Morning Meanderings…

Morning!  Coffee Cup and I are enjoying a little quiet time before my day goes from zero (now) to 120 (an hour from now).

I have always appreciated good commercials.  At one time I even considered going into advertising because a good witty commercial really appeals to me.  (Oh come on….. am I the only one that watches the Super Bowl for the commercials?)

Over the last week I have seen a commercial that cracks me up every time I see it.  Whoever created this one – it is brilliant.  I laugh every time.  Nicely done!

Today I have a day in the office, some work to do at home, and a review coming up in a little while.

Do you have any favorite commercials?

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  1. My recent favorite commercials are the Snickers ads, where people “aren’t themselves” until they have a Snickers. I loved the Betty White one that was shown during the Superbowl. So hysterical!


  2. Ok. That was hilarious. I’m going to have to share that one.
    Hope your day goes smoothly!!

    • Thanks Erin…. that “look at your man… now look at me…. look at your man…. now back at me” just cracks me up!

  3. They showed this commercial on The Early Show this morning just so they could laugh, and also talk about it…I liked it too.

  4. I hadn’t seen this ad, but it is very clever! It’s an ad that I would watch and not zip through with fast forward and that is saying something. I love a good ad. Some of my recent favorites were the ATT ads where people missed doing something good since they didn’t have enough bars

  5. Sheila, My husband is in advertising – watching commercials is an entirely different experience, he pauses TV and critiques almost everyone (what’s working, what isn’t). We actually evaluate them on a regular basis. I will have to ask him about the old spice ad :).

    I think this ad is funny – but we are the target market. And since we are talking about it – well done!

    • mari – right, we are the target audience and that is funny because Old Spice to me reminds me of something my dad would have used. It is not a product I would consider buying but they did a nice job giving it a face lift! LOL

  6. I hadn’t seen this one, but it’s hilarious! I used to enjoy the Geico Cave Man commercials, but then some of then were kind of ridiculous.

  7. I saw this the other day and was just cracking up! It is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. I hope you have a good day even it is a busy one!

  8. The Dorito ninja commercial that was played during the superbowl killed me, I think because I see a little of myself in that one! lol

  9. omg, I LOVE that commercial!! What a great actor, too, he really pulled that off. I actually saw a short commercial with him yesterday, not as good, but still funny 🙂

  10. This one is great. I love the one with the dog who puts his bone in the safety deposit box. Love it!

  11. As a man who doesn’t look or smell like that… well, I still think it’s funny. And at risk of pigeon-holing myself, I confess that my favorite commercial is a beer commercial. A big beer commercial. An epic beer ad.

    Other than that, it’s probably the MacGyver Visa commercial from a few years back.

  12. This commercial has me cracking up every time I see it too. I’m waiting for it to air when my man is in the room with me! i actually did take advertising, so I get the love!

    • Al is still in Honduras Jody but yeah – that will be funny when he is home…. I think I know the commercial by heart now.

  13. This commercial is not only great but you also remember who the commercial is for. Sometimes I see a great commercial but in the end I can’t remember who was advertising. This one is always referred to as “the Old Spice commerical.” Best yet–it really caught the eye of young men in my house–just the demographic Old Spice needs to try to capture.

    • Right Lisa – to me, Old Spice is outdated….. dads and grandpas use it. They really put a twist on it to let you know it is appealing to younger men….. brilliant.

  14. I don’t watch live tv (I DVR everything I watch) so I’ve only caught a glimpse of this while speeding through commercials. I did back up and watch this one last night and it was toooo funny! I watched it like 5 times!!!

    My favorites are the babies in the e*trade commercials.

    • Vicki I laughed when you said you watched it 5 times. I love YouTube…..

      Oh yeah the E trade commercials….. maybe I can pull that one up tomorrow – LOL

  15. I miss out on all the commercials because I don’y watch tv, but the end really cracked me up when he says that he’s on a horse.

    • Nicole I dont watch a lot of TV either, but I had Biggest Loser recorded from when we were gone and I was watching it last night…. so funny!

      I like the horse part too… so random.

  16. LOL! I remember seeing that commercial during the superbowl. It was one I was just a little stuned by while watching it, then chuckle afterward. I enjoyed it too. Hope you had a great day!

    Oh, I did make it to talk to that one friend over the weekend. Actually, I got to go see her for a few hours. It was fun.

    Have a great night!

  17. This is one of our favorite commercials! My favorite part is the end, when he says “I’m on a horse”. Love his voice!

    And no, you’re not the only one who watches the Superbowl for the commercials! I even watch any show that features Best Commercials of the Year, as I love witty, memorable ads!

  18. i keep seeing the whole series of commercials that Old Spice has concocted and laugh out loud every time they are playing. to make it even funnier, my 85 year old father wears Old Spice…

    • the little reader, yes – thats what makes it so good – it really has been an item that I think of as something my dad would have used… this gives it a new face.

  19. Too funny. Actually, I do buy my DH Old Spice body wash, etc. He has used it a long time. I too watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

    One commercial that someone sent me is for William Lawson’s Scotch Whiskey. It features two rugby teams meeting mid-field, one doing an intimidating Maori war chant, the other team (men in kilts responding). I guess I’m warped, but I love it. It is so typical of the male – no matter the age or the country.

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