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So some days…. I admit to being a little slow.  Lets take yesterday for instance, I posted my meandering in the morning and went about my business for the day popping in a couple times throughout the afternoon.  It wasn’t until 10 pm at night when I sat down with a cup of chocolate ice cream and my lap top that I seen that Peter over at Kyusi Reader had featured my book shelves on his blog!  I really need to be more alert LOL!

Peter likes to feature book shelves on his blog so if you wish to share your pictures stop on by and let him know!  🙂

So here is my crazy weird Saturday morning thought…. on your bookshelves – what is a book that has been on your shelf a long long time and is still unread.  How long has it been there?  Why is it still unread?

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  1. Good morning!

    Well, I have two types of bookshelves. I have the ones that are here with me in Florida, and then I have shelves of books that are in storage in North Carolina. We moved here in 2006 and I could only bring a few books with me.

    So in my Florida collection, I would say that the oldest unread book would have to be The Gospel According to Tolkien by Ralph Wood, a former Wake Forest University professor of mine. I got it a few years ago when LOTR was in theaters and I was reading the books for the first time. I can’t believe I haven’t read that one yet.

    In my boxed-up collection… hmmm….I’d have to say that the oldest book would have to be Moby Dick, which is just on my “Bucket List” of books I want to read one day.

    Laura Hartness

    1. Laura – I have a large beautiful book of the entire works of Tolkien that I do not know if I will ever get to! I bought it because it was Tolkien, hard cover, huge, excellent condition and 50 cents at a library sale!

  2. What a great topic! I have two that are vying for this spot and both were auto-buy authors until the books that are still sitting on my shelf. One is Black Wind by Clive Cussler and the other is With Every Breath by Lynn Kurland.

  3. I have way too many books in that pile that have been sitting there far too long to narrow it down to just one. That is the very reason I quit accepting books for review so I could read all of them!!

  4. It was only in the past three months or so that I actually inventoried my TBR shelves, and I now feel more in control of it.

    But in the process, I discovered some books that had been on my stacks since BEFORE I sold my house in the foothills…and that was almost three years ago! One of those…Big Bad Wolf, by James Patterson.

    And I don’t know that it’s the OLDEST one on the shelves, but I do know it’s been there at least three years!

    I know I want to read it, too, but I think that the press of review books and other books just keeps interfering! This year, though. I’m sure I’ll read it this year! LOL.

  5. Cori

    I have an embarrassing number of books on my TBR shelf. I’m not sure if it’s been there the longest, but I can’t even remember a time when Anna Karenina was not there.

    I too, though, looooove being surrounded by books!

  6. After going to my first book sale last year and still having about 25 unread books on my shelf from that day, I’ve decided not to go to book sales anymore. The problem is that I see so many NEW books that come out that the old ones on my shelf don’t look as appealing anymore. But I still do want to read them! Perhaps I need to join a “Read Your Own Books” challenge.

    1. That is exactly what i do Lynne… I fall in love with covers, and sales and sights and smells…. I bring home bags of books to decorate the shelves…. to leave on bed side tables…. and keep being drawn in by the new as well…

  7. Les Miserables has been on my shelves since I was 18, bearing in mind I am now 38, that is a hell of a long time. The reason I haven’t read it, is because it so huge!

  8. Oh my gosh, there are several I haven’t read after so long…but one in particular has been on my shelves for over 20 years (Heidi by Johanna Spyri) and I keep meaning to read it and WILL but just never seem to get around to it. So many books, not enough time!! 🙂

    1. I know Jeannie! Maybe we should start a group that all passes their “book that has yet to be read” on to one of the others and they read it and review and send it back to you. That way maybe if we seen reviews on it we would be – wowo that sounds good and we would read it! LOL

  9. I have so many, but I think the oldest one is Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. I never read it because it was #8 in the Alex Cross Series and I didn’t want to read the series out of order. I still don’t have any of the others in the series!!

  10. I’ve had Green by Ted Dekker sitting on my shelf for about 5 months now. I need to read it! In fact.. I think I will after I finish this next book!

  11. Lydia have you read Black, Red and White by Decker? I tried starting with Green and was lost in the language…. I am going to try again but from the beginning.

  12. Congratulations on having your bookshelves featured! I love his bookshelf project, but I always come away with a serious case of bookshelf envy. *L*

    I’m another one who has an embarrassing number of unread books on my shelves. No idea which one is the oldest, but I’m sure I have a couple of titles over 15 years old. My problem is I want to read the bright, shiny new books and keep forgetting about the books I already have. Someday….

  13. Julie H.

    Remember the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I loved it, wanted to read the book. There it sits, for what, maybe ten years now??

  14. You really want to know -way to many to list-Medicus for one, another book that I purchased in Ireland about 6 years ago-yikes. I need to catch up before buying any more.

  15. I can’t name just one book that is still on the shelf, as I think there are a couple. I keep coming up with other books that as long as I have them here I know I will read them. Only I keep putting them off, for no good reason at all. I think one of them is an old Patricia Briggs book and a book from Raymond Fiest – I think the La Mut one. I will get to them one of these days. lol.

  16. Maria N.

    So many books, so little time… Before I read these comments, I thought I was the only one with an embarassing number of unread books on my shelves. I am inveterate book buyer. Every time I buy a new book (who can resist a great title or cover or glowing review?), I tell myself that’s the last one. Positively. But then… Anyway, I feel rich just looking at all those books in my giant bookcase. And I honestly think one does absorb their energy.

  17. librarypat

    I have 36 bookcases in my house. I can’t pass up a book that looks good. I come back from trips with literally boxes of books. I bring home many each week. I can’t read that fast, so I’ve way too many books I really want to read, but don’t have the time. What I’d really like to read are my Diana Gabaldon books.

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