It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

What a week!  I have been so busy all week and my reading really did suffer.  It took me through Saturday to get around to all of you and see what you are reading.  Seeing what you are reading is one of my favorite things to do each week!  Hopefully this week I will be able to dig deeper into my reading as I have some good GREAT reads waiting for me!

Thank you to those who came back and let me know that you commented on 10 or more Monday, What Are You Reading posts last week.  I love the community part of this meme!  Remember – for every 10 you comment on and then tell me in the comment area below, I put you in for our weekly drawing out of the prize box!  (10 comments = 1 entry, 20 = 2 entries, etc…)

Here is last weeks winner (using


Congratulations!  You get to choose an item out of the Prize Box !  Let me know your pick here as well as email me at journeythroughbooks (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address!

Here is my last week in review:

The Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire

A fun Post:  Where I see Myself In 10 years

The Lightning Thief Book VS Movie (and even a place to rant about either or both)

Judging a Book By It’s….. Title

Still by Greg Budig

Life Lessons From A Horse Whisperer by Dr. Lew Sterrett

I am still working my way through the Michael Sullivan trio of books and hope to be able to report on them next weekend.  Added to this weeks plan is my book club read due for tomorrows discussion:

June Parker’s life is meandering along until a freak car accident leaves Marissa, her 24-year-old passenger, dead and June wracked with guilt. June discovers a list Marissa had been keeping of 25 things she wanted to do by the time she turned 25. After a run-in with Marissa’s brother, June resolves to complete the list. Kissing a total stranger and throwing away her scale prove far easier than pitching an idea at work or changing someone’s life. But June approaches the list with aplomb, daring to speak up about being passed over for a manager position, and becoming a Big Sister to a quiet, studious Latina teen named DeeDee. But when June uncovers a secret of DeeDee’s, she realizes changing someone else’s life might involve changing her own as well.

This one will be fun to review and we have some fun ideas to do with this book.  Stay tune this week for the review and what the Bookies thought of the book!

I am excited to see what you are reading this week!  Be sure to link up to McLinky so we can stop in and see you – and don’t forget to come back and let me know how many what are you reading posts you commented if you want to be entered in next weeks contest!  🙂

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89 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. I had a rotten reading week last week. I was so busy getting ready for my mini weekend vacation and then being gone. I didn’t finish a thing

    1. I felt as though I accomplished nothing as well Zia. My Beautiful Dead review was suppose to be up on Thursday and I didn’t finish it until Sunday!

      Here’s to a better week 🙂

  2. I snuck a book in this weekend – listening to Happiness sold seperately. I picked this up a the library and was hooked in the first 5 minutes. I have about 30 minutes left… I hope I find time tonight!

    Thank goodness for nice weather!

    Now I need to read up Men and Dogs.

    Have a great week!

  3. I finished MOST LIKELY TO DIE and started A VALENTINE’S ANTHOLOGY by Kraemer, Valleau & Young. Have one disc left in ELDEST by Paolini.

    1. Oh no Sarah! I hate it when that happens! Sometimes if you can connect with where you won they can track it back to the publisher and still get it to you.

  4. I need to read The Lightning Thief soon. Only read one book last week but things have been so busy here lately that I think one book was ok.

  5. Hi Sheila!

    i think you have very great week last week even you are busy. well, last week, i just managed to read 3 books and another review to write. but, happy week to you for this week!

  6. The Next Thing on my List sounds like it could be a really funny book. I can only imagine what that girl is going to have to change in her life to complete the list. lol

    Enjoy your reading this week!

  7. Wow! The Next Thing on My List is one of my reads this week, too!

    And is that prize for ME? If so, I’d like The Pursuit of Alice Thrift…I got it from the library, but didn’t have time to read it…but I love Elinor Lipman’s books.

    Thank you! I’ll e-mail the address.

    1. All you winner Laurel! Random.Org says so and I don’t argue with him. 🙂

      Email me your mailing info Laurel and I have packages going out yet today – I can add your book to it. 🙂

  8. You’ve accomplished a lot despite being so busy in the past week! I especially enjoy reading your thought on The Lightning Thief, and you were right about the major difference between the book and the movie. I so wish that they stick to the book version though. IMO, it’s way better.

