The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

“Did anyone ask where you were this afternoon?” Sol asked her.

“No,” Carrie answered, still smiling. “Dad and Eli were so excited about purchasing the orchards that it was all anyone was talking about.”

“Surprised me to see Andy with you. Think that was wise?”

“Aw, it was a birthday present for him. He won’t tell.” Carrie was quiet for a moment. “I won’t be here for his actual birthday.” Her heart caught for a moment.

Sol didn’t seem to notice the quiver in her voice. “So we’ll tell our folks Sunday afternoon, just like we talked about. On Monday, I’ll be on the team bus to Long Island, but you can follow on a Greyhound as soon as you can. I thought we could get married in New York, the day you arrive. How does that sound?”

Carrie didn’t answer right away. She glanced back at the big white farmhouse. The moonlight shone behind it, casting a bluish hue over it. The night was so quiet and peaceful, the barn and the house filled with sleeping people and animals. An owl hooted once, then twice.

Then her eyes caught on a shadowy figure and she gasped. Daniel Miller was sitting on the fence across from the phone shanty, watching her.


I have really taken a liking to the books I have read over this past year involving the Amish Community. Carrie is a wonderfully strong main character that I took a liking to immediately. The Lancaster County Amish setting was well thought through and author Suzanne Woods Fisher does not disappoint when it comes to details.  I felt I really took away a deeper knowledge of the Amish through my reading of this book.

This book was one that once picked up did not get put down until I turned that last page.  There are several deaths early in the book but it only contributes to strength of the characters.  With such a strong character drive, Suzanne Woods Fisher drives us right through an incredible journey of faith and truth.  And author Suzanne knows what she is talking about having lived in a world between English and Amish all her life with many relatives living the Amish life.

I really enjoyed this read.


Suzanne Woods Fisher’s interest in the Anabaptist cultures can be directly traced to her grandfather, W. D. Benedict, who was raised in the Dunkard Brethren Church in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Benedict eventually became publisher of Christianity TodayToday’s Christian Woman, Worldwide Challenge, ParentLife, Christian Parenting Today, and Marriage Partnership. She has contributed to several nonfiction books and is the author of  Amish Peace and two novels. Fisher resides in Alamo, California.

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25 thoughts on “The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

    1. wordlily, I like learning about the Amish ways and this book really gave me some strong ideas on their culture thanks to the great visual picture set out for us readers by the author.

  1. I’ve been looking for this book at my library and now I really have to get my hands on it. I lived near Shipshewana and totally loved being in the Mennonite/Amish community in Indiana. These books always make me appreciate life a little bit more and they tend to make me slow down and really look at what is going on!

  2. Hi Sheila!

    Just popping by to say thank you so much for your review of “The Choice!” And also for taking the time to post it on Amazon, too. Wow…your blog gets so many comments! How awesome–shows you’re doing it well.

    And your review was awesome, too–I was thrilled to see some of the things you noticed! Even in your comments to your bleaders (blog + readers = bleaders)…loved that you brought out the plot and the threads of faith!

    Warmly, Suzanne Fisher

    1. Thank you Suzanne – I really appreciate your kind words. Your book was a pleasure to read! I like to interact with the comments and create ongoing conversations with the postings here. It is fun to involve the “bleaders” (nice word by the way) and I enjoy hearing their thoughts on the book.


  4. Nice review!

    I also enjoyed “The Choice” and look forward to reading Suzanne Woods Fisher’s next novel.

    I thought the plot was great – robust and satisfying – like a flavourful wine. There were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. There were love triangles, wise old grandmas, wise elders who gave loving counsel, caring sisters, jail birds, guarded secrets, mystery, and sweet, sweet romance. The chemistry between the two main characters was very believable and I enjoyed it immensely.

    I wrote a more in-depth review on my own web-site


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