Crazy School by Cornelia Read – Giveaway!!!

Thanks to Hachette Book Group for giving me 3 of these books for giveaway!

Giveaway is now closed – thank you 🙂

rom the acclaimed author of A FIELD OF DARKNESS comes another compelling novel featuring the acerbic and memorable voice of ex-debutante Madeline Dare. Madeline Dare has finally escaped rust-belt Syracuse, New York, for the lush Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. After her husband’s job offer falls through, Maddie signs on as a teacher at the Santangelo Academy, a boarding school for disturbed teenagers. Behind the academy’s ornate gates, she discovers a disturbing realm where students and teachers alike must submit to the founder’s bizarre therapeutic regimen.

From day one, Maddie feels uneasy about smooth-talking Dr. Santangelo but when she questions his methods, she’s appalled to find that her fellow teachers would rather turn on each other than stand up for themselves, much less protect the students in their care. A chilling event confirms Maddie’s worst suspicions, then hints at an even darker secret history, one that twines through the academy’s very heart.

Cut off from the outside world, Maddie must join forces with a small band of the school’s most violently rebellious students-kids whose troubled grip on reality may well prove to be her only chance of salvation.


Kirkus Reviews states: “Caustic, gripping and distinctive—intelligent entertainment…”

Library Journal says: “Read’s novel is fast-paced; once the action starts, don’t even think about putting it down…”

And Booklist gives it a starred review, stating: “Read has rendered another swiftly plotted mystery peppered with wonderful one-liners…”

Here is how you can have a chance to win a copy of this book:

Lets’s have some fun with this one… a character is placed into a book that is basically… you.  What is your fictional character name?  (*You must answer the question in a comment below to be entered in this giveaway)

More Ways to win?  Sure!

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Giveaway is open to US and Canada.  This giveaway will end February 16


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  1. I’ve always loved the name Maris so I’ll go with that!

  2. And… I follow your blog via email.

  3. I’ve always felt like Jo March, in “Little Women.”

    Would love to enter this contest. This book sounds really enticing. Reminds me of an unorthodox school where my ex-husband worked!

  4. I’m a subscriber by e-mail!

  5. I would be Marina – I’ve always thought that name was so exotic. Please enter me! milou2ster(at)

  6. That’s an easy one…love the name Alexia! Think my real name is kinda boring, but not enough to legally change it. 🙂

  7. I’m a follower as well

    Book sounds really intriguing….

  8. As a teacher this is right up my alley. I am a follower

  9. A new name…Sophia (it’s my daughter’s name)

  10. I love the name Bridget (which is also my little girl’s name).

  11. I’d be Giovanna. If I needed a surname I’d say Dogood.


  12. Email subscriber. #1


  13. Email subscriber. #2


  14. Follower via GFC.


  15. I love the name Gracie.


  16. Follower GFC


  17. Email subscriber


  18. When I was young I always wanted to be called Lauren Taylor.

  19. I also get your emails.

  20. I know a beautiful woman named Liberee. I love that name so I would go with that.

  21. +2 for being a subscriber

  22. +1 yep, I’m a follower too

  23. My character would be Ellen.


  24. I follow through google reader.

  25. I would be called Jolene.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. 1. Email subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. 2. Email subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Thanks for this giveaway. My name would be Ellie.

  29. I am a subscriber.

  30. I would be Hannah McGregory as I saw the name while researching my ancestry and really liked it.

  31. I am a current subscriber.entry #1

  32. I am a current subscriber. entry #2

  33. I follow through google friend.

  34. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    I would be the nerdy gal who works in the coffee shop and makes a mean cappuccino and all the while while running the espresso machine with her reading glasses (from Eyeglass Shopper) down on her nose has the extraordinary ability to hear everything said by everyone at all the tables and so gets the first tips and hints on crimes in progress or crimes being considered because she is actually from another galaxy but looks like she is from earth. Her name is Succha Sleuth.

  35. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    Email subscriber


  36. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    Email subscriber


  37. madwoman-doing-cartwheels

    I’m following you on Google Reader also.

  38. My name would be Mick.

  39. I am a subscriber.

  40. I would be Paige.

  41. I subscribe (1)

  42. I subscribe (2)

  43. I’ve always liked the name Abby for some reason.


  44. I’m thinking I would be Laszlo de Varnier, French/Hungarian vampire who writes horror novels and plays the violin. Laszlo also writs childrens books under the name of Lillian Vandicott.

