It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last week J Kaye over at J Kaye’s Blog had passed the torch of this meme to me.  I am thrilled to carry this meme on and for me it is a great way to lay out my reading plan each week.

Last week I encouraged each of you to go out and comment on participants posts of this meme.  Most of us love to receive comments on our blogs and I kicked off the transfer of this post with a weekly challenge for each of you who participate to go out and comment on other It’s Monday What Are You reading Posts.  You were then asked to stop back  and received an entry into a drawing for every 10 blogs you commented on.  Our winner from last week is:

Alaine – Queen of Happy Endings

Congratulations!  You get to choose an item out of the Prize Box !  Let me know your pick here as well as email me at journeythroughbooks (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address (*if you are out of USA or Canada you will be offered a $10 Amazon gift card instead)

Remember this contest is weekly!  To enter just go and comment on other It’s Monday What Are You Reading posts by linking to them here.  Comment on at least 10 and you have all week to do it.  Want to comment on more than 10? Say 20? Ok, I like your style! 20 will get you 2 entries, 30 will get you 3, etc…  *Be sure to let me know in a comment here how many you commented on so I may include you in the drawing!

My week was crazy since last Monday.  Last Monday I was in Florida, flew home on Tuesday, left for Illinois by car on Thursday and returned home Sunday.  Reading I accomplished during that time was:

The Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Walking On Broken Glass by Crista Allan

Love and War by John and Stasi Eldredge

The Choice By Susan Woods Fisher

Wounded by Claudia Mair Burney (not reviewed yet)

Swoon At Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter (not reviewed yet)

Penguin Luck by Kay Mupetson (not reviewed yet)

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher (still reading)

This week Al leaves on Thursday for Honduras and I will have the house to myself for 10 days!  No meal planning means more reading time!  Here is my plan for this week:

That’s my week and I am excited to read about your yours!  Connect your post of Its Monday!  What Are You Reading? to the Linky here.

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153 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Wow busy and you got that much reading done. I’m jealous of you having 10 days to yourself 🙂 I was daydreaming about this earlier.

    Thirteen Reasons Why and The Hotel….. are on my TBR lists.

    Going to post now and come back to link.

    1. Hi Alaine – congratulations! 🙂 Just click on the prize box and let me know what you would like. I could not remember where you live so if you are out of the US I will send a gift card for $10 through your email.

  2. Love that pile to be read. Sadly my week is the opposite – big family wedding and I’ll be away for most of the time.

    Enjoy your quiet time!

  3. Finally picked up The Thirteenth Tale so very much looking forward to it. Just found your blog, I love it- thank you so much for doing it!

  4. Oh! I’m really going to have to go back and read your review of The Choice. I’ve been seeing it a lot recently and I’m almost about to pick it up!

    And I’m very interested in seeing what you think of Merlin’s Harp, it seems like it could be really good. Enjoy your home to yourself this week! How fun is that!

  5. Wow you managed to get a lot of reading done considering how busy you were! I had a really slow week which is silly because there wasn’t any real reason for it (I think I just spent too much time blog surfing LOL)

    1. Plane rides and then a 9 hour drive each way to Illinois and back this weekend really gave me a lot of reading time. 🙂

      Thanks Jennifer – I am looking forward to the 10 days!

  6. Ohhhhh meta-book! You got a meta-book on Lost!! ::snuggles meta essay books:: They are a personal obsession for me and my favorite fandoms (mostly Joss Whedon, Battlestar, Farscape…er…its a long list).

    …I think I have a blog topic I want to post!

      1. XD Any excuse to discuss meta-fandom is a good excuse in my book. I mean, stepping outside of Buffy-land, there are dozens upon dozens of meta books about Fairy tales, mythology, science fiction…

        its odd, but I suppose even though the books are heavily geared towards the academic side of things (lots of lingo I gotta look up) they’re some of the most interesting reads ever for me.

        I would give my kidneys to be able to audit some of the meta-classes that those Ivy League schools have. On Star Trek, Buffy, Star Wars, Anime…seriously, I’d love to have a Masters in Buffy Studies XD

  7. that’s a whole lot of books! i’m always green with envy of readers who can read more than two books a week because i can’t, even if i don’t have work to do for a week.

    how awesome!! 10 days of more reading time! happy reading 🙂

  8. Hi, Sheila! Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so envious that you have that The Gospel According to Lost book. I’m a big fan of the series!

    1. Kathy the ceremony was so beautiful! All those flags… his class had over 1,000 graduate. It was pretty emotional. I am going to share a bit about it tomorrow in my morning meanderings.

  9. Wow… even with the trip, you did a lot of reading!! Great books looking ahead too. I’m curious about The Gospel according to LOST. I am a HUGE LOST fan, so anything to do with LOST gets me interested! 🙂

  10. Traveling is the perfect time to read, I always bring a few books along whenever I travel, it’s nice to have options. I look forward to reading your review of Thirteen Reasons Why. It has been on to be read list since it came out, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Enjoy your ten days of no meal planning and lots of reading!

  11. Congrats to Alaine!

    I think it would take 10 days just for me to get caught up on my computer stuff…

    Enjoy your books! It looks like you have quite a week lined up there!

    1. Its been interesting Jennifer G. I did fall behind on the emails and the comments. By the time I would get back in our hotel I was so emotionally shot I could only read a few pages and fall asleep.

      I do have high hopes for this week! 🙂

    1. Thanks Alexia – 18 hours in a car, 4 hours on a plane, a 3 hour lay over in Minneapolis, and 3 hours in a hotel waiting while my son went to a movie with his girlfriend pretty much made my reading week. 🙂

  12. Ten whole days without worrying about meals? Sounds fantabulous! To me, that’s the best part. I could eat cereal for dinner every night and it wouldn’t matter 🙂 Enjoy.

