I love board games!  I have a large closet dedicated to just them…. we have played them as a family for years and enjoy the old ones as much as a new one!  This past weekend, Christmas Day actually, myself, hubby Al, out son Justin ,and Kinship Partner Chance all had a fun time playing a great game of BLURT!

The beauty of this game is that it takes all of 10 seconds to learn.  There are not pages and pages of rules and maneuvers…. it is simply a nice looking board game, a box of cards that hold your clues – all I had to do was add people.

I had people.

So you take turns being the reader and read a card clue something like this:  *A strip of leather or cloth that goes around your waste to hold clothes up…..

Then the first person to shout (well you don’t have to shout – but you would be surprised how many do!) the correct answer wins.  It sounds simple and in a way it is….  but there are harder cards, and sometimes you get so caught up in the excitement and the laughter of the game…. you forget what the word could be…. and then it really gets crazy!

This is a game that is wonderful to play with a mix of ages…. young or old… everyone really has a good time with BLURT!  I know I did.

*The answer:  A belt!

I received my review copy from BLURT creator and author, Tim Walsh

21 thoughts on “BLURT!

  1. We’re game lovers too. This one sounds very fun, definitely will have to put it on my shopping list. We got Blokus for my son this Christmas, its a lot of fun.

    1. Helen I think so! The questions are fairly easy – one side of the card has harder questions then the other. The fun part is that even though the answer is usually obvious, the trick is to get it said faster than anyone else….

      When we played – Chance was the winner and he was the youngest playing 🙂

  2. I love me some board and card games. At our house on Christmas day, we played UNO! So much fun. Today while shopping I was looking for a new deck of SkipBo and found a new (to us) game called Partini, so I ended up buying it too. I can’t wait to play it, it looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun game that would be right up my alley. I love any word or word association games. Scarbble, Balderdash, Scattegories, and Wordspot being my favorites in that catergory.

    Glad to hear you had lots of fun with it.

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