Its Monday! What Are You Reading?

Yes I am on vacation but really – the book reading does not stop for that!  🙂  I packed several books….  ok… 11 actually, for the trip.  I have a bit of down time and looking forward to just me and a book.  🙂  Thank you to J Kaye for this wonderful weekly meme that lets us share what is on our reading plate for the week!

Last week:

The Fruit Of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina

War Child by Emmanuel Jal

Becca By The Book by Laura Jensen Walker

I joined the 2010 A Buck A Book Challenge

A Black Tie Affair by Sherill Bodine (With a giveaway!)

The Mercy Seller by Brenda Ruckman Vantrease

Oh and that idea of Book Blogger Convention Maybe?  Well it now is a yes!  Thanks to Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness who is going to share a room with me for the 2 days after BEA so we can both attend the convention!

So what is in store for this week?

Yes – 5 books all planning to be read this week.  Can I do it?  I believe I can….  Beguiled is actually up for review here today – I just have a few pages to finish.  With Al at the auction on Tuesday and on Thursday that gives me almost full days of reading.

How about you – what are you reading this week?  I would love to know and if you write a post be sure to link it at J Kaye’s Blog so we can all take a peek at your reads!

63 thoughts on “Its Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Can’t wait to read your reivew of Dream House. I am thinking about bringing this on vacation next weekend.

    It sounds like you are enjoying your vacation, warm weather is a welcome change from winter in the midwest.

  2. I will probably only get one book in this week. I am hoping to finish my current book tonight – Nyphron Rising by Michael Sullivan. I hope to get this review up asap. Then get to the next short story in Inked and to my next book here Wend. I will see where I get to, as I just read to slow.

    Have a great reading week!

    1. Melissa I have the Michael Sullivan books at home and I am excited to start them but feel when I do I will be reading all three together because I have heard they are fantastic.

      1. I have really enjoyed these books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. The great thing on these books is there is a complete story in each book, begin and end. Although there is an underlying thread through all the books to what is going on in a bigger picture.

        Another great thing with these books is Michael is publishing these every six months. So theres not much of a break in getting the books. Hopefully I don’t forget very much between books. lol.

    1. LOL wordlilly, we are here so my husband can go to the equipment auctions. He usually goes alone but thought I would join him this year. My level of equipment auction interest is enough to fit in a teaspoon so I get to hang out at my cousins and chill while he does auctions. 🙂

      I will go with him a couple days towards the end of the week… but a book will go too!

      1. Yeah, I had it figured out that he was pretty busy with other things for this trip, at least so far. :p Still, sounds like a great plan. Is he going to the equipment auctions as part of vacation, or is he on business?

      2. (replying to your comment below)

        He is on business and we take a few breaks in between. Tomorrow (if it stops raining!) we are going to take a day and go to Disney World. I love that! Currently though as I look out the window we are in a serious down pore and I hope he is not in all this rain in Orlando!

        (Perfect reading weather but I would have liked to have gone outside a bit!)

      3. Totally! You escape to Florida in the dead of winter; it might be nice to be outside a little. 🙂 Well, hopefully the sun shines on you tomorrow so you can enjoy Disney World — Epcot is my favorite.

  3. i’ve read your review on a black tie affair. Everybody seems giving good reviews on this one..I havent read this one yet. Unfortunately cant find in nearest store at my area.But will check on this one later.

    and good luck!

  4. Well, I’m not sure how much reading’s going to happen. LOST comes back this week, and we’re trying to watch all the past seasons so we’ll be ready to go.

    I’m in the middle of Graceling, which is quite enjoyable, and I doing about a chapter or so a day of The Fellowship of the Rings for the LOTR Readalong. AND reading James and the Giant Peach with Mags, and reading Dead Until Dark, but not really liking it too well. Other than that, I’m not sure what this week will bring 🙂

  5. My family knows that vacation means insane amounts of reading for me (and really obnoxiously heavy suitcases since I not only bring books, I inevitably buy some as well ::grin::).

  6. Hi Sheila, I just entered your Black Tie Affair contest, and Home is Where the Wine is? I LOVE that title. Look forward to hearing about THAT one 🙂 lol

    So jealous that you’ve got all that reading time to yourself. Mmmm, mmmm…what I wouldn’t give…

    I mentioned you in my post today. Got my Say You’re One of Them CD. Yay.
    Lynne’s Book Reviews

  7. Looking forward to your review of Searching for Tina Turner, as I’ve had my eye on that one but still haven’t made up my mind.

    Love that you took 11 books with you, then bought even more! I usually just bring a couple for the plane, then buy a few whenever I find a local bookstore.

    So happy that you found a roommate so you can go to the book bloggers convention as well! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it or not, but would love to attend.

  8. I usually don’t do the what are you reading monday because I’m too ashamed of my mediocre reading habits! My goal is to really pick up the pace for February even though I have loads of reading for my Art History and African American History classes!

    You have some great ones planned this week. Hope you’re having a great vacation!

    1. Oh Michelle – it doesnt matter if you have 1 you are reading or five. I usually overestimate what I can get done in a week 🙂

      I hope you will join us in the coming weeks….. and thanks, vacation has been fun!

  9. You have a great mix of fun, interesting and powerful books here! I read A Long Way Gone which is about boy soldiers in Sierra Leone, so sad. I hadn’t heard of the Mercy Seller before, but I think I would really like to read it. Thanks!

    It looks like you have a great line up for next week as well, happy reading!

    I like your blog.

  10. I’m reading The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perotta and really enjoying it.

    I also read and loved Notes from the Refrigerator Door – I came out of my recent retirement to post a review!


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Looks like you have some good ones to read on vacation! And I am absolutely going to read War Child. That one looks excellent.

  12. MarthaE

    You always have such a varied mix Sheila! That looks ambitious to read 5! Even on vacation! Happy reading to you!

    I am going to join the buck a book! GREAT idea!!

    BTW – you’ve been doing some new and nice things to your blog!
    See you next week!

  13. Linda Henderson

    I’m reading The Mammoth Book of Paranormal right now. The stories are short so they go pretty fast.

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