    A slow reading week for me; I’ve done nothing since Friday but watch the Olympics.

    Okay, now off to comment!!

    1. Thats a good thing Lynne! 🙂 After three weeks of pretty much eating out every day I need to get back tot eh gym this afternoon and get back on track for spring. Our first bike ride is April 25 and I want to be 100% ready to ride in top condition!

  13. I wish I could focus that much on reading when I travel! I try to read a lot, but I usually just end up staring out the window.

    PS – I’ve commented on 30 blogs so far this morning, and that’s probably all I’ll get to today!

  14. Wow! I’m way down on the list! I forgot to come here to comment, but instead started clicking on the links!

    I’ve done ten so far…I’ll be back for more after my shower! LOL

    As usual, your books look awesome!

  15. Well, I am just glad its Monday and I am reading Monday posts. I think I am constantly a day behind anymore. lol.

    Oh well, on to Monday. I am hoping to finish up my arc copy of ~ and Falling, fly. I am enjoying it now. So, I am thinking of doing 2 posts on this; one on the book and a little on the author and second being my review.

    I am hoping to start into Demon Bound next.

    Hope you have a great week, and had a great time with you son.

    1. Helen I have hardly grazed the surface but hope to get into a bit more when I go to the gym in a couple hours and then later this afternoon. I have been waiting to read this one for a long time!

  16. Merlin’s Harp looks fantastic! I want to read that one myself.

    I finished 4 books this past week *very proud of herself*

    Okay, so far this is my 10th comment. I have to leave in a bit but when I get back I’ll comment on more and post back here again. 😀

  17. I am hoping to read Merlin’s Harp. It sounds like a book I’d like. What did you think of Wounded? I have read one of her other books (I think it was called Zora and Nicky) and I loved it. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Enjoy your extra reading time.

    So far I have commented on 20 blogs and found some new ones to follow. This is a great idea!

    1. HI Christina,

      I enjoyed Wounded and really had a lot to think about in this book. I am part of a Round Table discussion on this book later this month so I will not post my review until then.

  18. I hear you on the no meal planning thing…it is amazing how much more reading time I have when my husband’s traveling for work!

    Thanks again for this meme.

  19. I have just ordered Merlin’s Harp. I would love to know what you think of it when you are finished. I just saw it online and ordered it, but I really have no idea what it’s about. I just liked the name of the book.

    I will return later and let you know how many blogs I commented on. I’ve got to go and feed the kiddies first (lol).

  20. Looks like you got a ton of reading in last week! Does it make me a bad person to say that sometimes I love it when my husband is traveling so I can just veg out with a book and ignore the rest of the stuff that takes up so much of my time when he’s around? 😉

  21. I’m reading SO Cold the River and listening to Baker Towers this week.

    I can’t wait to read your review on 13 reasons why – I have wanted to read this one too.

    Welcome back from vacation!

  22. I commented on 10 blogs. I even added some more books to my wish list. Like I’ve said before, my husband just shakes his head whenever I do that, but he’s wiser now and doesn’t say anything anymore. I love this meme, thanks for hosting!!!!

  23. Typing with a sore hand, I’d like to announce I’ve commented on 20 blogs. Possibly more, but… It seems like I got on a roll and couldn’t stop!

    I’ve added 6 books to my TBR. Thanks a LOT, people! JK

  24. Looking at your collection for the week, I have to say Merlin’s Harp looks interesting. Don’t know anything about any of the other books on your list to comment though.

  25. You had a great reading week!!! I love to read couldn’t imagine my life without a book!! Thanks again for hosting this meme. I loved visiting other blogs. I clicked on 20+ that were new to me and enjoyed it so much. But now there are like 10+ new books that I must read!! 😀

    1. Staci – I would have gone crazy in a car for 9 hours to Illinois and then two days later 9 hours back if I did not have a book. Actually – since I was reading it wasnt that bad at all.

  26. Thanks for carrying on this meme.. I love it. Get many good book titles added to my list this way. Enjoy your time alone for reading and relaxing!

  27. Wow, you had a busy week! I read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet last year and it was one of my favorite reads as well. Thanks for hosting this great meme!

  28. Sheila not sure if I am doing this write but I commented on the first 20 sites on mr linky
    this week..I may try to go back and do more later but is this how I enter the contest? It is fun visiting all these great blogs. You learn tons of new titles and meet great friends.

    1. Yup Joy thats how you do it – just pick any random links to comment on. The point is to get out there and read about new books and see some wonderful looking blogs. Sounds like you did that 🙂

  29. I commented to 10
    Minding the Middle
    Kristi @ Needlepoint
    Rambling Librarian Assit.
    Amy Steele
    Great Books

  30. I’m glad you liked The Choice too. I haven’t heard a negative comment yet, and I’m eager to start it. Thanks for the meme. I replied to 10. I’ll go for 20 next week. I’m 5 hours behind EST, so I’ll have to start on Sunday.

  31. I finished Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief . Am listening to Eldest by Paolini. Am reading Angel by Carla Neggers at home and have a Christine Feehan book at work I’m working on. Am also reading a book on the Battle of Valcour Bay which took place during the Revolutionary War.

  32. Hi – it is the end of the week and I am finally getting time to visit some Monday Blog posts! Thanks for visiting me. I do not know how you find the time for all of your blogging and reading!

    I haven’t read a single author or book you read last week or have for this week ! I’ll have to peek at some of your reviews.

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