Challenge….. Accepted.

I love a good challenge…. the competitive edge in me is sharpened and in most cases I am only competing with myself.  So lets look at what Challenges I have accepted this year as well as the ones that are still in play.

The Gilmore Girl reading Challenge

(Jan 1 – Dec 31 2010)

Ok – I seriously love all things Gilmore.  This is my favorite show of all time… and well, dont even get me started…. just read my post if you want to know more.

This one is a challenge to read books that are mentioned in this popular show and there is A LOT.


Emily: Read 5 books from at least two different categories.
Lorelai: Read 10 books from at least three different categories.
Rory: Read 20 books from at least four different categories

(I am trying for the Rory)

The Historical Fiction Challenge

(Jan 1 – Dec 31 2010)

Ooh I love historical fiction!  This one has several levels as well:

– Curious – Read 3 Historical Fiction novels.

— Fascinated – Read 6 Historical Fiction novels.
— Addicted – Read 12 Historical Fiction novels.
— Obsessed – Read 20 Historical Fiction novels.

It’s not to late to join!  🙂

YA Reading Challenge

Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2010
Oh yes!  YA was a huge hit for me in 2009 and this challenge really has my excited to be involved!
Levels are:

–The Mini YA Reading Challenge – Read 12 Young Adult novels.

–Just My Size YA Reading Challenge – Read 25 Young Adult novels.

–Stepping It Up YA Reading Challenge – Read 50 Young Adult novels.

–Super Size Me YA Reading Challenge – Read 75 Young Adult novels.

I am going for the Just My Size.  🙂

These challenges can still be signed up for.  Click on their title under the post and it will take you there!  You can also mix and match in the categories so say that you read a YA book that also happens to fall into the GilMore Girl Category – you can count that book in both spots.  🙂

The Christy Awards Challenge

This one is for all the great Christian Fiction Reads that won the Christy award in 2009.  As in the other challenges you choose the level you want to commit to.  This is a good challenge for me as I enjoy good Christian Fiction reads and am probably missing out on some authors I have never experienced before.

The Social Justice Challenge

I am super excited to take part in this one!  This challenge will focus each month on a different social injustice in the world.  Reading will be suggested and encouragement to get involved when you fill called to is also a part of the challenge.  This one is near and dear to my heart!

Support Your Local Library Challenge

This challenge will be my cryptonite…. my mount everest…. my…. well you get the point.  Would you belive that I am not a library frequenter?   Dont even have a library card?  It is true… I will go to their book sales but a book borrower I am not….  or wasn’t…

J Kayes challenge here reminds me that I need to support my local library and so – I am…. I will.  🙂

100+ reading Challenge

Uhhhh… lets just say I dont think this one will be a problem…..

Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Aug 1 2009 – July 31 2010

This one as you can see, is already in progress and I have really “muggled” it up so far by producing… nada.  BUT- I have not given up and as two of these books also cross into the Gilmore Challenge… count on seeing an amazing some back int the 2nd half of this challenge.  🙂

So that is what I have currently committed to.  In the next few days I plan to have these all on my sidebar so you can click on them anytime and see where I am at on each challenge.  **These challenges are all still available to sign on to.  Simply click on the link I provided under each challenge picture and learn more about the challenge itself.

Challenges are fun – a great way to push yourself into new areas of reading and meeting other book bloggers with like minded goals.  🙂

18 Comments on “Challenge….. Accepted.

  1. Ambitious much??? Good grief,Sheila – you’ve got your work cut out for you! But if anyone can do it, it’s you!
    Happy New Year, My Friend!


    • LOL Sharon – your comment made me laugh out loud! I think they are a good fit with each other and starting tomorrow I will already be filling in slots in the challenges (I have books I am finishing tonight! Woo hoo to 2010! I do love a challenge 🙂

  2. Wow! These all sound fascinating. None of them are ones I signed up for, though. I’d probably better not start any others…especially since I joined one this morning.

    I posted about all of mine on my Obsessions and Compulsions blog, and also in the sidebars of some of my blogs.

    • HI Laurel – I am trying not to look at any others as I believe what I have right here is doable. 🙂

  3. I signed up for the Historical Fiction challenge too. You found some good challenges. Good luck to you on all of them and Happy New year too!

  4. THe Social Justice Challenge and Support your Local Library are two that sound wonderful-You have signed yourself up for lots of reading. Best of Luck-I look forward to discovering some new titles.

    • Feel free to join them with me Esme! 🙂 I think the challenges will fit into each other nicely…. I am planning when I do my reviews to post at the end which challenge groups they will fit into…. you will see a bit of that tomorrow…. I have a plan LOL

  5. Hi, Sheila! Happy New Year to you and your family!

    I see that you’ve already mapped out your reading path for 2010! Good luck on these challenges, Sheila! I can’t wait to read about the books that you’ll be going through for these challenges!

    • Thank you Peter! Happy New Year to you as well – look forward to seeing the shelves and the books you will be posting on this next year! 🙂

  6. Sheila-Happy New Year-knitting and photography is about how crafttsy that I get. Beyond that hopeless.

  7. We’ve got some good challenges in common for 2010. Welcome to the Harry Potter Reading Challenge! Best of luck in all. 🙂

  8. WOW – you go girl!

    I’m tired just reading this post :). I can’t wait to follow you as you update us on these challenges. I signed up for a few but they are general – with my running goals for 2010 I have to be careful to not over commit.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2010!

    • Thank you Mari – to you as well! 🙂 Posting the challenges together can be a bit overwhelming but knowing how many interlink… thats just fun! 🙂

  9. The library one is th eonly one that draws my attention but the numbers are too high. 25 books would be half of my yearly reading. I just don’t check out that many books from the library. I’m signed up for 4 challenges for this year plus the 2 that I have to finish by March. That’s enough for me.

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