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Good morning from Florida!  How nice it is to wake up without snow!  Al is off this morning to check out the equipment auctions in Orlando and I am at my cousins home in Deland, Florida.   Alone.  Solitude. Oh yeah.  🙂

Cousins House in Florida

Al doesn’t get this.  He kept telling me, “You realize I will be gone all day.  You will have no car, no way to venture out.”

What he has trouble understanding is that this is perfect for me.  I like nothing more than the occasional (and oh so rare) days of nothingness.  Life lately had been running from one commitment to another…. trying to juggle home, two offices, phone calls, appointments…  here I have none of that.  Today is going to be a day of books and catching up with my bookish friends on their blogs.

How about you?  When you are given the rare opportunity to have a day of “no commitments” what do you like to do with it?

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  1. Oh, total bliss, that’s what a day like that brings to me!

    Lately I’ve been so crazy-busy…like today, I thought I was going to have a peaceful time of solitude, for blogging and reading.

    But my grandson came at 5:30 today…last-minute situation, and I had to get up VERY early to do blog posts, etc.

    When I have a day without appts, etc., I love to read and check blogs, watch movies that I’ve recorded…and just veg. out!

    Have a good one!

  2. What a super day to have to yourself! We are so busy all of the time, that it’s hard to carve out that reading/me time without feeling somewhat guilty! I would definitely curl up with a book and the dog for most of a found day! Habit would have me throwing in a couple loads of laundry!

    • Julie – oh yeah… I cant help myself, they havent been here in a while so I will be doing some dusting and a few projects myself… nothing major though. All my work i have left many many miles away back at home. 🙂

  3. About a year ago, my husband gave me a wonderful Valentine’s present. He drove me to a local hotel at the beach on a Friday, dropped me off and said, “Goodbye– see you Sunday afternoon!”

    I spent 2 1/2 days all by myself! I slept in, walked the beach, did pilates in my hotel room, read, watched TV, played on the computer… it was GREAT!! I’d been really stressed before that weekend, and while I was gone I lost 3 pounds from the stress release!

    This year hubby is sending me to Charleson, SC on my own to a First Place 4 Health conference. I’m looking forward to the hours alone in the car with some audio books!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

    • Laura that is wonderful! Some people may not think so but I totally get that. We have a cabin in Minnesota, about 3 hours from our home and sometimes I just want to escape to it for a long weekend of doing just what you described above.

  4. I’d put my computer somewhere where I couldn’t get at it.. and spend the day reading. I would love to do that!

    • Lydia – I will have moments like that to I hope while we are gone here – but feel like I have hardly had time to do one of things I love lately which is to go and visit all of you and see what is happening in your reading lives. 🙂 I am really excited to do that!

  5. I like nothing better than to have a day with nothing to do–alone. I think women enjoy this more than men??

    Have a great time in FL and your day of solitude.

    • Diane I think so too! Al acts like I am nuts… and I am thinking you have no idea how much I just need to unwind. 🙂 If I get brave and since I am alone… I am going to try to do laps int hat pool…..LOL

  6. I’m with you Sheila…everyone go do your thing and leave me to my beach and books! I know when we go to Mexico in April that I will probably be left alone on the beach all day long while my hubby and kids go wandering through town, but do I care? Absolutely not!

  7. I’m glad you get some alone time to unwind!

    I’d spend the day at the beach, walking and reading!

  8. Sheila-you have no idea-how much I envy you today-the house all to yourself. Can I tell you how tired I am. It is the theme for January-tomorrow yes Sat. the team is getting together. I need some rest. Yawn. Enjoy.

  9. I absolutely love having the house to myself – it doesn’t happen very often though!

    I have an award for you, here:

    • Not for me either Alanna….. about the time I get done doing all the things I do and get home, get dinner going – then Al is home and onward we go. 🙂

  10. Leave me alone all day … in a quiet house?? On no! Don’t throw me in that briar patch! 🙂

  11. I don’t know that I’d know what to do!!! For sure, I’d read. I’d probably want all modern conveniences of the TV, internet, phone, etc turned off. Might treat myself to a pedicure (never had one!) and a massage (have only had 1 in my life!).

