It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Thank you to J Kaye’s Blog for hosting this fun meme!  Well…  I will make this short and hopefully sweet.  🙂  I did not get through the books I had hoped to last week.  In fact, I temporarily lost my copy of The Heretic’s Daughter and I thought that maybe I had left it at the gym.  This caused me to complete the books that I did:

nightlight by Harvard Lampoon (I did laugh… I really did.  I had never heard of these spoof books before!)

Life On The Mississippi by Mark Twain (this was for the Newsweek Challenge that My Friend Amy was holding)

Horrid Henry’s Christmas by Fransesca Simon (this was my first adventure with Henry…. what a BRAT!  LOL)

Mrs. Claus Explains It All by Elsbeth Claus (this was a sweet book!)

None of these books were overly large, and the ones I was hoping to get to this past week just didnt happen.  So this is what I plan to read this week:

I am about half way through Heretic’s Daughter and 60 pages into hush hush.  The Heretic’s Daughter is not moving as quickly as I had hoped and hush hush had me from Patch.  (LOL)

I am listening to The Murder Of King Tut in my vehicle and while it is a bit hard to follow three different time periods, I am enjoying the story itself.

What are you reading this week?  I would love to know and stop by and link up to J Kaye’s Blog!

15 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  1. I loved The Heretic’s Daughter (although not quite as much as Nefertiti) and have Hush, Hush on my shelf to read soon!

    Today I plan to read Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Garbielle Zevin to placate my 16 year old sister.

  2. “Hush Hush” sounds good.

    I tried to start “The Heretic’s Daughter,” but had to put it aside for awhile. I know I’ll get to it eventually, but there were so many other books pressing for my attention!

    My “What Are You Reading” Post is here:

    1. Hi Laurel – Heretics Daughter is not readin as smoothly as I thought. Might be becuase my head was too full of other things to follow it – I like it…. and am still reading on. 🙂

  3. I’ll have to check out the books you’re reading above as they sound interesting. There has been so much news about health care reform that I wanted to learn more about it. I’ve been reading a interesting book called “Bend the Health Care Trend” ( authors Mark S. Gaunya and Jennifer A. Borislow). It’s about how consumer driven health care and wellness plans can lower our cost of health insurance. Very interesting.

  4. I LOVED Hush, Hush (how could anyone resist Patch!?!?) and the Heretic’s Daughter, while slow going, ended up being a pretty good read! I look forward to WordShakers this month!

  5. You will really enjoy The Heretic’s Daughter. I could not get into Hush Hush-I tried reading it this summer and gave it to a teenager on the beach who was reading Twilight.

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