Cold Streak by Lewis Aleman

Enter Laura’s world…

Her family is brutally murdered, and she finds herself on her knees praying for things she never could have imagined. Her dark journey of revenge takes off as she hunts her family’s killers, while being chased down by a troubled detective, his lovelorn partner, and an inner voice that grants her no peace. Her quest lures her through an explosive music scene, down unlit alleyways, to the edge of a towering church rooftop, and into the nightmarish landscape of her own mind. Will she get her justice before time runs out? Will her own lust for vengeance consume all that is left of her in the process.

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Lewis Aleman has written a book that by looks, I thought I would breeze through this 268 page book in a few sittings.  Once inside the mind of Lewis – I discovered I was wrong and I would be here awhile basking in deep intelligent writing and a read that was a wild – frightening ride into the mind of Lewis’s created character, Laura.

I don’t read much of this genre.  It is a stretch for me but it is one I embrace as I like to try new styles of reads and see how they fit.  What drew me to this book was the fact that Laura was a mother.  She had a family – and that family was taken away.  And through this knowledge you enter the mind of a desperate woman.

Detective Anduras and his partner Irene’s arguments provided a lighter side to this read that cold easily have become heavy if not for the inner working of this duo.

A suspenseful read, I found myself caught up in the grief that was Laura – having lost her husband and children to a horrible murder she seeks revenge on those who did it.  While a bit graphic at times, I felt Lauras’ heavy grief and maybe part of that is the reason I did not fly through this book.  It took time to settle into that grief and follow Laura through a journey that only she could take.

At times the scenes were a bit gory for my taste, but other than that I found the book to be impressively engrossing and intelligently written.

Lewis Aleman is the author of the time travel thriller, Faces in Time, and the dark literary thriller, Cold Streak, which became an Amazon Bestseller, a Kindle Bestseller, and #1 in Myspace Books. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Creative Writing. He grew up and still resides just outside of New Orleans. Currently, he is fast at work on the first book in a realistic fantasy series, entitled A Brother, A Drunkard, and Something Odd.
Besides writing, Lewis Aleman also enjoys playing guitar, restoring/hot rodding cars, working out, reading, website design, and recording music.

**  You may have seen this post at Book Chick City’s Blog where I guest posted for her last week 🙂

I received my copy of this book from author Lewis Aleman

20 thoughts on “Cold Streak by Lewis Aleman

    1. Hannah… mmmm hhhhhh. 🙂 For my book feature over at Book Chick City I was asked to do a guest review on a genre that she enjoys and reviews. I had this one on the TBR and thought it would be a good fit.

    2. Good question Hannah…. I think the more I look at it, the ore it does. The book is about Laura and seeking revenge…. which gives it the dark side and dark look to the cover. I do think there could have been a better cover – perhaps with her family in the background as they once were and Laura pulled in closer….
      I think as is, it probably does fit what Lewis was going for.

  1. Sounds interesting. I love to hear about readers, like yourself, who are willing to stretch themselves into new genres. I’m a relatively eclectic reader myself, and I love finding kindred spirits!

    1. Melissa, I think Lewis put together an interesting combination here. I think most main characters in stories like this are young, single, bounty hunter types that don’t care if they live or die.

      As I write this I guess that is what we have here – just do to circumstances that made Laura single and not really care if she died as long as she got revenge.

  2. This is a genre I haven’t really tried. Right now I need lighter fare. It does sound like an intriguing book. If I find it at a library sale, I might pick it up for a day when I can do deep and serious.

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