    1. Thanks Shy…. it felt like if I did try to read it was so short because I was just too tired to concentrate. 🙂

      Thanks about the Lightning Thief. I had fun writing the reviews but I agree that the movie should have been more like the book. They left out a lot of important details that I am curious to see how they will bring back in to follow the story line as the movies continue.

  9. I was at my parents’ last week and now my son’s home for Spring Break, so my reading’s really taking a hit too. There’ll be plenty of time to catch up later.

    1. I agree Kathy -priorities! 🙂 My son just left to go back to school today, he was home for the weekend but has work back in Mankato even if it is spring break.

  10. I finally finished Beautiful Creatures this week although it took me longer than expected as life and work kept getting in the way. I’m on holidays next week so hopefully I can remedy that as I need to catch up on my ARC pile too.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with The Next Think on my List as it sounds pretty good.

    I’m off to comment now as I enjoy doing that (great idea by the way).

    Have a great reading week!

  11. Had a so-so reading week. I finally finished one of the Annie Darling (“Death on Demand” mystery series) book — it’s in the middle of the pack and I decided, after starting at the end, to read some of the earlier works! I’m kind of all over the place, but I’m really finding insights in my non-fiction read, “Fear to Freedom,” by Rosemary Trible, who survived rape and tells others who she found victory in faith and God’s love. One of my friends was raped years ago and she dealt with such shame and guilt, even though she KNEW it wasn’t her fault. She’s gone a long way on her own, but I’m giving this to her this week because I think it will help her complete the journey and tackle her deep pain. I wish peace for her, and I think this will take her there.

  12. Thank you for the review of Beautiful Dead. I want to say thank you to everyone I have found a lot of interesting books since I joined! Have a great reading week…

  13. Hi Sheila, it took me a couple of hours, but I commented on 20 (20!) blogs and loved every minute of it. This is the only meme I participate in and it’s so much fun to see what everyone is reading. I get excited when I see a book mentioned that’s familiar to me or when someone raves about a book I’ve never heard of. Makes me want to run out and get it. I saw a couple today that I think I’m going to get – Jonathan Tropper’s book This is Where I Leave You and also Wench.

    1. Lynne, this meme has caused me to view the posts with a link open to my library so I can reserve books as I see them…. way to support my library – LOL!

  14. Right now I’m re-reading James And The Giant Peach–a book I was given for Christmas when I was nine. Also, very excited to be reading a manuscript of Jennie Nash’s upcoming book; I love her writing!

    1. fantasylover – I have to agree. I seen the movie before I finished the book so I didnt know what I was missing until later on when I was reading and thinking “What????”

  15. Thanks for making me look forward to Mondays, Sheila! I really like your book review on The Next Thing on My List. It sounds like an interesting book – I’m excited to check it out! 🙂

  16. I actually didn’t get much reading done. I’m kinda in a reading slump, but I picked up a book by the same author as The Book Thief and so far it’s really good. Hopefully it gets me out of the slump!

    I commented on 10 🙂

  17. You had a terrific week last week!!! I’ve never read Sullivan so I’ll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on those!

    I can never keep track of how many blogs I visited but it was more than 20 😀

  18. You always have amazing books on teh list.

    For having a week that was a little slow you still got a lot of reviews up. Still looked like a great week to me. You always get through so many books in a week, it just amazes me.

    Hoping you have a great week this week. 🙂

  19. I have commented on 30 so far.

    I think that they are reading The Next Thing on the List for the book club at my library. Maybe I should go!

  20. Just wanted to stop by and say hi this week! I’m taking a break this week, but will be back next week. This week I’m working on a Literacy tour and having so much fun!

    Your review of Beautiful Dead was wonderful, by the way. Thanks so much for hosting this, I always look forward to it!

  21. Hi Sheila
    Well, I actually had time to get around this week to several different Monday reading posts and commented on 18.

    Thanks so much for your comments on my page, and have a GREAT week!

  22. I’m hoping to finish a couple books this week, but it’s not looking good so far! I did, however, manage to comment on 10 blogs. Thank you for encouraging us to do that. My TBR list is growing longer and longer!

  23. I actually visited 20 bolgs this week and commented at each one!! YAHOO! Thank you for hosting “It’s Monday” it’s so much fun to make the connection with other bloggers!

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