What To Do When The Roof Caves In by Merilyn Meberg

This book opened my eyes to things I did not know were out there… what an eye opening tool for keeping the “roof” of your world intact..  Sheila

We all walk through life with nagging questions – questions that spring from fear, doubt, guilt, and pain.  And the harder we fight to ignore them, the faster they weaken our defenses.  Like hail on a weak roof, they pile up until the sky comes falling in.

Marilyn addressed some hard topics in this book.  In a gutsy format that is not only informative, shocking, and at times even funny…. Marilyn tackles the tough topics of addiction, adultery, pornography, divorce, and death.  In her book, What To Do When The Roof Caves In Marilyn gives hard facts of situations that are happening all over our world.  With stories of her own life incidences, such as when many years ago she discovered her 5 year old had a poster of the voluptuous Raquel Welch.  Once Jeff came home from kindergarten (KINDERGARTEN!),over two Mystic Mint cookies, their conversation went like this:

Marilyn:  “Why don’t you tell me about your Raquel poster.”

Jeff (5): ‘ I think she is really pretty.”

Marilyn:  “What is pretty about her?”

Jeff (5):  She beautiful eyes and a beautiful face.  I like to look at her.”

Marilyn:  “Do you think she should be wearing a blouse with a higher neckline?”

Jeff (5):  “Oh no.  Her blouse is perfect.  It goes with her eyes.”

Marilyn:  “Were you hiding the poster?  Is that why it was under your bed?”

Jeff (5):  I wasn’t sure you would like her eyes as much as I do.”

At other times Marilyn’s topics are much harder to grasp like her chapter on children having sex at unheard of young ages that would break your heart.  How school playground monitors have much more serious things to watch for then the petty fighting or name calling that went on in playgrounds when we were growing up.  This chapter alone left me with a sickening twist in my stomach…. I had no idea…

For anyone who is dealing with hard life opportunities…. or for anyone who wants to help keep the roof intact before these opportunities arise, Marilyn has a message for each of us.  Somewhere, something in this book will touch you or someone you know.

Each chapter ends with discussion questions to go over with your children, spouse, or your friend.  Marilyn arms us with tools, topics, and scriptures to refer to that will keep our roof in good working order through the unforeseen storms of life.

Marilyn Meberg is a speaker at the Women of Faith Conference that I have attended the past 4 years.  I honestly have to say the first time I seen this woman I felt she couldn’t possibly have anything to say that would be of value to me.  I was extremely wrong for judging this woman.  She is witty and funny and at the same time her message gets right to the heart of the matter.

Women of Faith is a Conference that I highly recommend.  I have gone for 4 years now when it comes to Minneapolis each October and it is a weekend event like you would not believe.  The speakers are humorous, outrageous, and at the same time they remind us of how important it is to have women friends and times like these weekends to get away and refill our spirits.    Every year I laugh with the crazy humor of Anita Renfroe, and love the wisdom that Sheila Walsh brings to the table.  Add Patsy Clairmont who will make you laugh until you cry and music by Steven Curtis Chapman…  well, it is a great time that I highly recommend.

This book is counted in the following Challenges:

2010 100+ Reading Challenge

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I received my copy of this book from The Women Of Faith Conference, MPLS MN. Oct. 2009

13 thoughts on “What To Do When The Roof Caves In by Merilyn Meberg

  1. My friend and I have been wanting to go to the Women of Faith conference…I know that we’re missing out on a wonderful experience. This book may be tough to read at times but it sounds like she offers many opportunities for people to discuss the topics.

  2. I’ve heard Marilyn Meberg at a Women of Faith Conference, and she’s marvelous. I also have a couple of her books. This one sounds like quite an eye-opener. I work with Middle School girls and this is the kind of info I need to know what’s going on in their world.

    1. Ladytink I know. Some of the topics were your basic stuff I knew but when I got to the chapter on the kids…. I about dropped the book. Marilyn even said in the book how hard it was for her to even have to write about this topic that is apparently “trendy” now amongst the tweens and even younger.

  3. Sounds like a must read, especially for parents! So sad that children are growing up in such a different world today and parents have so many new things to worry about.

    1. It really is Alexia…. the book shocked me and knowing this author I was so surprised at the topics, but impressed too that she was brave enough to step out and address them.

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