read it.

    Cannot wait to read your review. Have a great week, Sheila =D

  10. I loved your library post, what a stash! I had another quiet week but that’s life when you’re studying. I’ve also commented on 20 or so blogs. Probably won’t get to any more because of my studies, well accept the ones who leave links when they comment on my blog, I love the links, makes it so easy! Have a great week!

  11. The Power of Half sounds really interesting. I listening to The Gift of an Ordinary Day this week (while running), it’s about a family to decides to live a simpler life. Recent years have parents teaching their kids to extraordinary and bigger is better… this doesn’t necessarily make life better. It’s good so far, reads like an Elizabeth Gilbert book.

    Have a great week!

  12. The Power of Half sounds like quite a challenge! And the 13th Hour, what an intriguing concept!

    Good morning, Sheila, and I’ll be back with my link. I slept LATE this morning (it’s 6:30 a.m.!).

  13. The 13th Hour sounds intriguing. I’ve commented on more than 10 blogs this morning. I’m hoping to make it to more and will let you know if I did. 🙂 Have a great week of reading!

  14. I get to start a new book tonight–and pretty much need to finish it in 3 or 4 days because I have two books I need to read for reviews next week. How do I do this to myself? Ha!

  15. I’m always so impressed with people who can plan out their weeks (books, menus, whatever). I can barely find my behind with both hands never mind stick to a plan. ::sigh::

    1. Kristen – oh I dont always stick to the plan 🙂 Sometimes you will see the same book show up for me several weeks in a row. It does help me sort them a bt and I do try to get through the ones I say I will.

  16. Hi! I have The 13th Hour on my very large tbr pile, and I keep meaning to get to it but well, you know — so many books, yada yada!

    Have a lovely week, and thanks once more for hosting this!

    1. Oh I know nancyo! Sometimes it takes other blogs reviewing a book to remind me that I have that book as well….. so many books LOL

      I enjoy hosting nancyo – it lets me chat with all of you!

  17. Ohhhhhhh, I’ve had The 13th Hour on my sidebar as an upcoming read as it sounds so cool. I love the idea behind it and now I’m even more excited to read it! Can’t wait to read your review on this!!!!

    Also, the Fiddler’s Gun book has been on my radar too as Ladybug at Escape in a Book has read it and loved it and she also interviewed the author. It sounds like a great book.

    Really looking forward to reading your reviews, Sheila.

    Boof x

    1. I am excited about both these books BW! Fiddler’s Gun came right from the author so I may try to request a chat as well….. I like to do that with the books I love.

  18. You had some great books show up at your house!!

    I love this meme…I try to visit different people every week!!
    20+ for me this time.

  19. The 13th Hour sounds intriguing. I also like the cover for The Fiddler’s Gun. Haven’t really heard of these books but will check them out now. Thanks.

  20. You’re going to love 13th hour right up to the last page! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your review.

    I really hope you weren’t offended by my post – I was feeling a bit snarky this morning. No room for a red light on this blog!

    Happy Reading!

  21. The Fiddler’s Gun looks really good! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Thanks for the comment about my giveaway to benefit underfunded schools, it was such a wonderful event!

    I hope you have a fabulous reading week! (Oh, and I commented just over 10 times.)

  22. It seems that every Monday, it takes me longer and longer to get through all of the great posts!

    I have heard mixed reviews of The Power of Half and will be watching to see what you think.

    My review of Thirteen Reasons Why is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday.

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