  45. I’m a follower of the blog.

  46. if i were a character in a book my name would be
    Melissa Neptune

  47. email subscriber

  48. #2 email subscriber

  49. follow on google rss feed (darlanpaulsmamma)

  50. I read Forever Amber years ago and I have liked the name Amber since then.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  51. I’m a subscriber.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  52. I follow your RSS posts.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  53. Lily Ransome

  54. Elisam would be the name. Something different yet the same as Melissa, just rearranged slightly. lol.

  55. I am a follower of you blog as well!

  56. I am a Subscriber to this blog.
    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  57. Rebecca Fairlight. This is what I wanted to name our daughter. The nurse refused to write it on the forms because with our 11 letter last name, it wouldn’t fit in the space provided.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  58. My fictional character name? I’ve always loved Lorena. 🙂

  59. Well, I always use the name Raen every time I play video games so I would use that name.

  60. Sign me up for this please.

  61. Rogue… Okay, so no one in their right mind would ever name their child ‘Rogue’ (unless they were hardcore X-Men fans), but that is a moniker that I would answer to and one that I use as a handle at times. Would love to read this book! Please accept this as my entry. Thank you!

    Aliya D.

  62. I would be Madeline-from Madeline or Caroline for Caroline-both were French girls having adventures.

  63. I subscribe by email and oops I posted incorrectly earlier-not leaving my fictional name.

  64. My name would be Jewel Haversham.

  65. Tweet:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  66. My name would be Victoria

  67. subscriber

  68. follower

  69. I’ve always liked the name Amber.

  70. This book sounds really neat… not to mention that I live an hour away from Syracuse!

    My character name would be:
    Scarlet (after the song)

  71. also an email subscriber (+2)

  72. I’ve always like the name Rachel.

  73. I follow with google reader.

  74. Bree honeycutt

  75. looks MOST interesting, will have to follow this..

  76. I always wanted to be Jillian instead of just Jill. Sounds good.

  77. Would love to win….

    My character name…


  78. max power is my name

  79. My name would be Serena.

  80. I subscribed via email.

  81. I love the name Lola

  82. my name would be ‘hayden’

  83. i’m a subscriber 🙂

  84. I would be Larissa Hargrove.

  85. Judith

    retsbar2go AT gmail DOT com

  86. My fictional character name — Storm Saint-Saen 🙂

  87. MaryJane

  88. My character’s name would be Helen Bedd!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  89. What is your fictional character name? Tina. augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

  90. I subscribed via email. augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

  91. My character’s name would be Violetta (it’s Latin)!!!

  92. I am blogging about this giveaway!!!

  93. I am following!!!

  94. I am a subscriber!!!

  95. My character’s name would be Mary Edna Lee. Love to read this book. Please enter me. Thanks!


  96. I subscribe via email.


  97. My character’s name would be Avis Meachem, the local real estate lady/gossip.

  98. My name would be Grace because it is my middle name and I always wished it was my first name.

  99. I am a follower via twitter (@kghobbs)

  100. I am a new subscriber.

  101. Please enter me.

  102. Count me in.

  103. My character would be Hank, the wise father figure.

  104. I would be Sandra, the annoying friend.

  105. I think my character name would be Myra.

  106. Oh wow, my character name would definitely be Shawnee.

  107. I subscribe via email.

  108. I follow this blog

  109. Tweet

  110. I have kind of an unusual name so I’d like to use my real one for my “fictional” one. That, or Bailey. I love that name too!

  111. My fictional alterego is Pinky Jingopot. Yep. (It’s a bit of an inside joke in our family, but I also love how it sounds!!) 🙂
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  112. I follow BookJourney on Twitter as hybroanglid.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  113. My daughters imaginary friend has a unique name: Fressi.

  114. I like Martha or Sarah for a name and I would
    like to win this book, it sounds so mysterious.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  115. I subscribe by email.

  116. My fictional name is always Helene… I picked it in German class and loved it ever since. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

    heather y

  117. I’m an email subscriber as well… thanks!

    heather y

  118. Hmm, My name would be Abbey
    mstlee2000 @

  119. I am a subscriber
    mstlee2000 @

  120. I am a follower
    mstlee2000 @

  121. For a giggle, I want to star in a old school noir detective story and go by the name Gwendolyn Gumshoe. I can see it now……

    “Some people become P.I.s when they have no where left to go. My name is Gwendolyn Gumshoe and you might say that I was born a private investigator……”

  122. My character would be named Myrtle. Just a cool name I like!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  123. E-mail subscriber

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  124. I follow you on Twitter and I Tweeted

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

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