    I think it would be hard for me to do this though…I’ve never spent a day/night away from my kids. I can’t imagine having all that time to myself without them. They are my world!!

    • Oh Julie – pedicures are wonderful! It took me forever to do it but once you do you wonder what took you so long! My kids are grown otherwise I would be in the same boat as you…. these sort of adventures are new (within the last couple years) now that we have one out of town in College and the other in the Navy.

  12. Sounds really lovely, I hope you have a wonderful day!

  13. A day with no commitments. I would spend it reading, web surfing and watching a movie or two. Simplicity at it’s best.

  14. Lucky you Sheila! Enjoy your quiet time. I have no where the hectic schedule that you normally do so I have many quiet days up here in the mountains and away from town/city life. My obligations are spaced out and not usually heaped one on top of the other. Now if I could have all of this with no snow and at the very least a hot tub I’d be in heaven! I hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

  15. I would spend the day in my favorite sweats reading, enjoying some tea, and maybe watching a favorite movie.

    I have an award for you to enjoy!

    Enjoy your day!

    • Beth – thank you – I am now adding tea to my day! 🙂 Great idea… I am still in my sweats as the hot water heater hasnt made the water warm enough yet to have me venture any further…. and I am ok with that. I never get to do this!

  16. Ahhh, I would either read the books that are sitting waiting for me; or I would read blogs on the internet.
    All the while, sipping some Coke Classic and eating Cashews!

  17. I would love it if I could go up to a cabin in the woods with no TV or Internet — I could read and write and drink tea and stare at the trees…oh, it would be glorious!

    Alas, now I’m a bit gumblecakes because I’m at work…

  18. Oh, how I would love to have a day like the one you’re having! No snow, no one around–books, pool. Sounds divine!

    • Lisa I think it will be divine when I quit being so tired. I feel worn out. I am hoping to come back and be ready to start the world on fire again 🙂

      (Ok maybe nothing so dramatic…LOL)

  19. Like you, my energy is recharged by being alone. I wish my husband were like Laura’s! To be sent away somewhere by myself? That would be heaven!

    My husband and I have traveled in the past for his work and when he had to leave for meetings he was just like Al…”What are you going to do all day? Are you going to be okay?” Uhhhh, yaaaah….

    Wherever I am or wherever I go, I never feel alone as long as I have books.

  20. Oh how I would love a day like this. I am so envious.

  21. How awesome is that!?! Tell Al that you all need to say there for the winter. 🙂

  22. We have 4 inches of snow on the ground and I’m so jealous of the pool right now

  23. Glad you are with out snow!

    Ah, a day of nothing? I don’t think I know what that is. There seems to always be something going on here. And my loving husband is one of those people that can NOT sit down for longer than 5 minutes. So he keeps all sorts of things going here. Love him for it, but at times I love to have my hide-away day. Which it has been a while since I have had one. Usually summer time is easier to steal one of those. Winter – the house is always a mess, so always work there.

    Hope you do have a lot of fun!

  24. Sounds like my idea of the perfect vacation! Once went with my husband when he entered a golf tournement. He was worried about me being alone all day & couldn’t understand that that was the whole point! To be blissfully alone with nothing to do! Pure bliss!

    Enjoy the pool!

  25. I wish I was there by that pool. We had wind chills of 20-30 below yesterday. The air temp this morning (without wind) is right around 4 below.

    I do enjoy a day of nothingness. I like to stay in comfy clothes and curl up with a book or a computer game. Those are the best days!

  26. Don’t really have days with no commitments. On vacation, we rarely have days apart. If we did, I’d take my time at the museums and just wander through little shops to see the variety of things they have. If I couldn’t get out, I’d indulge myself in a good book or two and try to catch up with my emails.

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